9 Popular Kids Drink Bottles (That Don’t Leak)

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Three girls sitting on a bench drinking from their Montii Co kids drink bottles. Showes the huge range of colours available. Purple, blue and green

Whether you go for insulated stainless steel or non-toxic plastic, kids’ drink bottles encourage little ones to stay hydrated with water throughout the day, setting healthy habits from a young age.

Portable with a narrow spout, kids’ drink bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel or BPA-free plastics, they’re extra durable, easy to clean and a cinch for children to carry with them out to the playground, park or playdate.

If you’ve ever had one leak through a backpack, or crack within a week, you’ll know that not all water bottles are created equal. And when a good one is unearthed, it’s like discovering gold.

Tips for buying a kids’ drink bottle

  • Is it easy to clean or can it go in the dishwasher?
  • Is it easy to get replacement lid and parts?
  • Will it leak, or the lid pop off, if squashed/trodden on?
  • Do all the parts come apart for easy cleaning?
  • Is it insulated for hot and cold drinks? Or just cold?
  • Will condensation form on the outside (looking at you, wet bag)?

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9 kids drink bottles that don’t leak

To help you find a bottle that won’t leak in a bag, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order, here are 9 of the most popular no-leak kids’ drink bottles.

Penny Scallan

Penny Scallan Drink Bottles in three different colours and patterns. One is open showing the inside of the drinking spout

Penny Scallan Stainless Steel Drink Bottle ($19.95)

Durable, practical and spill-proof, Penny Scallan drink bottles use food-grade stainless steel to keep 500ml of water cool for hours. We love the cute and delightful designs that match other back-to-school essentials, plus the discounted bundle packages.

Buy Now from Penny Scallan


B.Box Spout Tritan Drink Bottles in three different colours, aqua, pink and green. One lid is open showing the silicone mouth piece

b.box Tritan Sport Spout Bottles (from $25.95)

Made from Tritan, b.box Sport Sprout Bottles have a handy silicone bumper that protects from knocks and accidental spills. We love that they come in two convenient sizes (450ml & 600ml) and feature a handy carry handle, kid-friendly push-button opening and soft silicone spout.

Buy Now from Kawaii Kids

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box Drink Bottles. Showing five bottles in differnt designs and colours.

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box Drink Bottles ($24.95)

Double wall vacuum insulated to keep water cool for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. These 350ml capacity companions are made from quality stainless steel and come in five delicious designs. We love that they’re leakproof and can be paired with silicone travel straws for easy drinking.

Buy Now from Nudie Rudie Lunch Box

9 of the best Kids Drink Bottles for 2023


Spatz Kids personalised Drink Bottles showing three of the 45 designs available. Children's names are printed on to the bottles

Spatz Personalised Stainless Steel Drink Bottles (from $24.95)

Sporting a handy non-slip base to keep the bottle in tip-top shape, Spatz personalised bottles are made from 100% food-grade stainless steel and no inside coatings. We love that the full, wrap-around designs are printed directly onto the stainless steel.

Buy Now from Spatz

Frank Green

Frank Green ceramic Drink Bottles in lime green, blue and silver

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottles (from $49.95)

Classic curves and custom colours, Frank Green ceramic reusable bottles are triple wall vacuum insulated to retain heat or cold. We love the easy-to-use straw lid and that the leakproof design won’t let water escape into their bag.

Buy Now from The Bento Buzz


Monbento Convertible drink bottle in two colours blue and pink. Showing the handle in the downward position

Monbento Convertable Drink Bottles ($49)

Fitted with a sports cap for single-flip opening, the Monbento Stram bottle cleverly converts from a handled bottle to an over the shoulder carry strap. Made from stainless steel it keeps drinks cool for 12 hours and we love that the weighted straw is removal for easy cleaning.

Buy Now from Pail Rabbit


EcoCocoon Insulated Kids' stainless steele Water Bottles in three designs

Ecococoon Stainless Steel Water Bottles (from $35.95)

With a unique leak and spill-proof cap, Ecococoon stainless steel water bottles have double-walled insulation so drinks stay icy-cold for 24 hours or toasty-warm for 12 hours. We love how there’s no condensation build-up so schoolbags stay dry.

Buy Now from Ecococoon


Tinc plastic Drink Bottles showing three characture designs in green, blue and pink.

Tinc Leak Proof Lockable Lid Drink Bottle ($25)

Guaranteed not to leak, Tinc’s range of BPA-free water bottles are both shatterproof and fitted with a lockable flip-and-clip lid so there’s no chance of leaks in bags. We love the handy carry loop and how the characters match other Tinc accessories.

Buy Now from Tinc


Montii Co Insulated kids' drink bottles in three new colours, purple, pink and mint green.

MontiiCo Mini Drink Bottles (from $22.95)

Dishwasher safe, MontiiCo double-wall stainless steel drink bottles keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours. We love that the easy tip-and-sip lid is certified safe for kids under three and that the packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

Buy Now from Lime Tree Kids

Bec & Bello

Bec & Bello Insulated Drink Bottles showing the whole range of colours and charactures

Bec & Bello 500ml Drink Bottles ($29.95)

Comfortable to hold, Bec & Bello drink bottles have a soft-touch rubber coating for a luxe matte finish. BPA free and made from double walled insulated stainless steel, it keeps drinks cool for 12 hours and hot for 8 hours. We love the stylish bamboo lid and classy colours.

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9 of the best Kids Drink Bottles for 2023

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