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Close up of woman holding Skip Hop Diaper Organiser showing it fully stocked with changing items, and that it's portable via the sturdy carry handle .

When you’re facing a category five blowout, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to find anew nappy and the baby wipes. Enter the often-overlooked nappy caddy.

A nappy caddy is a portable organiser used to store and carry nappies, baby wipes, and other baby changing essentials like nappy cream. They can be placed on a changing table or carried around the house, making it easier for parents to keep everything they need for a nappy change close at hand. They are a convenient and practical item for new parents and can be a helpful way to keep baby essentials organised and within reach.

Here are some of the things to consider when looking to buy a caddy for your portable changing station.

Helpful tips for buying a nappy caddy:

  • Does it have removable dividers so you can create your own spaces?
  • Is it big enough to carry everything you need without being too heavy?
  • How can you clean it? (hello poonamis)
  • Does it have a sturdy base so you can carry it around without being lopsided?
  • Do you have a spot out of reach to keep it fully packed?
  • Does it have lots of compartments (stops things moving around)?
  • Can you use it for toy storage after the nappies are gone?
  • Is the felt fabric easy to clean?

MGV tip

Not just for nappy changing, you can also use a caddy to carry and store all your bathtime essentials. Just look for one that’s waterproof inside.


8 Best Nappy Caddies Mums Recommend

To help you find the best caddy for carting all your stuff, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order, here are 8 of the best mum-approved nappy caddies.

Little Bits Essentials

Nappy caddy sitting on bed fully packed showing how much it carries. Side by side colourways with unique zipper top closed

Little Bits Essentials The Caddy Bag (from $149)

Meet The Caddy Bag, an innovative nappy caddy featuring a unique zip-top design. Crafted from premium felt with soft vegan leather accents, it’s ideal for feeding stations and taking out and about. We loved that it easily transitions from baby essentials to general use, blending style with functionality seamlessly.

Buy Now from Little Bits Essentials

Bunnie Caddie

Bunnie Caddie baby caddy showing side pockets, leather handles, carry strap and large amount of items inside.

Bunnie Caddie Nappy Organiser ($120)

With four removable dividers and nine functional pockets, the award-winning Bunnie Caddie has a spot for everything. With leather trims, metal hardware and a leather strap for ease of transporting this functional gem gets top marks for stylish organisation.

Buy Now from Bunnie Caddie

b clean co

Side views of two B Clean diaper caddies on a bed, showing different colours in navy and tan as well as carry handles.

b clean co Clean Felt Caddy ($39.95)

Made from Clean Felt fabric technology, b clean co’s caddy easily holds all of your nappy-changing essentials. We love the soft-to-touch fabric generated from recycled plastic bottles and the adjustable internal inserts, vegan leather handles, and external pockets.

Buy Now from b clean co


Close up of Kiin Baby baby storage basket in nursery setting, showing texture and colour of weave, carry handles and neatly stocked items inside.

Kiin Cotton Rope Nappy Organiser ($59)

Practical, functional, and stylish, the Kiin Cotton Rope Organiser is designed to hold everything you need for changing newborns. We love that you have the option of either three separate compartments or an open basket thanks to the easily removable dividers.

Buy Now from Kiin

Spring Farm Babies

View looking down on Spring Farm Babies nursery organiser showing ample capacity with compartments fully stocked, as well as showcasing colour and texture of basket, shoulder strap and carry handles.

Spring Farm Babies Luxury Rope Caddy ($69.95)

Made from 100% woven cotton braided rope, the Spring Farm Babies rope caddy is ready to take anywhere thanks to the strong rope handles and handy carry strap. We love that the dividers are removable and it doubles as toy storage after the nappies are long gone.

Buy Now from Spring Farm Babies


OXO Tot Plastic Caddy ($99.95)

Never be caught out without a nappy changing essential again with the generously sized OXO Tot caddy for nappies with Changing Mat. We love how convenient this caddy is with a wipe dispenser compartment, drawer for extra accessories, and a locking handle to make it easy to grab and go.

Buy Now from The Stork Nest

Skip Hop

Skip Hop Light up Nappy Caddy

Skip Hop Light-Up Caddy ($99.95)

With a light built into the handle, the Skip Hop light-up caddy is the perfect helper for changing nappies in the ‘wee’ hours. We love that it comes with s removable centre divider and loads of internal and external pockets to keep everything in place.

Buy Now from The Stork Nest

Little Bare Henni

Front and side views of Little Bare Henni Stain-Resistant portable diaper caddy, showing different compartments organised with baby items, as well as side pockets and carry strap in use for hanging.

Little Bare Henni Stain-Resistant Caddy ($119.95)

Eco-friendly and oh-so luxe, the Little Bare Henni caddy uses non-toxic vegan leather that is stain-resistant, waterproof, and a cinch to wipe down with a damp cloth. With five adjustable compartments and six outer pockets, there’s a spot for everything.

Buy Now from Little Bare Henni


Your questions answered

We asked the huge Mum’s Grapevine community of new mums if they found a caddy helpful, and this is what they recommended …

  • A nappy organiser is super helpful in the car for those car nappy changes – Amy
  • Yes! I love mine! It stays in the media room and it’s handy to have nappies, wipes, clothes and wraps available in two locations when you have 16 month old to look after as well
  • Yep, one in the car for my now toddlers with spare clothes for nappies / undies / wipes/ hand gels / omit bags. During the newborn days, I had one in the family room with things for breastfeeding & nappy changes. Now I use it as the bedtime / morning basket – a massive game changer being organised! – Sarah
  • We do a mix of bub in his own room and co-sleeping so we have everything in his room already but have a caddy of things in our room for during the night and it is great! – Alex
  • Very useful, I use mine between rooms lounge/ bedroom/ living easy to cart all the essentials around. – Jess
  • I just use the shelves in my change table. Both my kids loved ripping all the nappies out and chucking them everywhere. – Mandi
  • Not really I just changed her in the bedroom or the bed when I needed to was handy for the hospital thou – Jacinta
  • Yep! Super handy when playing with my oldest in his room or lounge don’t need to take the baby away & come back, wish I had another for the car! – Rhiann
  • I fill it each morning and use it in the lounge room and at night I take it to bed with me. I guess it depends on what you’re putting in it too as to how helpful it might be! – Nicole
  • I have one in the boot of my car! Super handy to keep hats, sunscreen, a couple of nappies etc in. – Sarah
  • Never had one with my first but loving it this time. Second babies bring chaos and having the caddy accessible to bring anywhere in the house is so handy. – Ilsa
  • Yes! 2nd bub, 1st caddy. I took it to the hospital. It’s all I take for holidays for bub. The master bedroom is upstairs so at night caddy comes up, and during the day caddy comes downstairs. Love it! Has everything bub might need, and even carries all her clothes for the current size she’s wearing – Bec
  • I had one for my first & barely used it – it was lockdown in covid & honestly, just going upstairs to do a nappy change was something to pass the time. This time managing a toddler & a baby, I love my caddy. It mainly lives in our bedroom under the bassinet, but I’ll often take it downstairs to do nappy changes on the go while playing with my toddler, and it’s also really convenient to grab on the way to the bath. I just have to remember to keep it stocked up! – Erin
  • I don’t use mine for a changing station as such but I have one that lives in my loungeroom with burp cloths, bibs, nail clippers, my Hakka, lip gloss, a book etc! Anything I might need if I get stuck with a contact nap! – Elise

Know a nappy organiser we should add to our list? Contact us and let us know, we’ve been curating Australia’s best baby products into helpful lists for over 16 years and we’re always happy to support new brands and businesses.

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8 of the Best Nappy Caddies in Australia

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