38 Baby Names That Mean Blue

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What comes to mind when you think of the word Blue? Is it the hue, the ocean, the sky, a mood or something else?

Blue is loved the world over, and quite frankly, we’re loving monikers inspired by this striking colour. Colour names have the power to heal, bring energy, motivate, empower and soothe frazzled nerves. What a beautiful legacy to bestow upon your little lass or lady who no doubt brings colour to your life.

Sit back, relax and let’s follow the rainbow to 38 names that are all things blue.

38 baby names that mean blue

Blue: Okay, let’s get this out of the way. There’s no bluer name on this list. But how about changing things up with alternative spellings like Blu, or the more controversial Bleu?

Cyan: Conjuring up images of the light greenish-blue hue, this name makes us feel calm.

Carlton: It’s cheeky, but if you’re a fan of the Navy Blues, why not pay a not-so-subtle homage to your favourite team?

Chelsea: In a similar vein, soccor fans might like this name if their blood runs blue.

Gorman: It may be the name of a clothing label, but Gorman means ‘blue-eyed one’ and would be a fitting choice for your blue-eyed babe.

Jay: A nickname of the blue jay bird, this short and sweet name is also animal inspired too.

Azure: For those with a love for water inspired names, this girl option gives us all the breezy vibes.

Sky: A blue name in its purest form, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. We love the spelling Skye as well.

Sunila: Meaning ‘sapphire blue,’ this Hindu gemstone name is a rich and intriguing choice for your little lady.

Indigo: This deep blue shade is the perfect moniker for a deep thinker. It would pair nicely with Ebony as a sibling, perhaps?

Slate: A nature name with a definite edge, this boy name gives us uber cool vibes and kind of says ‘Don’t mess with me.’

Sapphire: This would make a dazzling name for a lass born in September. The sapphire also has a firm place in popular culture, being the gemstone on Princess Diana and now Princess Kate’s engagement ring.

Iris: Dating all the way back to Ancient Greece, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. Iris is also of course the purplish-blue flower making it a botanical inspired name too.

Blainn: Viking lovers, take note. This Old Norse name means blue and is a nice alternative to Blair.

Marilee: With ‘Star of the blue sea’ is its meaning, Marilee is just too cute.

Afina: A familiar-sounding yet unique name, Afina is Romanian and means ‘blueberry.’ We see this being shortened to Afi and we kinda like it a lot.

Celeste: Celeste, which is associated with the colour blue, means ‘heavenly’ and is a lovely choice to bestow on your little lass.

Navy: Strong and bold, this dark blue hue would make a unique boy or girl name.

Tiffany: Not technically a name that means blue per se, but there’s not too many people that wouldn’t know of the iconic blue jewellery box.

Teal: Short and sweet, this bright, bold shade of blue works for both boys and girls and would pair nicely with a longer surname.

Atasi: Hindu in origin, this striking girl name means ‘blue flower’ and we love it for that alone.

Aeluin: Pronounced a-loo-een, this unique moniker refers to the exotic blue colour of mountain lakes. What a beautiful calming name to give your sweet angel.

Louise: Okay, so Louise means renowned warrior, but as the name of the most famous lake in the world, it conjures up images of blue for sure.

Aolui: We love that traditional Hawaiian names usually describe a feeling or refer to a setting. Aolui, pronounced ah-oh-oo-li means ‘vast blue sky, beautiful feeling’. A poignant reminder to walk outside, look up and see the bright side of life.

Bluebell: A blue name in every sense of the word, this unashamedly pretty girl name conjures up images of meadows filled with flowers.

Denim: If you’re a blue jeans kinda gal, the name Denim might be fitting for your little man.

Fairuza: A charming Arabic name, Fairuza is actually pronounced faye-roo-zah and means turquoise. So perfect.

Kehlani: A Polynesian name with a double-dose of blue, Kehlani means both sea AND sky.

Lake: This calming body of water would make the perfect name for your boy or even girl. Other takes on this line of thinking are River, Delta and Ocean.

Linna: A cute version of Lina, Linna is a Swedish name meaning ‘small blue flower’ and would be a pretty choice for your little flower.

Livia: Spanish in origin and literally meaning blue, Livia is a nice tweak on Olivia (Though let’s face it, she’ll probably always get Olivia).

Marlais: More commonly a surname than a first name, this Welsh boys moniker means blue and is said mahr-lee

Minjonet: We instantly see the cute nickname of Mini for your little, well, mini. Minjonet means ‘petite, beautiful blue flower’ and makes for a very dignified name indeed.

Nila: Short for Danila, Nila takes residence in the darker shades of blue, literally meaning, well, ‘dark blue’ in Sanskrit.

Odeta: An office favourite, Odeta has the meaning of blue sea and is in good company of other strong O girl names like Olympia and Octavia.

Celebrity babes with names that mean blue

beyonce pregnant twins celebrity

Blue Ivy Carter: The eldest daughter of legend Beyonce, Blue is now 11 years old and a trendsetter in her own right.

Cyan Lima Lemmers: Son of model Adriana Lima and husband Andre Lemmers, Cyan’s name was not just chosen for the colour of his eyes. The Maldives and Bora Bora are places on Lima’s bucket list and she associates the waters of these places with the colour cyan.

Azura Tresor Minichiello: The only child of shoe designer Terry Biviano, Azura is affectionately called Sky Blue Treasure by her fashionista mum.

Gravity Blue Smith: The name might seem a bit left of field but with a model dad named Lucky Blue Smith it kind of makes sense. Gravity was born in 2017 to Lucky and former partner Stormi Bree.

Bluebell Madonna Halliwell: This pretty name belongs to none other than Spice Girl Geri Halliwell’s daughter. The 16-year-old was apparently named after a character in Gone With The Wind.

Indigo Packer: The last name gives her away, Indigo Packer is the daughter of mogul James Packer and Erica Baxter.

Ocean Alexander Whitaker: Son of actor Forest Whitaker, Ocean’s siblings have equally intriguing names: Sonnet, Autumn and True.

Bluey Christine Heeler: We couldn’t help but include this celeb pup, who we’re sure is the most loved celebrity on this list.

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