Easter traditions for new parents

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Girl with bunny ears hold two Easter eggs to her eyes

Are you ready for a hoppy Easter with your little bundle of joy? Whether it’s your baby’s first Easter or their second, third, or fourth, there are plenty of traditions you can start to make this time of year extra special for your family.

From cute Easter outfits to colourful egg hunts, there are endless ways to make Easter a memorable occasion for your little bunnies. So, sit back and let us guide you through some egg-cellent Easter traditions that will have your baby hippity-hoppity with joy (and you too!).

We asked the huge Mum’s Grapevine community what Easter traditions their family adopts and there are some really great ideas to steal.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter hunt sign on a stick putting to where the Easter hunt is

It’s no secret that an Easter egg hunt is one of the most popular Easter traditions that many parents have adopted for their little ones. Even if your baby is too young to participate in an egg hunt, you can still set up a special egg hunt just for them with little toys and treats around the house for them to find.

Use materials like flour or baby powder to create bunny footprints and have your littlies hopping around to find their goodies. Don’t want to endure the sugar rush that early in the morning? Use other sweet treats like fruit for bubs who haven’t quite ventured into the world of chocolate just yet.

Here are few ways the MGVfam members celebrate Easter morning.

  • “Little man is yet to have chocolate, so I make healthy pancakes shaped like a rabbit and we do an egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with surprises like berries” – TJ
  • “We have an Easter egg hunt followed by breakfast together as a family” – Jess
  • “Easter egg hunt before the dogs find them and then hot cross buns for breakfast in our PJs” – Sarah
  • “Hot cross buns and a cup of tea or coffee! So simple, but so nice” – Sophie
  • “Easter egg hunt, followed by pancakes topped with chocolate of course!” – Alysha
  • “Hide eggs around the house, which would take hours to find, as Dad always manages to find places that are almost impossible to find. Then everyone would eat chocolate until we feel sick” – Michelle
  • “Our tradition is waking up and getting straight into Easter egg hunting, then sitting down and counting out the eggs evenly and having chocolate for breakfast” – Liza
  • “Homemade crepes, a glass of bubbles and an egg hunt!” – Magda

Easter Basket

Two girls with bunny ears on looking inside an Easter basket full of eggs

Create a small Easter basket for your baby, filled with yummy Easter treats, age-appropriate toys, teething rings, and maybe even a special Easter book. Who says presents are just for Christmas and birthdays?

Here are a few Easter presents and basket ideas from the MGVfam members…

  • “The kids find their baskets outside their doors and devour their choccies straight away” – Jessica
  • “Our Easter tradition is a chocolate bunny, book, PJs, slippers and a dressing gown from the Easter bunny and a larger gift from mum and dad (depending on their needs and interests).” – Chloe
  • “We open a gift which is usually a book and PJs and then they do an Easter egg hunt and then we try to convince them to have breakfast and not eat all the chocolate” – Hayley
  • “When our kids wake up they follow a trail of bunny prints and chocolate eggs that lead to their little baskets.” – Carly

Easter Outfit

Three young girls standing in a field wearing Cotton On Easter Pjs

Dress your little one in a cute Easter outfit, from bright pastels to bunny-themed onesies, Easter outfits can range from the cutest pyjamas to super sweet ensembles for Easter lunch. Whether you’re attending church services, spending time with family, or participating in Easter egg hunts, a well-chosen Easter outfit can help make the day feel extra special.

Easter Photo

Girl with bunny ears hold two Easter eggs to her eyes

Any time of joy and celebration is the perfect time to capture the special moments with your little one and a mini photoshoot can be a wonderful way to preserve those memories for years to come. They provide the opportunity to dress up your baby in adorable and festive outfits, such as bunny ears, pastel-coloured clothing, or even cute Easter-themed props. These outfits and props can create a charming and whimsical atmosphere that is perfect for capturing those precious moments with your little one.

Easter Brunch

Mother and two daughters making a cake for Easter

Easter is a time of coming together with friends and family and spending quality time with one another. Host an Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner with your loved ones, and include your baby in the celebration. Serve some yummy Easter-themed treats such as bunny-shaped cookies or carrot muffins. Or even something that is traditional to your family’s culture during the holiday.

  • “We have an Easter egg hunt in our PJs and a breakie of hot cross buns, tsoureki (Greek Easter bread) and cracking red eggs” – Regine
  • “We usually go to church in the morning, then head home for hot cross buns and takeaway coffees for breakfast. While we’re eating, one of us will hide all the eggs (we take turns each year) in the backyard. The Easter egg hunt always gets VERY competitive among the adults” – Christine
  • “We either go to relatives or they come to us and the kids have an easter egg hunt through the house and backyard” – Sophie

Easter Crafts

Grandfather and grandchild decorating Easter eggs

Doing Easter crafts with your baby can help them get into the holiday spirit and create a sense of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming holiday. Decorate eggs with cute and fun designs ideas guaranteed to wow your friends and family, create an Easter wreath to hang up on the front door or around the house, or there’s even a tonne of Easter printables that are not only inexpensive but fun for all ages.

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