Alex Nation welcomes baby number 3 in beautiful belly birth

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Alex Nation and fiancé at the c-section birth of baby Pearl

Model and former Bachelor contestant Alexandra Nation has welcomed her third child, a little Taurian girl, via a beautiful belly birth.

Baby Pearl joins brother Maxwell, one, who is Alex’s second child with fiance Carson Jory. Fans will of course know eldest brother Elijah, from a previous relationship, who is now 12.

In her Instagram post, Alex shared this beautiful black and white photo saying:

“Pearl 🤍 20•04•23 ~ 8.41am
Her entrance was pure magic and we are all just so in love.”

We are in love with the name the couple have chosen for their first girl. Vintage-inspired, this beautiful gemstone name means ‘precious.’

Throughout this third pregnancy, the MA15 Plus podcast host shared many honest reflections and thoughts surrounding her birth and growing family.

In this post, she talks openly about her medical need for an elective Caesarean birth. And whilst she acknowledges she has had to pre-mourn the loss of the birth that she originally wanted, it’s wonderful to see that she’s focused on how it will be just as beautiful as the birth of her two boys:

“I had my pre-op chat with the anaesthetist yesterday to discuss my caesarean. I went to bed last night feeling incredibly overwhelmed and nervous. It all just felt so real. The birth of my last babe is looking very different to the birth that I have envisioned and fantasised about for the last 34 weeks” She said.

“I have one last ultrasound next week to see if my placenta has done what it needs to do to give me the final birth that I so badly want. I have however already grieved for that experience and am now sitting in and accepting my new reality, that I will most likely be a belly-birthing Mumma. It’ll be different, but it will be just as beautiful as the births of my two boys.

Some things I want for my Caesarean birth:
Maternal assisted delivery ✨
Immediate skin to skin
Delayed cord clamping
Vaginal seeding ✨
Music in theatre ✨
Photography ✨
Antenatal expressing in the lead-up with the help from Milky Goodness just in case babe has trouble latching/feeding or needs to spend time in special care ✨

Not long now team 🫶🏼”

In another post, the former Bachelor contestant contemplates something a lot of parents face: how to juggle life with two under two.

“As I fast approach the halfway mark, two under two dawns on me. How on earth am I going to juggle this!? This was what came streaming into my mind whilst Max was doing a re-enactment of The Exorcist during a pooey nappy change. Seriously, JUST F*($ING STAY STILL.

“Anyway, as I’m trying to wrangle my toddler and avoid getting shit on the rug and myself and I thought there are hundreds of thousands of people who have done this before me, are doing it now and will do it in the future. I’m talking about having two under two here not wrangle their toddler who seems to be exercising demons every time you change their bum but.. yes, also that!

“So, if you are or have been in the two under two crew, what are some red hot tips that helped you?

We love the open conversation between her followers and herself, calling on the wider mum-tribe for insight.

One follower gave this candid piece of advice:

“Line up their sleeps as fast as you can! Lie the younger one on the floor on a towel while you bathe the older one. Try to remember that it’s such a short period of time they are so little. Even though it can seem like an eternity! And Cry during the day when no one is around. 🤣🤣.”

Another mum cut right to the chase with some practical suggestions, which frankly, we want to steal:

“Do not go camping! Throw money at every short cut available. Ask for meals not gifts.”

In another bump post, the 31-year-old model asks her followers for baby name inspiration:

“She’s really poppin now 🧡

Please comment your absolute fave bubba names below.
I am at that stage now where I am obsessed with name pondering 🫶🏼”

Alex didn’t know her baby’s gender at the time, so she was hit with a bevy of uber cool unisex baby names. Among our favourites were Marlo, Camden, Kalais and Silver.

We are so excited for Alex and Carson as they begin their journey as parents of two under two. Congratulations to the beautiful new family of five.

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Bachelor star Alex Nation is expecting again

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

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Alex Nation & fiancé Carson Jory expecting second baby

Bachelor Australia Alexandra Nation has announced that she and her fiance Carson Jory are expecting another baby together. The 31-year-old mum of two made the pregnancy announcement via Instagram with a beautiful reel-style video of her telling her two sons and showing off her growing baby bump.

Accompanied with the video, Alex wrote:

“May 2023 🤎”

We first met Alex Nation back in 2016 when she was a contestant as a single Mum on The Bachelor Australia. Alex’s first child Elijah who she had when she was 19 years old, is now almost twelve and her second boy, Maxwell, who she shares with Carson, has just celebrated his first birthday in August.

In January 2021, Alex made it official with her now-fiance Carson after posting the announcement that they were expecting their first baby together on Instagram.

“I wonder if you’ll have your Father’s eyes? Will you be stubborn like your Mother? See you soon little darling”

Alex has been very vocal on her Instagram the past couple of weeks since announcing her pregnancy, that it certainly has not been smooth sailing throughout her first trimester. Sharing with her followers, Alex has spoken out that while being overjoyed with being pregnant, it’s okay to fall apart as well. She spoke on how she has been suffering “physical symptoms [that have] manifested emotional symptoms”.

“When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I was overjoyed. I really did feel the total bliss of growing a new tiny life and completing our family. I thought this bliss would protect me from any physical and emotional symptoms that could potentially come my way. I was wrong.

“Before I begin I just want to say that I know how lucky I am to be able to conceive, grow, carry and birth my children. I really, really do know this and It is not lost on me how truly fortunate I am. Truthfully though, I found the first trimester of this pregnancy really, really hard. And I want to share this to give some perspective and if there is someone else going through something similar, perhaps they will feel less alone.

“In the first trimester, my physical symptoms manifested emotional symptoms. I was in the thick of it, the trenches as they say in the circles. If vomiting several times a day and feeling like I was going to pass out all the time wasn’t enough, my anxiety reared it’s ugly head and started kicking my ass too. I’d be crying and vomiting and trying to shoo away all the negative thoughts that would come streaming into my mind. Self-doubt came over to say hi and after weeks of this and the fatigue, HOW DID I FORGET TO MENTION THE FATIGUE. I became a stranger in my own mind and body. I just felt so.. foreign. Not me. I felt a complete disconnect from myself, my family, and everything. I was irritable, unhappy and moody. A real “joy” to be around, just ask Carson.

“I didn’t feel like the best version of myself and it came out in ways I wasn’t even realising. I felt an entire range of conflicting feelings simultaneously and it absolutely fucking overwhelmed me. I felt wrong for having certain feelings. Now I understand they weren’t wrong or bad. They are just feelings and they are feelings that are valid. And so are yours.

“It’s okay if you find yourself swallowed up by the not-so-nice physical and emotional parts of pregnancy. It’s okay if you are struggling to find the energy to relish in it. These feelings don’t make you any less of a mother, it just makes us human. And a reminder that we don’t always have to have it together, It’s okay to fall apart sometimes too.”

She has also kept it real by sharing a bump picture while commenting on one of the very real pregnancy symptoms many women suffer through – being backed up! In her caption, she hilariously wrote:

“I might be more backed up than the Australian passport office (send prune juice pls)
but the bump is looking cute and I had so much energy today 💖”

We wish nothing but health and happiness to the couple, Elijah, and Maxwell as they embark on their next chapter as a family of five. And we also hope that those pesky pregnancy symptoms don’t bother Alex for too much longer.

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Bachelor star Alex Nation welcomes baby boy

AUGUST 24, 2021

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Alex Nation baby news

Former Bachelor winner Alex Nation has welcomed her first child with boyfriend Carson Jory.

The former reality star revealed the happy news on Instagram, with an emotion-filled photo. “Maxwell Keegan Jory,” she wrote. “His entrance was intense and it was beautiful. We are so in love.”

Alex, who has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship, went public with her new partner Carson in January this year and tagged him in her pregnancy announcement not long after. She wrote at the time, “I wonder if you’ll have your Father’s eyes? Will you be stubborn like your Mother? See you soon little darling.”


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