30 Unique and Magical Harry Potter Names

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With news of a new HBO Max tv show coming to screens, Harry Potter is back and more popular than ever (not that it ever really left). If you’re expecting a little one, what better way to embrace the magic than by choosing a Harry Potter inspired name? From well-known character names to subtle nods to the beloved series, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you see yourself as a brave Gryffindor, a cunning Slytherin, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered with a list of enchanting Harry Potter inspired baby names that will transport you to the wizarding world.

30 Inspired Harry Potter names

Albus: Taken directly from the headmaster himself, this name sprouts whimsy and leadership. If you’re looking to name your little one after one of the greatest wizards of all time, look no further.

Amos: Nothing hurts more than hearing “That’s my boy!” cried in that fateful Goblet of Fire scene. What a way to immortalise the love for a son through this strong name.

Alice: Neville’s mum, a symbol of fighting for her son until the end. The names meaning of noble, fits this character’s auror history.

Arthur: What exactly is the function of a rubber duck? This subtle nod to the sweetest and most easily excitable man in the Harry Potter universe is perfect for your bundle of joy.

Bill: Described as the cool Weasley, with dragon-hide boots, long hair that his mother begged him to cut and a tooth as an earring. There’s no better name for the coolest new addition to your family.

Blaise: This name originates from the mythology that he was a tutor of Merlin. What an absolutely fitting name for your future wizard.

Colin: Who could forget Colin Creevy’s infectious smile with his camera around his neck? The only boy to fall into the lake on the freshman journey to Hogwarts, this name exudes fun whilst also being a subtle nod to the character.

Charlie: Dragon tamer and quidditch extraordinaire, it’s the perfect gender-neutral name for the outdoor loving family.

Dean: Described as open-minded, tolerant and outgoing, Dean was the best quidditch commentator at Hogwarts.

Draco: Fan favourite character, Draco Malfoy, was named for a constellation called ‘The Dragon’. The youngest Malfoys name symbolises strength, ambition and confidence, all the most wonderful Slytherin traits.

Fleur: This sweet name inspired by the phrase ‘flower of the court’ in French, is owned by a strong and confident woman, who shows genuine love to those important to her, no matter what.

Fred: One-half of the Weasley twins, this subtle name conjures thoughts of laughter, fun and cheekiness.

George: The other half of the Weasley twins, either paired together for a more obvious reference or used alone for a subtle nod to either of the two most fun and fantastic characters in the books/movies.

Ginny/Ginevera: Inspired by the best bat-bogey hexer, Ginny was strong, powerful, and able to keep up with all five of her brothers.

Harry: From where it all began, the bundle of joy laying on 4 Privet Drive. A popular name in its own right, Harry, reminds us of bravery, strength and love above all else.

Helena: Looking to honour the crazy Slytherin with the crazy personality without naming your daughter Bellatrix? Helena also meaning shining light, is a fun nod to the more villainous of characters.

Hermione: Having gained popularity since the early 2000’s this name continues to be on the rise. Hermione is a popular name that reminds us that our daughters are smart, kind, loyal and brave.

James: This simple nod to Harry Potter comes from the cheeky boy that grew into the brave dad that gave his love to save his son.

Lily: A name that stands for the strongest love that exists, a love between a mother and her child. A flower that truly blossoms, this name is a sweet nod to the power of love and magic.

Luna: This whimsical and eclectic character completely embodied her name. Drawing inspiration from the moon, this name is angelic and sweet that reminds us to see the lighter side of life.

Millicent/Millie: This Slytherin girl only gets a few book mentions. But with a traditional name like hers (with an adorable nickname) it’s hard not to add to our list.

Molly: A mother of six, Molly is the best blend of a traditional name and a reference to a strong, magical woman who loves her family.

Narcissa: One of our favourite Harry Potter names, Narcissa risked it all to keep her son safe from harm. The name, connected to a strong, confident and beautiful character is also derived from the delicate daffodil flower.

Neville: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to our friends”. Neville might be exactly what you’re looking for to honour the boy who never gave up even when he was scared.

Nicolas: The creator of the Philosophers Stone, one of the oldest wizards in history at well over 600 in 1992. This name, originally meaning victory of the people, sums up the desire of a long and happy life for our littlest loves.

Oliver: No one had quite the passion when it came to sports as Oliver Wood. Perfect for the sport-loving, outdoor family, this name reminds us of perseverance and discipline.

Pansy: She may not have been the nicest girl in the Slytherin dorms, but was described as pretty and vivacious. Pansy had the confidence to stand amongst the strongest of the snakes.

Poppy: Better known as Madam Pomfry, Poppy is known for being exceptionally kind. She took her job caring for students seriously, being strict and empathetic when needed.

Severus: Harry once described him as one of the bravest men he ever knew. Wherever you sit on his redemption arc, he loved deeply and loved forever. A sweet sentiment for your newest love.

Tom: If you name your child Tom, no one will even guess that you’ve named him after Lord Voldemort himself. But to be on the safe side, maybe don’t teach him about Horcruxes?

Viktor/Victor: The best quidditch player of the time who had so much kindness for Hermione. Viktor was the Bulgarian seeker who had strength and agility beyond words.

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