Damp to Dry: 8 Bedwetting Alarms Mums Recommend

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Mums hands applying welcare bedwetting alarm to childs arm showing size and scale

As a parent of a child who struggles with bedwetting, I know firsthand how frustrating and exhausting it can be to deal with this common childhood issue. But there’s good news – bedwetting alarms can help.

These innovative devices are here to save the day (and the night) with their clever designs and effective monitoring, ensuring a restful, and dry sleep for your little ones. Using sound or vibration to wake your child when they start to wet the bed, it teaches them to become more aware of their body’s signals and learn to recognise when they need to use the bathroom.

It’s time to put an end to the soggy sheets and nighttime accidents with our roundup of bed-wetting alarms. From wireless wonders to mat-based marvels, we’ve got you covered. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular bedwetting alarms on the market, and find the one that’s right for you and your child.

The Types of Bedwetting Alarms


With wireless alarms, the sensor is placed in the child’s underwear and is connected to a small transmitter that sends a signal to the alarm unit, which can be placed nearby. When the sensor detects moisture, it sends a wireless signal to the alarm, which then sounds to wake the child up. Wireless allows for greater flexibility in where the alarm can be placed.

Arm Bands

These alarms use a sensor that is worn on the child’s upper arm, with a thin wire that clips into your child’s underwear. Not only does the arm band vibrate and makes loud noises for kids to be woken up by, but they’re a great option for children who don’t like the idea of wearing a bulky sensor in their underwear.

Bedwetting Mats

These alarms use a moisture-sensitive mat that is placed on the child’s bed. The mat is connected to an alarm unit nearby. When the moisture is detected by the mat it triggers the alarm. Mats are easy to use and do not require the child to have anything attached to their clothing. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

8 Bedwetting Alarms for Deep Sleepers

To help you find the best Bedwetting Alarms for your child, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below.

In no particular order, here are 8 of the more popular Bedwetting Alarms.


Welcare device for arm positoned next to box showing size and scale

Welcare Stay-Dry Children’s Bedwetting Alarm ($83.95)

With a comfortable and adjustable armband, this bedwetting alarm is perfect for those looking for a wearable device. Featuring an optional sound mode and LED lights that complement the vibration that wakes the kids as soon as moisture has been detected.

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Brolly Sheets

Childs hand holding Brolly Sheets Bedwetting alarm showing size and colour of device

Wireless Bedwetting Alarm – RDI Sleeper Eclipse ($197)

Featuring a metal-free sensor, this colourful and wireless alarm won’t irritate young skin. With an alarm that rings at up to 98 decibels, we love that this alarm is specifically created at the perfect frequency needed to alert the brain to wake up.

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The Parenting Garden

The parenting garden package showing both wearable device with guide, stickers and charts

Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Success Package ($95)

At the first sign of wetness this arm band will wake your little one with loud sounds, vibrations, and flashing lights. Surely waking even the deepest of sleepers. This package includes an evidence-based guide, charts and stickers to guide your entire journey.

Buy Now from The Parenting Garden

Moose Baby

Moose baby Roger device next to box and worn demonstration to show size and scale

Roger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm ($209.99)

The latest in bedwetting technology, this wireless device comes with included underpants specifically designed to allow children to sleep in any position. We love that this alarm features eight different tones and a range of alarm volumes, perfect for adjusting to their needs.

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Red malem device next to a foil bedwetting sensor showing sizes and package inclusions

Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm ($265)

Does your child prefer to not sleep in pyjamas? This mat alarm is the perfect solution when not able to wear a sensor. With an alarm that features recorded messages, sounds or music, the foil mat sensor detects moisture, directly activating alarm.

Buy Now from The Bedwetting Shop

Night Ollie

Night Ollie owl light up alarm next to foil mat showing colour and design

Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm ($398)

Designed in Australia by a nurse in the continence ward, the high-sensitivity mat offers a large and easy-to-clean surface area. With loud sounds and vibrations in a discreet owl character, kids will be happy to have their alarms on display.

Buy Now from Night Ollie

Oopsie Hero

Oopsie Hero in the colourful box packaging next to three iPhones displaying the application in use

Oopsie Hero Plus Bedwetting Alarm ($249.95)

With a small and comfortable sensor and personalised parent voice alarm, we love that this wireless alarm works with a mobile device to create a fun and motivating way to combat bedwetting. Automatically logged events make it a breeze to review together.

Buy Now from Oopsie Hero


Pjama boxers in blue on a young person next to individual pairs of boxers with the sensor attached, showing use of product

Bedwetting Treatment KIT – Boxer and Alarm ($185)

This kit is the complete package for treating bedwetting, with sewn in sensor threads you’ll never have to worry about a fall clip again. Not to mention, this system connects to an app to easily track their progress and reach their goals.

Buy Now from Pjama

FAQs: Your questions answered

What is a bedwetting alarm?

A bed-wetting alarm is a device that is used to help children stop wetting the bed at night. It consists of a sensor that is placed in the child’s underwear and an alarm that is triggered when the sensor detects moisture.

How does a bedwetting alarm work?

A bedwetting alarm works by conditioning the child to wake up when they need to use the bathroom. The alarm is triggered as soon as the sensor detects moisture, waking the child up so that they can go to the bathroom.

At what age can a child start using a bedwetting alarm?

Children can start using a bedwetting alarm as soon as they are old enough to understand how it works and are able to wake up when the alarm goes off. This is typically around 5-6 years old.

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