16 Money Boxes Mums Are Recommending

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Plan Toys Piggy Banks showing a young child putting a coin into the pink money box

Teaching kids about money management is one of life’s important skills that they carry into adulthood. And one of the best ways to introduce kids to financial responsibility is by using a money box. As a parent, I remember how excited my son was when he received his very first piggy bank, and how easy it was to help him understand the value of saving.

These days, money boxes come in a huge range of styles from simple tins with slots to interactive machines that take the money from you, classic to cute – and with so many gorgeous designs out there, they even double as decor.

16 Fun Piggy Banks For Young Savers

To help you find the perfect money box to help introduce your kids to the concept of saving, we’ve put together this handy list based on the ones we use or have been recommended to us from the mums in our Facebook baby groups.

In no particular order, here are 16 of the more popular money boxes and piggy banks for kids.


Liewood showing Palam money boxes in the shapes of three dinosaurs in blue, teal and pink

Liewood Palma Money Bank ($54)

Made from 100% silicone, these money banks feel lightweight and durable, making them the perfect place to keep your little ones’ first savings safe. Available in a range of different animals and colours, we love that you can find just the right match for your child’s personality.

Buy Now from Metro Baby

Love Lottie XOXO

Little girl putting money into Love Lottie Personalised Money Box

Love Lottie XOXO Kids’ Personalised Money Box ($54.95)

A solid investment for kids young or old, these handcrafted oak boxes come with a clear front for excited eyeballing of growing savings. Will you keep the personalisation simple or inscribe ‘Toy Fund’? Use the provided screwdriver to release the loot when full.

Buy Now from LoveLottie on Etsy

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Miniphant piggy banks in baby blue and pink

Georg Jensen Moneyphant Money Box ($125)

A satisfying ‘ker-ching’ will ring sweetly in their ears when coins are dropped into this charming money box. Crafted from stainless steel with a coloured matt finish, these iconic characters will be a beyond stylish addition to your child’s room.

Buy Now from George Jensen

Tilly Pig

Tilly Pig money boxes showing Limited edition Unicorn and Dinosaur designs from the side angle.

Tilly Piggy Banks ($60)

With so many colours and patterns to choose from, we love the licenced choices to match our bedroom’s theme. Made from the highest quality porcelain, these piggies will make the perfect place for your little ones to store their hard earnt coins.

Buy Now from Tilly Pig

Tiffany & Co

Tiny Tiffany's earthenware piggy banks in orange, green, pink and blue

Tiny Tiffany Piggy Bank ($440)

If you thought Tiffany & Co only made jewellery, think again. This earthenware money box brings some luxe to the art of saving while taking shelf decor to new heights. With their four new colour choices, it’s one pretty piggy indeed.

Buy Now from Tiffany & Co

Money Savvy Kids

Money Savvy Kids showing colour tinted transparent Piggy Banks with dividers for different purposes in blue and pink options

Money Savvy Kids Piggy Banks ($19.95)

The traditional money bank has gotten a serious upgrade with this impressive piggy pal. With four separate chambers and four colour choices, kids will be well on their way to learning money management and the power of choice in an engaging and interactive way.

Buy Now from Money Savvy Kids


Janod showing Character Money Boxes with a fawn, penguin and bear themed shape

Janod Money Boxes (from $34.95)

Let these adorable playful pals help your child save money. Looking like just a cute character, the coin slot and stopper are at the back and base. Standing at 15cm tall and available in three delightful designs, saving will be easy but choosing will be hard.

Buy Now from Janod

Yes Studio

Yes Studio Kids showing a rainbow Money Box with spend and save dividing sections in each cloud

Yes Studio Spend or Save Money Box $29.99

Spend or save? Adding a happy dash of colourful personality to their space, this money box evenly divides their pocket money between the two categories. If that’s not cool enough, when the clouds are full, easily open the rubber stoppers to let the change rain out!

Buy Now from Minitopia

Plan Toys

Plan Toys showing wooden Piggy Banks in natural and pink shades with three legs

Plan Toys Piggy Bank ($34.95)

The traditional piggy bank for kids is revamped with this simple, tactile companion. From the wooden legs and floppy ears to the financial discipline they’ll adopt, this piggy will definitely be snorting its way to savings in no time. Loving the colours.

Buy Now from Crayons


Yellow OctopusYellow Octopus showing Silver Rubber Duck Piggy Banks with mirrored exterior and yellow lips

Silver Plated Rubber Duck Money Bank ($45.99)

Super shiny and cute as a button, this is a money box they’ll want to show off.  It has a removable stopper at the base and comes presented in a sweet box for gifting. With a small slot on this one, it won’t fit 50 cent pieces – which means more room for gold coins.

Buy Now from Yellow Octopus

Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner Dog piggy bank showing front view of black and white and brown and white dogs

Hannah Turner Dog Piggy Bank ($101)

Woof woof! It’s nostalgia-galore with this comic, retro dog piggy banks. Standing 13.5cm high, it will take pride of place on your child’s shelf and encourage them to become super savers. Sustainably handmade, it has a coin slot at the back and a rubber stopper on the base.

Buy Now from Wolf & Badger


Tinco Money boxes showing Peter Rabbit and Little Fairies tin boxes from the side view

Peter Rabbit Money Box Tin ($12.99)

The perfect way to keep their coins safe and sound, these tin money boxes are full of nostalgia with Peter Rabbit or Flower Fairies artwork around the whole box. At nine and a half centimetres tall, this petite tin is an excellent piggy bank for first time savers.

Buy Now from Tutu Irresistible Boutique


Djeco Treasure Money Boxes showing flower chest and pirates chest closed with lock and key

Djeco Treasure Chest Money Boxes ($28.95)

Hide away coins or treasures from siblings and parents in these vibrant chests. Complete with a charming brass lock and keys, kids will be guardians over their own loot as they save up for that pirate costume or garden party to complete the scene.

Buy Now from Amazon

My Family Rulers

My Family Rules Wooden Money Box showing spend, save and give compartments

My Family Rulers Wooden Money Box ($59.99)

We can’t get over how sweet these will look in your child’s den. Will you choose an eye-catching initial or adorable animal? Made from solid oak, they come with a personalized perspex cover to give kiddos proud ownership of their money.

Buy Now from My Family Rulers


Robotic Dog

Yellow Octopus showing a brown Robotic Dog Money Box with dog eating from a bowl sitting on cardboard box

Robotic Dog Coin-Eating Money Box ($24.99)

Most dogs love bones, but this canine only has eyes for coins. Animated and interactive, smiles are guaranteed when it reaches down and gobbles the change in his bowl and the hatch releases to let the loot out.

Buy Now from Amazon

Melissa & DougMelissa and Doug showing a DIY Piggy Bank for Kids with a half painted ceramic piggy bank with glue, paints and stickers

Melissa & Doug DIY Piggy Bank Craft Kit ($22)

It’s the perfect piggy for older kids who love getting their craft on and a fab way to introduce the concept of saving. The set includes a resin piggy bank, four pots of paint, a brush, stickers and lots of glittery glue for wow-factor.

Buy Now from Amazon

FAQs: Your questions answered

Buying any kind of kids’ money box can be overwhelming when you see all the types, so to help you out, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about kids’ savings and piggy banks.

What is a money box?

A money box, or piggy bank for kids, is a container used to collect and store coins or notes. It is often used to encourage children to save their money.

At what age should I start teaching my child about money?

It’s never too early to start teaching your child about money. Even young children can begin to understand the concept of saving and spending. As they get older, you can introduce more complex ideas such as budgeting and investing.

What are the benefits of using a money box?

Using a money box can help teach children the value of money and the importance of saving. It can also provide a sense of accomplishment as they see their savings grow over time. Additionally, it can be a fun way to teach children basic math skills as they count their money.

How often should my child count their money box?

Encourage your child to count their money box regularly, such as once a week or once a month. This can help them see their progress and feel a sense of accomplishment as they watch their savings grow.

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