9 Popular Stretch Mark Creams And Oils For Pregnancy

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Pregnant woman showing herself applying a white bottle of stretch mark cream to her belly

Growing a baby is a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience, but it also comes with its fair share of physical changes, including the appearance of stretch marks.

When I was pregnant I remember feeling so self-conscious about my stretch marks and wanting to find a solution to help reduce their appearance. While stretch marks are a natural part of the process, I discovered that applying a stretch mark cream or oil regularly to my belly helped to keep my skin well-moisturised and reduced the likelihood of permanent marks.

In this product roundup, we will be featuring some of the most popular stretch mark creams and oils, which we have either personally used or have been recommended by fellow mums in our Facebook pregnancy and baby groups.

Helpful tips for buying a stretch mark cream:

  • Has it been specifically designed for pregnancy stretch marks?
  • Is it quick-absorbing so it doesn’t get on your clothes?
  • Will the fragrance trigger any pregnancy nausea in you?
  • Is it safe to use if or when you’re breastfeeding?
  • Does it fit inside your handbag/baby bag?
  • Do you need to apply it multiple times a day for it to be effective?
  • Would you prefer a thick creamy butter or an oily lotion?

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The American Pregnancy Association advises pregnant women to avoid using skincare products that contain retinoids, salicylic acid, and hydroquinone, as they may be harmful to both the mum and bub.

9 creams and oils for nourishing bumps

To help you find the best cream to help combat stretch marks, we consulted our huge Facebook community of Australian mums and listed their most popular choices below. Read what the other mums had to say in the Facebook post!

In no particular order, here are 9 of the more popular Stretch Mark Creams.

The Hermosa Co

The Hermosa Co Belly Oil showing the 125ml spray bottle in the hands of a pregnant mum

The Hermosa Co Belly Oil ($32)

Created by a mum of three, this beautiful blend weaves together five natural oils including avocado, apricot kernel and macadamia to heal and enrich the skin and aid the prevention of marks and scarring, easing your body through the growing process.

One happy customer left the review, “Amazing product, used throughout pregnancy from 12 weeks to term and no stretch marks!!! The oil isn’t greasy and didn’t leave a mark my on clothes. Highly recommend!”

Buy Now from The Hermosa

Willow by the Sea

Willow By The Sea Belly butter in a 60ml glass jar held by a pregnant woman

Willow by the Sea Belly Butter & Oil (from $38)

With powerful ingredients that naturally relieve tight and itching bellies, it’s no surprise that this is a crowd favourite among mums. Locking in moisture with its sweet almond oil and shea butter, this organic butter leaves you feeling smooth to the touch.

“Absolutely love love love this product! I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and don’t have a single stretch mark anywhere! Long lasting and smells amazing.” said one reviewer online.

Buy Now from Willow By The Sea

GAIA Skin Naturals

GAIA Belly Butter sitting in front of a pink background surrounded by lavendar

GAIA Skin Naturals Belly Butter ($17.95)

This little beauty gives skin a nourishing boost with its impressive list of rich, moisturising ingredients. Cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic rosehip and wheat germs oils are absorbed into the skin to rejuvenate, revitalise and restore.

One mum made the comment “Purchased this product at the very beginning of my pregnancy. It worked really well to soften my skin without making it too greasy. At the time my morning sickness was quite bad and I was very sensitive to smells, but this smell didn’t affect it.”

Buy Now from Gaia Skincare


Weleda Stetch Mark Oil showing a green and pink 100ml bottle being held by a pregnant mother

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil ($29.95)

Give that precious bump a calming massage with this soothing oil. It diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, protects mumma’s growing tummy from dryness and has a glorious scent thanks to oils such as rose, neroli, myrrh and frankincense.

A reviewer wrote, “Beautifully silky oil (yet non-greasy) that is easily absorbed into the skin and kept my belly feeling moisturised and supple all day”

Buy Now from Weleda


VOYA Mama Care Stretch Mark Minimising Body Cream showing front and side packet

VOYA Stretch Mark Minimising Body Cream ($70)

Made from a powerful blend of Fucus Serratus seaweed, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil, this antioxidant-rich formula deeply moisturises and nourishes your skin. We absolutely loved how quickly this cream absorbed into the skin.

Buy Now from VOYA


Bio Oil Skincare Stretch Mark Oil showing the packaging and 60ml oil bottle being applied by a pregnant mother to her bare belly.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil (from $13.49)

Ready to absorb easily into the skin, this lightweight and non-greasy formula has been trusted by mums for more than two decades. Perfect for preventing the appearance of stretch marks and scars whilst leaving the skin feeling immediately moisturised and protected.

Buy Now from Weleda


Mustela Stretch Mark Cream showing a pregnant mother applying the cream to her bare belly.

Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Prevention Cream ($39.95)

Tested by dermatologists and made in France, this fragrance-free cream helps to prevent and limit the appearance of stretch marks as well as soothing the tingling and itching skin sensations. With its non-sticky residue, it’s perfect for a quick and soothing application.

Buy Now from Chemist Warehouse

Nature Baby

Nature Baby Belly Stretch Mark Oil showing the front of the bottle and a mother applying the oil to her bare pregnant belly.

Nature Baby Belly Stretch Oil ($29.95)

There’s something so sweet about massaging a gloriously scented oil onto your growing belly. This adored and award-winning massage oil perfectly blends botanical extracts and organic oils together to maintain the softness and elasticity of your precious skin.

A mum left the review, “Been using this oil since my second trimester and currently through my third trimester and this works like a charm. My belly always feels so smooth and smells so nice. Also, no stretch marks coming up as well as I use this daily after the shower. I love it!”

Buy Now from Nature Baby

Skin Juice

Skin Juice Mummys Tummy stretch mark cream in a 200ml hot pink screw top bottle held by a pregnant woman

Skin Juice Mummy’s Tummy Stretch Mark Cream ($40)

This delicious, buttery spread reduces irritation, itchiness and stretch marks with every application. Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to the glorious smell and texture as the berries, grapefruit and plum oils combine with shea butter for a soft, gentle feeling.

“I really love this cream, highly recommend it. Smells amazing, moistened and softened my skin” commented one mum.

Buy Now from Skin Juice

FAQ: Your questions answered

Managing stretch marks during pregnancy can be overwhelming, so to help you out, we’ve answered some of the common questions that are asked when it comes to stretch mark prevention in Australia.

What are stretch marks, and why do they occur during pregnancy?

Stretch marks are long, narrow lines or streaks that appear on the skin when it is stretched or under tension. They often occur during pregnancy due to the rapid weight gain and stretching of the skin.

Can stretch marks be prevented during pregnancy?

While it’s not possible to completely prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, some strategies can help reduce their severity. These include maintaining a healthy weight, staying hydrated, and keeping the skin moisturised.

When should I start using a cream or oil during pregnancy?

It’s recommended to start using a stretch mark cream or oil early on during pregnancy, ideally in the first trimester. This can help prevent the formation of stretch marks and keep the skin moisturised as it stretches.

What ingredients should I look for in a stretch mark cream?

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, and collagen-boosting peptides can help promote skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Remember, stretch marks are like nature’s way of giving you a little reminder of all the amazing changes your body has gone through – kind of like a “badge of honour” for being a strong and beautiful mama, so stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturised.

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9 Popular Stretch Mark Creams and Oils in 2023

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