13 Tooth Fairy Boxes That Keep Baby Teeth Safe

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Young girl holding CMC Gold wooden box showing laser etched design

Every child loses their teeth at some point and these whimsical and enchanting tooth fairy boxes are the perfect place to store those precious little teeth. From aesthetically pleasing wooden and stone designs to the cutest soft toys to add an extra sparkle to the tooth fairy magic, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little one.

Whether you sprinkle some extra glitter around their bed, leave a small note from the tooth fairy or take a photo of your child with their newly lost tooth, make this experience the ‘fairy best’ and let these tooth fairy boxes make the perfect new addition to your families special traditions.

13 Tooth Fairy Boxes to Hold Little Teeth

To help you find the perfect Tooth Fairy Box for your little ones loose teeth, we’ve put together a list of our favourite picks to help you get started in your search.

In no particular order, here are 13 Popular Tooth Fairy Boxes for 2023.


pink and gold Maileg tins showing size and shape of boxes

Mailed My Tooth Box ($10)

Offered in a range of delightful blue, pink, and gold colours, these tooth boxes feature the cutest tooth on their lid. Made from tin, we love that you won’t need to break the bank to keep the magic alive for your little ones.

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Marley Studio tooth fairy boxes in natural wood showing their acrylic and laser etched designs beside an open box.

Natural Wood Personalised Tooth Fairy Box (From $16.95)

Created in Australia, these natural hardwood round boxes keep your little loves tooth extra safe with their secure twist top. Choices featuring either a fully etched or acrylic design, these personalised tooth fairy boxes are the perfect minimalist addition to their room.

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Willow and Belle

Willow and Belle bright fairies adorn atop a natural wooden box showing it's size and scale.

Bright Fairy Tooth Fairy Box ($22.95)

These 3D fairies sit so adorably on top of the round, wooden and felt-lined tooth fairy box. With a choice of different fairies and their laser-engraved names, we know that your little ones will love the whimsy of these funky fairies.

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T-Leaf Collections

Leaf Designs showing a child begin to slide open the tooth box next to a personalised natural wooden tooth box

T-Leaf Collection Tooth Fairy Box ($25)

Printed onto a dainty maple wooden box, a range of eight different pictures sit alongside a fully personalised message in any of their 26 fonts. We loved that the lid is easy to slide, ready for all little hands to open with excitement.

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CMC Gold

CMC Gold wooden tooth fairy boxes showing the fairy laser etched design alongside the open box.

CMC Gold Tooth Fairy Box ($19.95)

Add some fairy magic to your little loves losing their baby teeth with these dainty wooden tooth fairy boxes. Designed in Australia and featuring a lasered etched, cute fairy image, look no further for a personalised box for your favourite little fairy.

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Maileg soft tooth fairy big brother beside blue tin and storage box showing colour, size and style.

Big Brother Tooth Fairy Boy Mouse in a Box Set ($68)

When a tooth is loose, the big brother tooth fairy appears to keep his eye out for it. Once the tooth has been safely stored in his matching blue tin, this little mouse takes the tooth and leaves a small treat behind.

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Jiggle and Giggle

Piper and Archie side by side with their pouches showing the pinks of the fairy and the blues and oranges of the teddy bear

‘I lost my tooth’ Bag With Piper or Archie ($44.95)

Piper and Archie make the best fairies and teddies to collect a newly lost tooth, with a satchel for baby teeth, we are absolutely smitten by these soft toys which are just the most fun way spread some tooth fairy magic to celebrate their newest milestone.

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Australian Royal Mint

Royal Australia Mint tooth fairy kit showing items inside, including pen, toothbrush, storage box and commemorative coin.

2023 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit ($27.50)

Including a special keepsake box, toothbrush, glitter pen and perfectly paired tooth chart. The Royal Mint tooth fairy kit is back for 2023 with an all-new fairy mushroom coin design, which we think is the perfect gift as a sweet touch to losing their first tooth.

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Pixie Gifts

Mint green resin glittered tooth fairy box by PixieGifts showing fairy design and space for tooth or coin

Pixie Gifts Tooth Fairy Box ($25)

Looking for something both extremely durable but also adorable? Enter PixieGifts. We love their glittered resin and special character designs that will last a lifetime. In the shape of a tooth, these boxes, handmade in Australia perfectly fits a $2 coin.

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‘Oh My Teeth’ Box ($11.95)

This little mouse on the moon is carefully watching over the tooth inside. Featuring a divine navy colour, with non-toxic gold and silver trims. The silicone stopper helps keep their baby tooth safe until the tooth fairy makes their appearance.

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Royal Selangor

Teddy bears picnic designed car in pewter showing what the box looks like both open and closed

Teddy Bears Picnic Tooth Box ($70)

Reminding us of the first tooth boxes of our childhood, these pewter tooth fairy boxes feature the sweetest teddy bear driving to their picnic with a trunk of gifts. The sweetest gifts for babies and children, these cherished treasures will be forever loved.

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Konges blush stone tooth fairy box with adorable face showing size and scale with lid open

Konges SLOJD Blush Tooth Fairy Box ($36.90)

Nicknamed ‘Tooth’, the tooth fairies’ littlest helper is made from 100% stone. This delicate blush tooth fairy box is perfect for keeping the magic alive as your child loses their first teeth. This Scandinavian design is the ultimate mix between aesthetic and sweetness.

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Little Labels Co

Door frames by Little label Co in two different wooden colours showing colour and wording personalisations offered

Personalised Tooth Fairy Door Sign ($25)

Not only do these personalised wooden signs come in a range of colours, but they’re perfect for when the tooth fairy comes to visit those super light sleepers. Just put the tooth in the velvet pouch and hang it on their door.

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FAQs: Your questions answered

What is a tooth fairy box?

A tooth fairy box is a small box or container designed to hold a child’s lost baby teeth. It is a special place where children can store their teeth until the Tooth Fairy visits and leaves a small reward in exchange for the tooth.

At what age could I introduce the tooth fairy?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), children usually start losing their first baby teeth around the age of 6 or 7. And this is a good time to introduce a tooth fairy box and start the tradition of the Tooth Fairy.

Who is the Tooth Fairy?

The Tooth Fairy is a mythical character in Western culture who is said to visit children after they lose a tooth, and leave a small gift or money in exchange for the tooth. It’s thought she takes the teeth to build her castle or help other children grow strong teeth.

How much money does the Tooth Fairy leave?

The amount of money the Tooth Fairy leaves varies depending on a number of factors, such as the child’s age, the family’s tradition, and the location. According to a recent poll question we asked on Mum’s Grapevine Facebook page the going rate is a $2 gold coin.

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