Masterchef winner Emelia Jackson welcomes baby no. 2

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Masterchef's Emelia Jackson sitting at a table

Baking fans everywhere, hold on to your muffin tins and get ready for some heart-melting news. The lovely Emelia Jackson has just welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world. That’s right, the culinary queen and beloved MasterChef Australia alumni is now a proud mother of two.

Taking to Instagram the 34-year-old shared the news with her followers in a quiet way that she and partner Craig have welcomed their baby boy by posting a very sweet picture to her Instagram stories. She captioned the photo:

“The wispy blondes 💙”

Masterchef's Emelia Jackson sitting at a table

Throughout Emelia’s pregnancy, it was business as usual on Instagram with her familiar content surrounding snaps and videos of the delicious food and amazing baked treats she creates.

In March the chef took a family ‘Babymoon‘ trip to Bali with Craig and almost two-year-old daughter Adelyn.

“First couple of days in Bali 😍” she captioned the photos.

The next photo showed her and Addie hanging by the pool with the caption:

“Baby moon feat. baby hits differently.”

Just last month in April, Emelia shared a video making some incredible-looking cookies made from her cookbook ‘First, Cream the Butter and Sugar’. With the intention to have them made to keep visitors happy for when they came to meet the newest addition, Emelia joked that she had initially made 36 and that there were in fact 5… or 4 left.

“Made 36 of these for visitors when the baby is born, can confirm there are 5 left*

150g egg white
400g caster sugar
100g icing sugar
480g nut meal – I used 50/50 almond and pistachio – you do you
Pistachio extract (or almond, or hazelnut) to taste

If rolling yours in nuts like I did with the pistachio slivers, you will also need an additional egg white to help it all stick.

Bake at 160c (or 140ff) for 18 minutes – allow to cool completely on the tray otherwise you’ll rip the bums off.

*I ate another while typing this so… 4 left. No doubt Craig will give the rest a crack tonight.”

Let’s give a warm round of applause and congratulations to Emelia, Craig, and big sister Addie on their adorable new addition to the family. We can’t wait to see all the delicious family meals they’ll be cooking up together!

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Masterchef winner Emelia Jackson expecting baby no. 2

NOVEMBER 15, 2022

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Masterchef winner Emelia Jackson expecting baby no. 2

Masterchef winner Emelia Jackson has announced that she and her partner Craig are growing their family. The pastry cook took to Instagram over the past week making the announcement that the couple is expecting a baby boy in May 2023.

Posting a bump selfie and an ultrasound image showing a teensy tiny foot, Emelia wrote:

“The first time I told you all I was pregnant I was standing in a bathroom mirror at my parents house – so it only felt fitting that I let you all know about our little baby boy in the same fashion.

Little mate coming in May, 2023.

Both my pregnancies have been tough, but this one may take the cake. It’s been a good nine weeks now of non-stop vomiting and nausea, tears and naps. Same with Addie; but doing it all with a toddler has taken it to a new level. I’m so aware of how lucky I am to have two, healthy pregnancies and know that these type of announcements can be really tough for so many people out there. Sending all my love to everyone experiencing the challenges that parenthood brings.

Very excited to be completing our family; Addie, my book and our boy ❤️”

We first got to know the self-taught baker in 2014 on Season 6 of Masterchef where she came in third place on the popular cooking show. Emelia then made her return in 2020 when Masterchef held its ‘Back to Win’ season, where she took first place.

Some of her fellow Masterchef friends were in the comments of her Instagram post wishing their congratulations. This included Depinder (Season 13), who wrote “Omg congrats babe ❤️”, as well as Season 11 alumni Larissa and Tessa. Tommy Pham from Seasons 13 and 14, and father of two, also dropped into the comments to say “Omg congratulations!”.

Following her win in 2020, Emelia announced to her followers that she was expecting her first baby. In 2021, she announced that the couple had welcomed their June baby, a girl named Addie, short for Adelyn.

We wish Emelia and Craig all the very best for their bub who’s due towards the middle of next year. Perhaps Emelia could join our Mum’s Grapevine Autumn 2023 Facebook group! We’ll be sure to send her an invite.

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