SAMPLES: 50 mums to try Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm

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Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm showing 56g jar and side view of packaging

Hi Mummas,

Welcome to Mum’s Grapevine sampling program. We have loads of products for you to try and the best bit is you get to have your say and keep all the amazing things we send you.

This week we’re looking for fifty (50) mums to receive a free jar of Lansinoh’s new Organic Nipple Balm.

Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm is an excellent option for those seeking a naturally derived and plant-based solution for tender nipples and dry skin. It’s free from fragrances, preservatives, parabens, and petroleum and made only with certified organic ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula flower extract, and argan kernel oil.

This cruelty-free and certified organic balm can be applied after breastfeeding to soothe and moisturise without any need for removal before breastfeeding. It is silky smooth, easy to apply and suitable for use during pregnancy to moisturize dry skin and maintain skin elasticity, making it a convenient and effective choice for mums looking for a certified organic solution for nipple care.

Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm showing a mother breastfeeding her baby in front of a window

Sampling Application

To receive a full-sized 56g Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm sample to try at home, fill in your details below. If you’re among the first 50 mums to apply, you’ll receive your free sample in the mail.

Bonus lightening

If you’re one of the lucky mums to receive a sample in the mail and post a photo of the product to your Mum’s Grapevine Facebook group, you could be one of our lucky winners to receive a Lansinoh Breastfeeding Pack. We have two to give away.


Applications have now closed. Keep an eye out for our reviews. 

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