Birth Story: ‘No beds, so the hospital kept sending me home ‘

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Ruby during induction and after birth of new baby

When you are nearing the end of your pregnancy you begin to eagerly anticipate labour. Some mothers however need to be induced. This can often be a last resort if the due date has come and passed, however, in other cases early induction is required due to medical conditions.

Ruby shared her story of early induction due to the low growth of her baby. She found that while the process of being induced wasn’t always smooth going, her birth was a beautiful experience.

‘This pregnancy was different’

Ruby and her partner embrace in maternity photoshoot

Ruby had already experienced the joy of pregnancy once before. She met her partner Aaron three years ago and they were quickly blessed with a pregnancy. Ruby and Aaron welcomed their first child, a girl, who is now 2 years old. After their first daughter was born they found that their relationship just fell perfectly into place.

Their second pregnancy came along and while Ruby and Aaron were so happy there was something different this time. “This pregnancy started so different from my first and because of health issues, I was told at 33 weeks I would need to be induced before 40 weeks. I was terrified of being induced and cried to myself every day.”

By 36 weeks of gestation, Ruby’s measurements weren’t increasing and she was sent for a growth scan to check the baby. Her baby was estimated to measure 2.4kgs and the doctors and midwives were keen to induce early.

‘I was in excruciating pain’

Ruby during labour for birth of second child

“The day came and I went in at 7:30 am for the cerdivil tape and then went home again. I was in excruciating pain and could barely walk or to go the toilet. I went back in at 11:30 pm complaining of the pain. I was having contractions too but that was not the source of my pain. I went in and as I got there the tape fell out, it was instant relief. They checked me and said I shouldn’t need anything else and to come back at 6:30 am to break my waters but to ring to be sure there was a bed.”

Ruby was headed home to try and get some sleep as she expected that her induction would soon be in full swing. The next morning Ruby rang the hospital at 6:30 am as instructed only to be told that there were no beds available for her and she should call back every hour to check when there was one available.

” We were finally told to come in at 10:30 am. We arrived and they checked me and said we are all good to break my waters. I called my mum down and we began waiting for a room. However, a few hours later someone came in and said the doctors weren’t sure about breaking my waters anymore as I wasn’t “favourable” and that the balloon would be better. However, I would have to stay overnight and leave it in 12 hours before they can break my waters. I was so disappointed and upset they told me to go home think about it and come back at 4 pm.”

Hospital, Home and Back again

Ruby and Aaron are ready to start induction

“I went back at 4 pm and told them I still wanted to go ahead with breaking waters. We were asked to wait while they got us a room. Not even 20 minutes later the doctor came back in and said that we won’t be getting a room today. I was so heartbroken! I was crying but understood these things happen and it’s no one’s fault. I think me being so understanding while being upset was the reason the doctor decided to take my number and ring me if anything became available at all.”

Ruby headed home, once again without an idea of when she might be having her baby. She was hopeful that she would soon receive a call from the doctor about when she would be able to come back in.

“We got home at about 6 pm and almost immediately my phone rang. We were told to come in at 7:30 pm and that they will be breaking my waters. Feeling positive we went in and were put into a room exactly at 7:30 pm. I had my waters broken around 9 pm and had an epidural placed around 10 pm.

“I was terrified of epidural and completely against it, as my first was spontaneous labour with no pain relief, however, my midwife was super lovely and explained to me it would make me more comfortable and that it would be okay so I said yes.”

‘I didn’t feel any contractions’

Ruby after giving birth being passed her baby

Ruby and baby Indy have a cuddle while Dad, Aaron, watches

“The anesthetist was super happy as it only took 10 minutes to place the epidural as I was super relaxed. They started my drip around midnight I fell asleep. When I woke up my mum was calling the midwife because my baby’s heart rate was dropping.  After they checked me they found that our baby was ready to enter the world. I had made a joke after having the epidural that I would love to fall asleep and wake up ready to push and that’s exactly what happened.

After only nine minutes of pushing our baby was here, arriving at 2:07 am. I did not feel a single contraction and no pain when pushing. I got to rest and felt incredibly calm. I could not have asked for a better birth and cannot thank Nepean Hospital and their team enough.

Ruby, Aaron and their daughters

Ruby and Aaron’s new baby girl weighed 2.6kgs and was 48cm long. They decided to name her Indy. Little Indy is now settling into life at home with Mum, Dad and big sister to help dote on her.

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