Gogglebox couple Sarah and Matty welcome baby boy

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Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd welcome second baby boy

Get ready to squeal with delight because our favourite Gogglebox Australia couple, Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd, famous for their sidesplitting shenanigans on the sofa, have just expanded their family. The duo have welcomed their second bundle of joy into the fold, a baby boy named Lyon Sainte Fahd.

The Goggleboxers posted to their Instagrams in a joined post welcoming their newest addition with a series of snaps of Lyon and Mum having some quality skin to skin cuddles.

In the caption, they wrote:

“Lyon Sainte Fahd, 09.05.23
My baby boy, you have completed us.
We waited for you, we dreamt of you.
Malik, your big brother has been calling your name.
We will love you unconditionally.
We will love you until the end of time.
Thank you for blessing us.”


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The baby name Lyon is a true gem, just like the majestic animal it represents. Stemming from French origins, Lyon is a name that exudes strength, courage, and grace, much like the noble creature that bears the same name. Lyon’s middle name, Sainte is also of French origin, derived from the French word for “saint” or “holy,” and carries with it a deep spiritual significance.

For Mother’s Day the couple shared a daily vlog style video to their Instagram showing fans through what their delivery day looked like. In the video we see them driving to the hospital, in the delivery room, Dad cutting the umbilical cord, and baby Lyon’s first cuddles with both Mum and Dad. Matty captioned the video:

“🚨Delivery Day with my warrior woman, still smiling and laughing despite the pain and the anxiety. I’ve always said you are the light of my life and i’m blessed to be able to now share that light with our boys. We love you mumma bear, thank you for being our light. Happy mother’s day.”


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The couple who were married in 2018 and gave birth to their first son in November 2019, announced to the world that they were expecting another bub with a sweet post on Instagram. With soon-to-be big brother Malik holding up a sign reading “Big Brother 2023” the family posed, Sarah, showing off her growing baby bump through her opened jeans. The wrote:

“Our family is growing! We’re so excited to welcome a new Fahd to the family in 2023. Malik has already started prepping to be a big brother, reciting endless lists of the things he will be playing with his new sibling & writing up the “Bulldogs for Dummies” playbook. Bane was asked to participate in this photo but instead chose to piss on the front porch (thankfully out of shot). Play the circus music, warm up the cuddles & bring on 2023”


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Earlier this year the couple was featured in Stellar Magazine where they revealed that before falling pregnant with Lyon, Sarah had a miscarriage. In the article, she spoke about how going through something like that and then falling pregnant after, makes everything that little bit more scary. She said “You know that things like this happen, but you don’t think it will happen to you. And when it does, it changes things. You are on alert for everything.”

Sarah and Matty promoted the article in a combined Instagram post showing some of the beautiful photographs from the piece.

“Today feels special, this time in our lives captured by the amazing @stellarmag team is a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment for our growing family.

We talk to Stellar about the pain of our pregnancy loss and the joy of being pregnant again, revealing the gender of our baby & Malik’s new best friend.”

Around the same time, the couple shared a video from their gender reveal party letting fans know whether Malik was to have a little brother or little sister. With a pop of a balloon the family found out that they were going to be welcoming another little boy into their lives.

“Our gender reveal & celebration with our family. 👶🏻Life does not get much better than in moments like this. Malik, Mum & Dad, cannot wait to welcome our baby earth side.”


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We are so excited for both Sarah and Matty on the arrival of their second baby boy. We wish the family of four all the best and cannot wait for Lyon to make his Gogglebox Australia debut soon!

If you or someone you love has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth and need support, please contact Pregnancy Loss Australia or Sands on 1300 072 637.

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Gogglebox couple Sarah and Matty welcome baby boy

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

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Matty and Sarah Gogglebox baby

Make room on the Gogglebox couch, there’s a new member of the family! One of our fave Gogglebox couples, Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd have welcomed their first baby – a bouncing boy.

Proud pappa Matty has flooded Instagram with images and videos of his son, who was born on Wednesday. The couple has named their adorable first-born Malik George.

Sarah Maree Gogglebox baby boy

“Today my heart is full Malik,” new dad Matty gushed on social media. “I will love and protect you for the rest of my days. I will be there to lift you up and to catch you when you fall, to give you the confidence to be comfortable with who you are no matter the circumstance, to always be a real man, in the truest sense of the word. I love you my son, forever.”

Matty added: “For all the people out there trying for their own baby, Sarah and I are thinking of you today. Sarah is doing very well and was an absolute legend throughout.”


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The couple, who share the Gogglebox couch with friend Jad Nehmetallah and their fur-baby Bane the bulldog, have been together for five years, and recently spoke about their difficult journey to parenthood.

“Having experienced the constant questioning around ‘when are you having a baby?’ it can be a frustrating question and a lonely road for the couple trying,” Matty told news.com.au in May.  “We want to acknowledge those people, and although no words can make you feel better, Sarah and I would like to send every bit of positive energy your way.”


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“The worst thing about pregnancy is the whole stigma of not being able to tell anyone you’re pregnant in the first trimester,”  Sarah Marie added. “I found it very difficult. Not being able to tell anyone what you are going through really sucked for me. The first four weeks of my pregnancy I was spotting and was in a lot of pain.”

We’re thrilled that this beautiful couple has had a happy ending, and can’t wait to see the new Gogglebox castmember on the couch!

Matty Fahd baby boy

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