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Welcome to the world of adorable baby boys and the letter O. Choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can be quite a delightful adventure and what better way to embark on this journey than by exploring a collection of baby boy names that start with the 15th letter of the alphabet. Oh, the wonders that await.

Sometimes, we find ourselves blessed with family traditions or personal preferences that narrow down our choices, like opting for names that begin with a specific letter. From the classics that exude charm to the unique and magical, the letter O has it all.

So, get ready to be ‘o-verwhelmed’ with options that will make your little one shine brighter than the ‘o-cean’ itself. We asked our huge online community of half a million mums who shared the baby names that they felt were totally darling.

O boy names with a theme

You can find great inspiration from themes, and the letter O brings the goods with plenty of attitude to boot.

Some are nature-based without being obvious, others have a celebrity stamp of approval and some are fitting for both boys and girls.

  • Nature: Orion, Oakley, Ocean, Otter, Osprey, Onyx, Otis, Osborn
  • Places: Orlando, Oslo, Oakland, Odessa, Ottawa, Oahu, Oxford
  • Vintage-inspired: Oswald, Orville, Orson, Omer, Odis, Octavius
  • One-syllable: Osh, Ode, Om, Oll, Orr, Oan

Boy nicknames that start with O

Australians just love to shorten or Aussie-fy a name, so it makes sense that we’re comfortable in giving our babies a nickname as their actual name.

O has some cute contenders – could something short and sharp be on your shortlist?

  • Ollie
  • Oak
  • Ozzie
  • Ox

Iconic O names for boys

Pay homage to one of these icons with a name that’s truly regal. From designers, artists and celebrities, it’s hard not to look past O.

  • Orlando: a celebrity-inspired name, after actor Orlando Bloom.
  • Ozzie: after American rockstar Ozzie Osbourne
  • Oscar: a literary name, after the novelist Oscar Wilde
  • Orson: after American actor, director and writer Orson Welles
  • Obi: May the Fourth be with your little one with this Star Wars inspired name, after Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Oleg: a French name, after designer Oleg Cassini know for his work with Jacqueline Kennedy

Unique O names for boys

Give your son a truly unmissable name with something unique and oh-so-different. Turn heads with these rare gems:

  • Othello
  • Oziel
  • Obadiah
  • Olan
  • Osias

Pairings for O names

If you’re partial to a hyphenated name, we’ve got some uber-cool pairings for you to consider:

  • Ollie-James
  • Otto-John
  • Oliver-Lee
  • Osias-Ryan
  • Oscar-Thomas
  • Otis-Jackson

Celebrity sons that start with O


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Office pick


Our favourite O boy name is: Othello


More boy names that start with O

If your heart is set on a son with a name starting with O here are (quite a few) of our favourites:

  1. Osmar
  2. Osh
  3. Orion
  4. Ovid
  5. Oakleigh
  6. Orenthal
  7. Obi
  8. Ocean
  9. Oan
  10. Odie
  11. Oberon
  12. Osbaldo
  13. Oxford
  14. Octavio
  15. Orlie
  16. Oahu
  17. Oleander
  18. Ondrej
  19. Osric
  20. Ole
  21. Octavius
  22. Orry
  23. Orren
  24. Omari
  25. Ozzie
  26. Otho
  27. Olan
  28. Obadiah
  29. Orris
  30. Osmond
  31. Oisin
  32. Owain
  33. Oryon
  34. Oslo
  35. Osiris
  36. Owen
  37. Odion
  38. Ozias
  39. Oskar
  40. Osborn
  41. Ollie
  42. Orian
  43. Olen
  44. Olin
  45. Othman
  46. Olindo
  47. Oleksandr
  48. Omri
  49. Oaklynn
  50. Oskari
  51. Orr
  52. Osprey
  53. Oved
  54. Orel
  55. Otis
  56. Oluwaseun
  57. Olafur
  58. Onni
  59. Orly
  60. Othello
  61. Orville
  62. Octaviano
  63. Onyx
  64. Omkar
  1. Oakland
  2. Orrin
  3. Oluwaseyi
  4. Oberyn
  5. Olek
  6. Orien
  7. Ode
  8. Orlando
  9. Olle
  10. Oreste
  11. Ogden
  12. Ossie
  13. Odysseus
  14. Oren
  15. Oscar
  16. Obinna
  17. Osvaldo
  18. Ojore
  19. Omar
  20. Oden
  21. Osmund
  22. Osian
  23. Oba
  24. Odin
  25. Othniel
  26. Othon
  27. Odis
  28. Obed
  29. Oziel
  30. Oviedo
  31. Osias
  32. Octavian
  33. Otter
  34. Oktay
  35. Ousman
  36. Otello
  37. Orvin
  38. Ottawa
  39. Odel
  40. Orpheus
  41. Olaf
  42. Orlan
  43. Osborne
  44. Olof
  45. Oswald
  46. Oliver
  47. Orlin
  48. Oll
  49. Osher
  50. Odessa
  51. Oris
  52. Odell
  53. Orestes
  54. Orval
  55. Odhran
  56. Ovadia
  57. Olavi
  58. Om
  59. Oakley
  60. Omer
  61. Osvin
  62. Ormond
  63. Orson

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