Birth Story: “I’m a pregnant trans man and I do exist”

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Logan Brown posing shirtless with his baby bump

In a world that constantly challenges societal norms, there are stories that transcend the boundaries of expectation, defying conventional ways of thinking and illuminating the complexity of human identity. One such remarkable tale is that of Logan Brown, a transgender male who shattered the confines of traditional gender roles by embarking on a unique and awe-inspiring journey.

Born as a female, Logan always felt a disconnect between his gender identity and the body he was assigned at birth. After years of soul-searching and navigating the complexities of gender dysphoria, Logan embarked on his gender transition, affirming his true identity as a male. And then he fell pregnant.

To document and share his story, Logan started up a TikTok account and a blog named ‘Up The Duff Man’. On both platforms, he has been very open, and extremely vulnerable about his experience as well as his and his partner Bailey’s journey to parenthood.


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In his first post to his blog, Logan shared the emotional rollercoaster of finding out he was pregnant, sharing that at the time he had come off his testosterone for a while due to health reasons and therefore started to get his period again.

After the night of the couple’s first-year anniversary, Logan talks about waking up the next morning and feeling strange.

“I sat on the toilet fully aware that there is a pregnancy test in the cupboard because of the times when I’ve been paranoid about accidentally falling pregnant! Because to me then… it would NOT be okay. I grab the pregnancy test and it’s almost like I just kind of had this feeling, my body felt different and I just needed to know. I wee on the stick and still in my mind I’m thinking ‘It isn’t possible, there’s no way that I am’ but I just wanted to not avoid this as it would make me paranoid not knowing. When I saw them two lines show up it felt like my life flashed before my eyes. I immediately sent a message to my mum, she didn’t believe me so I had to send a picture of the test.”

When interviewed for Glamour UK magazine as the cover star for the Pride Month edition, Logan shared that at that moment it felt as though his ‘whole world just stopped’. “Everything, all my manlihood that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased.”


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After sharing the news with Bailey, the pair went and bought another pregnancy test to confirm what they already knew. Logan describes the spiral of emotions that followed the true realisation of what was happening.

“You could definitely see my partner think forward about every single possible thing whilst I’m still dealing with the fact that this is happening in my body, the body that I have fought hard with for years, to try and make me look and feel as masculine as possible. Let’s just say… it wasn’t easy after this, at all.

‘What are people going to think?’ ‘This is not normal’ ‘When the baby is older, how would we even explain this?’ ‘People are going to think we are so weird’ ‘This will affect my career’ ‘If we keep the baby then we can’t tell anyone and people will just gradually find out’ ‘We can’t make this into a big deal, we need to keep this on the low’”

Eventually, after the initial shock had settled, Logan said that something ‘switched’ and he felt ‘lighter’. In his interview with Glamour UK, he says he thought: “I’m never gonna get this opportunity again to – as a queer couple – have a baby that’s biologically both ours. Which is really special to me.”


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So in November 2022, the couple announced to their friends and followers that they were expecting with a simple Instagram post with the caption: “A miracle has happened… we’re having a baby!❤️”

Met with mostly love and congratulations, Logan shared with Glamour UK that the negativity they’ve also received didn’t really surprise him.

“I’ve not been surprised by any of the negative comments that I’ve had because, obviously, this is not a usual everyday thing. I feel like there are always going to be people in the comments and keyboard warriors on Instagram. These people say things online that they would probably never say to my face. To be honest, with Bailey’s platform as well, we’ve just received a lot of love, a lot of queer joy.”

In January, Logan and Bailey announced that they were expecting a baby girl.

“Our healthy, baby…GIRL❤️🌎”

In April the couple celebrated with the most fabulous-looking baby shower, wearing matching ‘Daddy to be’ sashes and surrounded by their friends and family.


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Then finally, towards the end of May Logan and Bailey announced that they had welcomed their little girl into the world. With a photo of the first meeting, Logan introduced their little bundle of joy, Nova Mills Brown.

“Hello world, meet Nova Mills Brown ❤️”

Since giving birth Logan continues to share his story, advocating for men who fall pregnant and has even written a children’s book named ‘In My Daddy’s Belly’ that is due to be released soon.


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By shedding light on his experience, Logan has had a profound impact on the transgender community as well as society at large. Logan’s story is not just about an individual’s personal journey; by sharing his remarkable experience, he aims to raise awareness, foster understanding, and inspire empathy within a society that often struggles to comprehend the agglomeration of human diversity.

To learn more about Logan’s unique experience take a look at the video below that he did with his interview for Glamour UK magazine where he answers questions completely unfiltered.


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We wish Logan, Bailey and little Nova nothing but happiness as they settle into their new life as a family of three.

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