Tried It, Loved It: Mums Review Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker

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A baby wearing Oricom Guardian Plus wearable sleep trackers

Mums recommend the Oricom Guardian Plus

The Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker + Smart Soother is not only innovative and carefully crafted but also lets you keep a close eye on your little one and track their important sleep metrics. With a super precise sensor tucked underneath the wearable ankle monitor, you can relax knowing that it’s providing accurate readings at all times.

Generating detailed sleep quality reports and data through the HubbleClub for Partners App, the app lets you effortlessly keep tabs on your baby’s oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature changes, and even their movements. It’s like having a personal sleep nanny in your pocket helping you gain valuable insights into how well your baby is sleeping.

Available online from Oricom ($399)

Baby sleeping in cot wearing the Oricom Guardian Pro on ankle and the parent unit next to the cot

Five reasons we love the Oricom Guardian Plus:

  1. It’s a wearable sensor device
    Comfortable attached onto baby’s ankle while they sleep, you can track their heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature and movement straight onto your smart device. You can even receive motion, sound & temperature alerts.
  2. It’s comfortable to wear
    The strap is designed to be super soft and is easily adjustable to provide a secure fit on your little one’s ankle without disturbing their sleep.
  3. It creates the ultimate relaxing nursery space
    The high-quality speaker let’s you use the two-way talk function to soothe baby or play pre-loaded nature sounds, lullabies and bedside stories.
  4. It’s super user-friendly
    Simply control the Guardian’s features by downloading the free HubbleClub for Partners app and connecting your smartphone or tablet to the device.
  5. It comes with a 2-year warranty
    And to further set your mind at ease, the Oricom Guardian Plus comes with a 2-year warranty.

illustration of garden and heart with 'tried it, loved it' on it

What an absolute game-changer for parents with sick babies, providing invaluable peace of mind as it tracks oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep.
– Mum’s Grapevine

But don’t take our word for it, we asked three mums from our Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Baby Groups to review the Oricom Guardian Plus and here’s what they had to say:

Rachel, mum of 3-month-old Danielle

Photo of Mum Rachel for the Oricom Guardian Plus Review“I’m very happy with it and will continue using it!”

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Mum’s Grapevine to test out the Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker and Smart Soother and have been using it to track my little one’s sleep, oxygen levels and heart rate. It has also served as our white noise machine and night light.

I really liked being able to track Danielle’s sleep quality and using it to tweak her schedule the next day as we work towards getting her to sleep through the night. The oxygen levels and heart rate monitor were also reassuring!

This would be a great device to have for someone who might be anxious about having a newborn as being able to track oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep quality is very reassuring.

Being able to track and control everything using the Hubble Club For Partners App has been a great help as I don’t have to keep creeping into the bedroom while also running after an active toddler. I’m very happy with it and will continue using it!

Briar, mum of 6-month-old Beckham

Photo of Mum Briar for the Oricom Guardian Plus Review“It is a great ease-of-mind product.’

The design of the Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker and Smart Soother definitely met my expectations. The design is sleek and would look good in any nursery. The foot monitor also had a very nice feel to it and the ankle straps were a lovely soft material.

What I loved the most about the Guardian Plus was the heart rate and oxygen monitoring. These features really helped a lot overnight when I would worry about my son’s breathing and definitely reduced a lot of anxiety for me!

As an all-in-one product, it’s great for a nightlight and vitals monitor and would be a great addition for new parents to address any concerns they may have surrounding sleeping. It is a great ease-of-mind product.

Ladies hand holding the Hubble App for Partners and baby wearing Oricom Guardian Plus

Tahnea, mum of 1-year-old Lenny

Photo of Mum Tahnea for the Oricom Guardian Plus Review

“It definitely helped to put my mind at ease!”

The Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker and Smart Soother was super easy to set up and use. It is a compact design so Lenny didn’t even notice that he had it on. The base unit was small and blended well in the nursery but had a gorgeous selection of colours to use for the night light.

The peace of mind, when Len is sick, is the top reason I love the Guardian Plus. I love the sleep tracker, it is great to be able to see how restful his sleep is. The selection of music available is also a big plus!

I would recommend the Oricom Guardian Plus to any new Mummies, busy Mums, Mums of multiple children, Mums who worry, Mums who want a good night’s sleep and Mums who love their babies.

Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker and Sound Soother

Available online at Oricom (from $399)

Oricom has provided these sleep trackers for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Group members (Grapeviner community) participating in this trial.


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