Princess Eugenie welcomes another little Prince

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Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack

Hold onto your tiaras and get ready to swoon, because the wonderful Princess Eugenie has some seriously cute news to share. The beloved princess, known for her radiant smile and fabulous fashion sense, has officially welcomed her second little bundle of joy into the world, a baby boy named Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank.

The Princess shared the news on her Instagram that she and husband Jack Brooksbank welcomed their little Gemini baby at the end of may. Sharing an adorable photo of the newborn, as well as one with their older son Augie, Eugenie wrote:

“Jack and I wanted to share the news that we had our little boy, Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank on 30th May 2023 at 8.49 weighing 7.1lbs.

He is named after his great great great Grandfather George, his Grandpa George and my Grandpa Ronald.

Augie is loving being a big brother already.


Ernest, a more vintage baby name, is of Germanic origin and carries a strong and determined vibe, reflecting qualities such as honesty, sincerity, and steadfast nature. His first middle name, George, is of Greek origin and means ‘farmer’ bringing along the connotation that those who hold this name are resilient, natural leaders and have a strong work ethic. His second middle name, Ronnie, has Scottish and English roots and is often associated with characteristics such as vibrancy, charisma, and a zest for life.

Throughout her pregnancy, it was business as usual for the Princess as she attended to her public duties. Attending fundraisers, hospital visits, schools, and even a certain King’s Coronation, she did so always with her signature smile on her face.

Looking radiant in a deep blue gown and matching coat and hatinator, Eugenie and Jack attended her Grandfather’s coronation just a few weeks shy of Ernie’s arrival.

“Yesterday meant so much to me, as I’m sure it did to so many watching. What a magical celebration for The King, The Queen, our country, and the Commonwealth.”

We want to wish Princess Eugenie, Jack, and their two bundles of joy all the congratulations as they begin their adventure as a family of four. We cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds in their enchanting tale.

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Princess Eugenie announces she’s expecting again

JANUARY 25, 2023

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Princess Eugenie baby

Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank have made the announcement that they are expecting another baby in mid year.

Eugenie posted to Instagram a beautiful image of herself and one-year-old August, to share the news. With little August’s face pressed up to her stomach Eugenie wrote:

“We’re so excited to share that there will be a new addition to our family this summer.
📸 by Jack”

Eugenie’s Mum and proud “Granny” Sarah Ferguson also posted to her Instagram celebrating the news. With a photo of August in the cutest yellow rain jacket and jumping in puddles Sarah captioned:

“You will be sharing puddles, Augie! Superb news, Granny heaven…. So deeply grateful.

“We are so truly excited for this beautiful family and cannot wait to meet the newest little royal!

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Princess Eugenie reveals baby boy’s name

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

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Princess Eugenie baby boy name

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank have revealed the gorgeous name of their new baby boy. Welcome to the world August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

Princess Eugenie said in an Instagram post, “Thank you for so many wonderful messages. Our hearts are full of love for this little human, words can’t express.”

Little August is the ninth great-grandchild for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. The choice of ‘Philip’ as the middle name is a tribute to the Duke, who remains in hospital after being admitted to hospital last week. The couple also released their first photos as a family of three, with the images taken by Princess Eugenie’s midwife.

Princess Eugenie baby name

Royal baby name

The Royal Family last week officially announced the arrival of the newest Royal baby, saying: “Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie was safely delivered of a son today, 9th February 2021, at 0855hrs at The Portland Hospital. Jack Brooksbank was present. The baby weighs 8lbs 1oz.

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Duke of York, Sarah, Duchess of York, and Mr and Mrs George Brooksbank have been informed and are delighted with the news.

“This is Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s first child, The Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York’s first grandchild, and the ninth great-grandchild for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.”

Princess Eugenie also shared the news on Instagram, with an image similar to that so many celebrities are using for their birth announcements. A simple black and white photo of the parents holding their newborn’s tiny hand. Naaw!

Princess Eugenie first shared her pregnancy news on her Instagram account in September last year, posting a photo of an adorable pair of baby booties and the words: ‘Jack and I are so excited for early 2021.

The Royal baby is the 11th in line to the throne, with Eugenie’s uncle Prince Edward moving down to 12th in line. Eugenie and Jack married on October 12, 2018 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, with around 800 guests.

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