Rachel Corbett’s heartwarming announcement of first baby’s arrival

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Rachel Corbett holding her newborn baby girl Olivia

Television personality Rachel Corbett has delightedly announced that she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Olivia.

After an extended break from social media, Rachel returned with the news that she had given birth to her baby girl with an article in Stellar Magazine. In the article, she revealed what Olivia’s first 12 weeks have been like, especially since Rachel decided to have her all on her own.

In her caption, she wrote:

“Sooooo, I’ve been a little MIA on social media since disappearing to have a baby. To be honest there’s been very little time for anything other than the eat/poop/sleep routine but also that first 6 weeks in particular was one of the hardest times of my life. Little Olivia is 12 weeks old now and we’re finally in the relentlessly repetitive but infinitely more rewarding phase where she’s less of a blob and more of the tiny person she will eventually become. If you’ve been following me for even 5 minutes you’ll know my social media game sucks so what a treat it is to be able to properly announce the arrival of my little mate with beautiful photos and a feature in the incredible @stellarmag. The piece focuses on my decision to have a baby on my own. Something I remain incredibly excited about even though it’s not the easiest thing I’ve put on the to-do list. Luckily through all the shittiest of shitty times I’ve never wished I didn’t do it or thought to myself that I wish I hadn’t done it on my own. But if it wasn’t for the kindness of dear friends and paid professionals (who quickly became dear friends) I don’t know how I would have made it. What I do know, however, is that I’m damn glad she’s here ❤️”

Below the beautiful images, the comments were flooded with love and congratulations from friends, fans and Aussie TV stars like fellow costar from The Project Jan Fran, comedian Tanya Hennesey, Doctor Chris Brown and Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac.

The beautiful name Olivia is derived from the Latin word “oliva,” meaning “olive tree.” It is a name that signifies beauty, tranquillity, and a promising future for the little one who bears it. Olivia has become quite the popular baby name over the years with it not only appearing at number three on the list of Australia’s top boy baby names for 2022 but actually coming in at number one on our very own list of Mum’s Grapevine’s Top Baby Names for 2022. Too cute!

We wish Rachel all the best as she sets off on this journey with her first bubba, one that is filled with sleepless nights, nappy changes, and countless tender moments that make it all worthwhile. Congratulations!

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The Project’s Rachel Corbett is expecting her first baby

OCTOBER 28, 2022

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Rachel Corbett baby news

Australian TV personality Rachel Corbett, 41, has revealed she’s pregnant with her first child, a baby girl, in an exciting announcement on The Project.

The Project panellist shared the happy news with her fellow costars on Wednesday evening joking “I can no longer hold it in as the wardrobe department is sick of trying to hide it… I’m pregnant!”.

She shared the clip on her Instagram with the caption:

“The secret’s out…and Waleed blew his nuts off with a glitter cannon to celebrate 🎉”

Friends and colleagues were quick to respond including costar Jan Fran who wrote “RACHEL!!!! congrats beautiful lady ❤️” as well as Gogglebox star Angie Kent who also congratulated Rachel writing: “Amazing!!!!!! This is goals!! I feel this on so many levels!! If you can do it on your own… why wouldn’t ya! That baby is going to be soooo loved! Congrats queen! 💕✨”

Posting another pic after the video of herself and Carrie Bickmore looking excited with their hands on her stomach, Rachel wrote:

“No turning back now!🤰🏻Here’s hoping I can manage the family/career juggle half as impressively as you have @bickmorecarrie (and with 3, you bloody show off) xx:

Rachel explained on the show during her announcement that she is undertaking this journey on her own. She said “I’m doing it solo, which is great for me, but you find when you tell people it’s hilarious because they think it’s a choice of last resort. Then you have to spend the next 30 minutes explaining you’re not crying yourself to sleep at night. But for me, it’s the perfect decision. It feels like exactly the right thing to do and I’m really excited.”

We absolutely wish Rachel all the very best for her pregnancy and can’t wait to follow along her journey!

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