Birth Becomes You: Birth Photo Winners for 2023

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Parents holding their newborn baby after birth

The Birth Becomes You Image Contest has revealed its winners for the best birth photos worldwide for 2023 and they certainly are every bit raw, emotional and compelling. Attracting more than 200 professional birth photographers from around the globe, each entry is inspiring and reminds us how amazing the female body really is.

Each image portrays life-changing moments that could have otherwise been missed in the chaos that is birth, capturing the sometimes confronting yet always heartwarming moments to keep forever. From the waves of contractions to the primal surge, the first cuddle to meeting siblings, these photos show birth in all its brilliant glory.

Broken up into nine categories, each photo shows a different stage of birth. Here are the top five from each category for 2023.

Disclaimer: This collection of birth photos captures the raw and profound moments of childbirth which may elicit strong emotional reactions from some readers. We urge readers who are sensitive towards graphic scenes and bodily fluids to exercise caution while viewing this article.

Between Two Worlds

1st Place: Miracles Unveiled

A woman in active birth with her first baby held against her chest

via Salt City Birth and Newborn Photography

2nd Place: Euphoria

A woman in active birth undergoing a cesarean surgery

via Morgan Petroski Photography

3rd Place: When a Midwife Gives Birth

A woman birthing her own baby

via Photo Doula

4th Place: Seconds before first breath

A newly born baby underwater after the water birth

via Rayke Geboortefotografie

5th Place: First Touch

An infant being vaginally birthed with the mother's hand holding it's head

via Windlace Photography

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Birth Team

1st Place: I am held

A man holding his pregnant partner while in active labour

via Little Plum Photography

2nd Place: Through the Midwife’s Legs

A baby being born being held by the midwife

via Dana Jacobs Photography

3rd Place: Left it all on the field

Partners holding one another while the female goes through active labour

via Jessica Sornson Photography

4th Place: The Golden Ratio

A woman who has just given birth in a paddle pool with her baby still connected via umbilical cord surrounded by women

via Wild Oak Birth

5th Place: Witness

A woman who cradling her newborn baby in the bathtub

via Obiektywnie Najpiękniejsze

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Story In One Image

1st Place: The Lovers After

Mother and Father resting with their newborn baby after birth

via Portland Birth Photographer: Natalie Broders

2nd Place: Still in the Chaos

A man holding his newborn baby surrounded by medical staff and his wife on a stretcher

via Beautifully Human

3rd Place: That just happened

Mother holding her newborn baby with her partner sitting behind in tears

via VI-Photography

4th Place: Euphoric

Mother and Father cradling their newborn baby after birth

via Buffalo Doula Services LLC

5th Place: The ultimate act of love

A surrogate being held by her partner after giving birth to the couple on the right's baby

via Inge Berken

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1st Place: Leaking Joy

A mother crying holding her newborn baby after giving birth

via adora birth + wellness

2nd Place: The Wombmate

An image of active birth showing the placenta

via Hannah B Photography UK

3rd Place: This Is Birth

A mother after birth holding her newborn baby

via Karina B. Photography

4th Place: When the water tells a story

Post water birth mother and baby in the paddle pool

via Aspect Photography

5th Place: Three Brothers

Mother holding her newborn after birth with her two older children on either side of her

via Heidi Daniels :: the DC birth photographer

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Negative Space

1st Place: Light In The Dark

Mother in active labour sitting on a hospital bedvia Renée Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer

2nd Place: Just Hold Me

Two people embracing in a paddle pool during active labour

via Colleen Murtha Photography

3rd Place: I choose to feel the presence of my husband..

A frame with a picture of a man and a woman in active labour in the bathtub

via Hanna Russo Birth

4th Place: Tear of Surrender

A woman on an operation table wearing a blue surgical cap

via Precious 3 Birth Services

5th Place: Stitch by Stitch

A doctor stitching up a person in surgery

via Jessica Miles

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1st Place: Miracle number 2

A woman on an operating table looking through a plastic sheet

via zenmamalove

2nd Place: The final second before the best surprise ever is revealed.

A newborn baby just removed from their mother's stomach

via Alexandria Mooney Photography

3rd Place: Born Dancing

Newborn baby being held up by doctors after being birthed

via TS Lambert Photography

4th Place: Belly Birth Bliss

A couple in hospital embracing one another

via P.S. Love, Mommy Doula Services

5th Place: Loving belly birth

A newborn baby being shown to the Mother on the operating table

via Geburtsfotografie Heidelberg

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1st Place: Moments Before

Woman in active labour

via Driftwood + Co Saskatoon Birth Photographer

2nd Place: Relief

Woman in active labour

via Robin Weir Photography

3rd Place: One Last Surge

Woman in active labour

via Dallas Arthur Birth Stories & Support

4th Place: You push, we will pull!

Woman in active labour

via Nicole Hamic

5th Place: Shadowlands

Woman in active labour

via Sweet Clover Photography

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New Birth Photographer

1st Place: Relief

Woman in active labour

via Robin Weir Photography

2nd Place: So Much More

Mother and Father holding their newborn

via Claire Dunkley Doula

3rd Place: At Last

Parents holding their newborn baby after birth

via Jamilah Allen Creative

4th Place: All Hands on Deck

Active water birth scene

via Melanie Lopez Photography

5th Place: Birth is a Family Affair

A husband and children comforting their wife/mother during active labour

via Mackenzie Romagni Photography

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Experienced Birth Photographers

1st Place: Relax, Soften, Open

A black and white image of a pregnant woman standing in water

via Tampa Birth Photographer

2nd Place: Held

A woman holding a newborn baby next to her crying partner

via Ebony Allen-Ankins Photography

3rd Place: Through the Midwife’s Legs

A baby being born being held by the midwife

via Dana Jacobs Photography

4th Place: Touch & Water

A woman in active labour

via Ashley Marston Photography

5th Place: Surrendering to love & light.

A woman in active labour

via Wild Mama Photography

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