Pets make the best labour support partners and these photos prove it

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dog watching as mother and father cuddle baby

A dog may be considered a ‘man’s best friend’ but they also make pawsitively perfect support partners for their pregnant masters. Just ask Evin, who welcomed her little one at home in a water birth, with her loyal firstborn fur baby by her side the entire time.

The top dog of delivery

Colorado birth photographer Monet Nicole is no stranger to home births. She has been behind the scenes and behind the camera lens of countless water births, every one as unique and beautiful as the next.

Monet has an amazing ability to bring to life the raw emotion that comes with giving birth as well as capture the intimate connection between a labouring mother and her support team.

woman in bath holding hands with birth partner for support


dog helping mother through labour

In the case of first-time mum, Evin, Monet was greeted with not only a support team comprising of Evin’s partner and Evin’s midwife, but also her dog.

Evin’s calm and extremely quick birth was nothing short of amazing as the first-time mum instinctively pushed and caught her own baby, all within an hour of Monet arriving. But what made the event even more beautiful was the presence of her fur baby, who remained at his master’s side throughout the whole event.

dog meeting newborn with mother and father

Puppy love at first sight

Monet snaps a series of shots of the dog as he watches over Evin bring bubba into the world. As Evin leans on the pool for support, he is there. As Evin catches her baby, he is there. Even as the new mum and dad share the first cuddle with their baby, their dog is there too.

And he looks head over heels in love with the new addition already, sneaking in a sloppy kiss.

dog asleep on midwife's foot

Her dog even manages to squeeze in a sleep, resting his head against the midwife’s foot. The whole labour support thing is pretty tiring, after all. But puppy and Evin make it look easy!

“We all marvelled at Evin’s strength, beauty, and grace,” Monet tells Mum’s Grapevine.

newborn baby monet nicole

The power of pets

Dogs are truly amazing. They are loving, loyal and literally never far from your side. And, like these powerful photos certainly prove, these amazing pets are always willing to offer their support, no matter what the occasion.

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Images by Monet Nicole Birthing Stories.

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