40 Timeless Hebrew Names for Boys and Girls

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Shalom, baby name aficionados and future parents! If you’re on the hunt to find a name that’s not only rich in tradition and heritage but also filled with meaning, then you’re in the right spot with this list of baby names with Hebrew meanings.

So, whether you’re looking for a timeless classic like Sarah or Jacob, a contemporary gem like Ari or Maya, or you want to sprinkle a little Yiddish charm with a name like Shmuel or Golda, this article is your personal Bubbe-approved go to list.

A list of Hebrew baby names for boys and girls

Top Hebrew boy names

Amitai: Amitai means “truth” or “faithful,” signifying your son’s steadfast character and integrity.

Ari: Short and snappy, Ari means “lion.” Your little one will roar into the world with this name!

Baruch: A name that radiates positivity, Baruch means “blessed.” What a wonderful sentiment to bestow upon your son.

David: David, a name that signifies “beloved,” reflects the deep affection and cherished bond that comes with parenthood.

Eliav: If you want your son to have a name that signifies “God is my father,” then Eliav is the perfect choice. It’s like a warm hug from the heavens.

Eliyahu: A name that’s as majestic as its meaning – “My God is Yahweh.” It’s a name that carries a divine touch.

Ezra: With a name like Ezra, meaning “help” or “helper,” your son will always be there to lend a hand.

Gideon: This name has a strong, heroic vibe, and it means “great warrior” in Hebrew. Your little Gideon is destined for greatness.

Ilan: For nature lovers, Ilan is a lovely choice, as it means “tree.” It’s simple, elegant, and has a natural charm.

Itai: For a name that’s as unique as your little guy, consider Itai, which means “friend” or “the Lord is with me.”

Levi: This timeless name, meaning “joined in harmony” or “attached,” is a true classic that will never go out of style.

Lior: With a name like Lior, which means “my light,” your son will shine bright in your life.

Matan: If you’re blessed with a gift, why not name him Matan? The name comes from the word “gift” and means “giving” in Hebrew.

Nadav: If you want your son to be known for his generosity, Nadav, which means “generous” or “giving,” is a fantastic choice.

Noam: A name that exudes pleasantness and charm, Noam translates to “grace” or “charm.” Your son will be as charming as his name.

Oren: Just like the name suggests, Oren means “pine tree.” It’s a name that brings a touch of the forest’s serenity to your baby boy.

Rafi: This name is all about being elevated or exalted. Rafi will always stand tall with a name like this.

Ronen: With the meaning “to sing” or “song,” Ronen is a melodic name perfect for a joyful little boy.

Shalom: For parents wishing their child a life filled with peace, Shalom, meaning “peace,” is a heartfelt choice.

Yonah: Yonah means “dove,” a symbol of peace. Naming your son Yonah is like wishing for a life filled with tranquillity.

Yonatan: A classic Hebrew name, Yonatan means “gift of God.” What a special way to acknowledge the miracle of life.

Zev: Meaning “wolf,” this name has a strong, wild spirit that’s perfect for your little adventurer.

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Top Hebrew girl names

Aviva: If you’re looking for a name as vibrant as your daughter, Aviva, meaning “spring” or “youthful,” is an excellent pick.

Batya: This sweet name means “daughter of God” in Hebrew, reminding everyone that your little girl is a divine gift.

Dalia: For a name as beautiful as a flower, Dalia, meaning “flower” or “branch,” is a charming choice for your baby girl.

Hadas: Hadas translates to “myrtle tree,” a symbol of love and peace. It’s a name that brings a touch of nature’s grace.

Liora: Radiant and full of light, Liora means “my light” or “I have light.” Your daughter will shine brightly with this name.

Maya: A name that’s both simple and full of depth, Maya means “water” and “illusion.” It’s like a river of dreams.

Malka: A name that’s truly regal, Malka means “queen.” Your daughter will rule your heart!

Nava: Nava, meaning “beautiful” or “pleasant,” reflects the joy and beauty your baby girl brings into your life.

Nessa: If you want your daughter to be a “miracle,” then Nessa is the perfect name. Meaning “pure, holy: butterfly” it’s a heartwarming choice for your little one.

Orli: With a name like Orli, which means “my light,” your daughter will brighten up your life every day.

Raziel: For a name with a touch of mystique, consider Raziel, meaning “secret of God.”

Rina: Rina signifies “joy” and “singing.” Your little Rina will bring laughter and happiness wherever she goes.

Rivka: Rivka, meaning “to tie” or “to bind,” is a name that symbolizes the deep connections your daughter will create in life.

Shiri: Shiri, which means “my song,” is a sweet and melodious choice for a little girl.

Tali: Tali, meaning “my lamb,” embodies the kind of love that wraps you up like a cozy blanket. So, if you want your little one to be as lovable as a lamb, Tali is the name that’ll keep the cuddles coming

Talia: This elegant name means “gentle dew from heaven.” It’s as refreshing and pure as a drop of morning dew.

Tzipporah: Tzipporah means “bird” and is a name that carries the freedom and grace of flight.

Zahara: A name as bright as the morning, Zahara means “flower” or “shining.” Your little one will be a beacon of light.

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