Copycats: Top 21 Toys for 18-Month-Olds

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The best toys for 18 month olds based on developmental milestones | Mum's Grapevine

Before you hit the shops, read our curated list of the best toys for 18 month olds in Australia to help get you started in your search.

Oh, what an active life 18 month olds lead. They can understand lots more of what you say now, and are saying words themselves, which makes simple games, jokes and pretend play lots of fun.

They’ll be able to do basic puzzles and they love copying you – so a doll and a pretend pram will be a huge hit. So now is the perfect time to give them some of those key ‘milestone’ toys that they’ll use for years to come.

Here’s are guide to gifts and toys for 18 month old boys and girls.

What they’re doing

  • Copying Adults
  • Riding, Steering And Pushing Toys
  • Kicking Balls
  • Talking
  • Climbing Steps
  • Building Towers
  • Playing Simple Pretend Game
  • Stacking
  • Hammering
  • Scribbling
  • Running
  • Feeding Themselves

Gifts they’ll love

21 gifts and toys for 18 month olds

With over 15 years of experience and a community boasting over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect toy for your 18-month-old.

Below, you’ll find 21 of our favourite picks presented in no particular order. Some are newcomers to the scene, while others are tried-and-true favourites. Rest assured, each recommendation has either crossed our path, found a place in our own experiences, or been enthusiastically vouched for by our Grapeviner community.

Balancing act

two young children sitting on a strider balance bike one green and one orange

Strider Balance Bike ($229)

The perfect bike for the tiny-legged toddler ready to ride, this balance bike is suitable for all little ones 18 months and older. With amazing features such as mini-grips, comfy seats and tool-free adjustable heights, your little adventurer will enjoy it for years to come.

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Puddle paradise

Three children interacting with the Step 2 Direct Rain Showers Splash Pond

Step 2 Direct Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table ($229)

What is a child’s summer (and spring, autumn and winter!) without water play? Let your little ones discover the magical world of water play with exciting side flippers, playful waterfall shower and fill and spill buckets all in a pond base.

Buy Now from Step 2 Direct

Walk on by

A baby walking with the Bubble Wooden Activity Play Walker

Bubble Wooden Activity Play Walker ($129)

Packed with 7 engaging activities, including a shape sorter, bead maze, spinning cogs and more, this walker promotes hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Designed for toddlers 18 months and up, we loved that this sturdy walker builds confidence and independence.

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Stack ’em up

The BIBS Wobbly Stacking Toy in three different variations

BIBS Wobbly Stacking Tower ($39.99)

Wobble and stack with BIBS Wobbly Stacking Tower. A twist on classic stacking, these colourful pieces teeter, tottle and rattle for added fun. Build, giggle, repeat—a tower of joy for little architects in training!

Buy Now from Kollektive

Wheely wonderful

Danish by Design moover ride ons in both pastel green and pink showing different offering colours

Moover Ride On ($149.95)

Naturally biodegradable, sustainable, and made with an absolutely aesthetically pleasing wooden body, the Moover ride-ons’ are an amazing first bike for little toddlers. And no need to worry, their rubber wheels are designed to protect floors and furniture for the perfect indoor addition.

Buy Now from Danish by Design

Pass the tissues

Side by side images show the Taff Toys Wonder Tissue Box with a child demonstrating how to play with it

TAF Toys Wonder Tissue Box ($39.99)

Normal tissue boxes can’t compete with the TAF Toys version that has bright colours and sensory fabrics (8 silky ones and 2 crinkle blankies with ribbons). Made of premium materials, it helps develop fine motor skills with each satisfying pulling action.

Buy Now from Playette

Oh baby

A young child holding and kissing their Djeco Baby Doll in the bathroom

Djeco Pomea Doll ($67.95)

Designed to fit perfectly in a toddler’s arms, these anatomically correct baby dolls are made of vinyl, perfect for joining in on bath and beach time. With a head and legs that move, they sit up and move around like real babies.

Buy Now from Amazon

Out of this world

The Jellystone Designs Galaxy Bath Grips in use in a bath full of water

Jellystone Designs Bath Grips ($34.95)

Make bath time an out-of-this-world adventure with the Jellystone Designs Bath Grips. With the textured, non-slip surface these celestial shapes make for fewer slips and slides and more cosmic celebrations.

Buy Now from Kawaii Kids

Fur-ever home

Two babies with their Jiggles & Giggles Puppy and Kitten Adoption Sets

Jiggle & Giggle Adoption Set ($65)

Bring home bundles of joy with the Jiggle & Giggle Adoption Set. Available for adoption is the perfect puppy or kute-as-can-be Kitten – a fluffy friend for every little heart. Adopt, cuddle, and nurture – because nothing says love like a furry companion. Paw-fection achieved.

Buy Now from Augie & May

Stacking speedsters

The Monti Play Kids Motor Stacker built into a truck and a bus

Monti Play Kids Motor Stacker Set ($35)

Elevate playtime with Monti Play Kits Motor Stacker Set. A stack of sensory joy, these silicone parts encourage your little one to work on building a car, bus or truck. Ready to engage tiny hands and curious minds.

Buy Now from Monti Play Kids

Vacay mode: on

Young boy playing with the Viga PolarB Holiday House

Viga PolarB Holiday House ($69.95)

Step into vacation mode with the Viga Holiday Play House. Crafted in a Scandi and minimalist-inspired style, this wooden wonder sparks imaginative play with five rooms across two levels and an open layout that your little one will adore.

Buy Now from Shorties

Cube with the lot

Two sides of the Janod Looping Activity Cube

Janod Cocoon Multi-Activity Looping Toy ($199.95)

Packed full of hands-on activities to keep little ones amused, each side of this colourful cube helps kids learn new skills and concepts. Activities include flippable caterpillars, cogs, tree mazes and shape sorters. Bonus, turn the loop maze upside down for easy storage.

Buy Now from Metro Baby


The KaperKids xylophone pull along toy

KaperKids Pull Along Car With Xylophone ($48.95)

Two toys in one, this xylophone is perfect for the young musician. Kids will also enjoy the rolling balls as they pull this toy along. And with its beautiful coloured tones, it looks great in any playroom.

Buy Now from Temple & Webster

What’s that noise?

The Janod Noisemakers in different colours and designs

Janod Noisemaker ($14.95)

Available in Sheep or Cow, turn this noisemaker upside down and back again to listen to the animal sound. Simple yet engaging, it’s educational, comical and guaranteed to bring out smiles and giggles.

Buy Now from Metro Baby

Wacky woodpecker

Side by side image of young girl playing with the Tender Leaf Toys hammer game next to a close up image of it

Tender Leaf Toys Hammer Toy ($54.95)

Simple and amusing, this adorable hammer toy will have them in high spirits as they build on their fine motor skills and colour recognition. They’ll learn cause and effect as the ball disappears into the stump…and how cute is the woodpecker hammer?

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More toys we love …

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