Pint-Sized Pretenders: Top 29 Toys for 2 Year Olds

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The best toys for 2 year olds based on developmental milestones | Mum's Grapevine

Before you hit the shops, read our curated list of the best toys for 2 year olds in Australia to help get you started in your search.

Two year olds are busy little bees. Although their growing sense of independence might lead to a few tantrums, it also leads to lots of pretend play and some really fun interactions. Hit the streets on a scooter, balance bike or push-trike or set up a toy kitchen for domestic make-believe.

Check out our favourite toys for toddler boy and girls aged two, based on what they’re doing, loving and learning at this stage in their development.

What they’re doing

  • Running and Jumping
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Smelling, Touching, Tasting
  • Sorting and Categorising
  • Talking
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Active Outdoor Play
  • Pretend Play
  • Having Tantrums!

Gifts they’ll love

29 gift ideas for two year olds

With over 15 years of experience and a community boasting over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect toy for your two-year-old.

Below, you’ll find 29 of our favourite picks presented in no particular order. Some are newcomers to the scene, while others are tried-and-true favourites. Rest assured, each recommendation has either crossed our path, found a place in our own experiences, or been enthusiastically vouched for by our Grapeviner community.

Buckle up

Child riding the Step 2 Direct up and down rollercoaster with another child standing at the top

Up and Down Roller Coaster Platinum Edition ($349)

Bring the thrill of a rollercoaster home! With 2.7 metres of track, endless hours of entertainment await your little ones. Safety features intact, watch as they learn skills of pushing, pulling, balancing, and riding down the track. The ultimate home adventure!

Buy Now from Step2Direct

Junior loungers

Child sitting in the My NooK Junior play couch

NooK Junior Play Sofa ($395)

Forts, castles, racing cars and more. MyNooK is the Australian-made answer to play couches in small spaces. Choose from their huge range of colours and fabrics and let your child do the rest, maybe a couch to read a story or even a tunnel to crawl through.

Buy Now from MyNook

Puzzle me timber

A child holding the Stellavan & Papa Kangaroo wooden puzzle

Stellavan & Papa Wooden Block Puzzles ($50)

Calling all little explorers! Dive into creativity with these timeless block puzzles celebrating Aussie wildlife. Crafted from safe, sustainable beechwood with non-toxic paints – perfect for little hands to create big adventures. It’s playtime magic that’s safe, stylish, and oh-so-fun!

Buy Now from Stellavan & Papa

Mini zoomer

Young boy riding a Hornit balance bike

Hornit AIRO Balance Bikes ($269)

Meet the award-winning AIRO Balance Bike, a featherlight 2.95kg ride built to last! Crafted with a rugged magnesium alloy frame, it’s lighter on the wallet and heavier on quality. With footrests craved into the frame and air-filled rubber tires your little racer will be propelling themselves in no time.

Buy Now from Hornit

What time is it?

A. child playing with the Bubble Wooden Learning Clock

Bubble Wooden Learning Clock ($24.95)

A delightful and educational toy, the wooden learning clock from Bubble teaches counting and time-telling through play. Colourful numbers in various shapes enhance fine motor and numeracy skills, this is the perfect gift for a curious toddler’s development!

Buy Now button linking to The Stork Nest

Ex-squeeze me

Cherub Baby Silicone Squeeze and Squirt bath toys showing their use in bath play and bright, soft colour tones and shapes

Cherub Baby Squeeze & Squirt Bath Toys 5pk ($34.99)

Turn bath time to playtime with these adorable squeezy, food-grade silicone bath toys. Pull them apart for mix-and-match colour and animal bodies, promoting imaginative play and fine motor skill development. And the best bit – they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Buy Now from Cherub Baby

Roaring good fun

Three Trixie Wooden body puzzles of a lion, an elephant and a monkey

Trixie Wooden Body Puzzle ($18.36)

Add a dash of delight to your child’s space! These chunky puzzle blocks are a perfect playtime challenge, boosting motor and cognitive skills as they build a whimsical animal friend. Crafted from 100% FSC-certified wood with child-safe, non-toxic paints. Buy Now from Kollektive

Divide and conquer

Penny Scallan divider plate set showing two different sets including plate, bowl, utensil and cup each with their own unique, fun designs

Penny Scallan Bamboo Divided Plate Pack ($59.90)

Introducing a high-quality bamboo plate so enticing, your little one can’t resist finishing every bite to reach the fun design at the bottom. Add in a matching sippy cup and a cup-and-spoon set, and they’re all set for culinary adventures. Who knew mealtime could be this easy?

Buy Now from Penny Scallan

Rolling in style

Moover Classic Dolls Pram in three different colourings showing the different styles and angles of their simplistic pram and features

Moover Toys Classic Dolls Pram ($159.95)

The ultimate dream come true for your little one. With delicate heart detailing, and a high-quality finish, it’s effortless to push. This classic doll pram is crafted for strength and durability using safe, non-toxic paints. While the solid, rubber-lined wheels not only protect your floors but also the planet.

Buy Now from Danish By Design

Lifting fun to new heights

Flexa Truck and Crane ($89.95)

Get ready for non-stop loading and unloading fun with Flexa’s Truck and Crane set. This comes with a truck boasting four containers and a handy loading crane, all made from FSC-certified wood. Take the play to new heights by adding the Flexa car track, sold separately.

Buy Now from Danish by Design

Colourful creations

Image showing two pairs of hands holding a tub each of the Wild Dough playdough in blue and yellow surrounded by playdough accessory toys

Wild Dough Playdough (from $10.95)

Meet the playdough that kids play with longer! This multi award-winning delight has a cloud-like texture that’s love at first touch. Scented, super soft, and long-lasting, it’s the MVP of playdough. Bonus: it’s easily rehydratable with water for endless fun. Proudly Aussie-made with kid-safe ingredients.

Buy Now from Wild Dough

Ballin’ and stacking

Taf Toys North Pole ball drop stacker showing both it's ability to be stacked but also their ball play feature and included brightly coloured, matching balls

TAF Toys North Pole Ball Drop Stacker ($39.99)

For babies that love Peekaboo (we’re yet to meet one who doesn’t), this interactive toy will keep them quizzed. They’ll love dropping the ball in the hole only to reappear a few moments later. Beautifully designed, these are a gorgeous addition to any playroom.

Buy Now from Playette

Matching mini me

ergoPouch matching sleeping bags for dolls showing the soft colours and patterns whilst worn by two stuffed toy animals

ergoPouch Doll Sleeping Bag ($24.95)

Complete your little one’s bedtime routine with a matching sleeping bag for their doll. This cute and functional sleep tool is designed for bedtime role play, making nighttime settling easier and more fun for your child. Sweet dreams for both your little one and their dolls!

Buy Now from ergoPouch

Friend for life

Santi The Sloth – The Smart Sleep Aid ($169)

Meet Santi, the companion that grows with your little one, offering comfort at bedtime, playtime, and while exploring the world around them. Customise their sleep journey with programmable features, illuminate the night with a rainbow of colours, and set the perfect bedtime melody with Bluetooth streaming.

Buy Now from Santi the Sloth

Mini chef, mega fun

Side by side images showing a little boy with a chefs hat playing with the Montessori Mini Chef Kids Kitchen Set next to the Blue and Pink colours

Mini Chef Kids Kitchen Set – 8 Pieces ($59.99)

For your little chef-in-the-making, Montessori Mates presents an incredible cooking set. Designed for independence, fine motor skills, and a healthy food relationship, these super cute pieces make cooking fun and educational. Let the mini culinary adventures begin!

Buy Now from Montessori Mates

Take me to market

Image showing the Poppy's Little Treasures Rattan Market Stall next to the rattan kitchen set

Poppy’s Little Treasures Market Stall ($429)

Playing shops reaches new heights of fun with this handcrafted rattan market stall. Durable and beautiful, it’s a lifelong addition to your role play setup. Whether selling fruits, toys, or more, your littles will adore the endless possibilities this market stall brings.

Buy Now from Poppy's Little Treasures

Truck stop

Moover Trucks

Moover Ride On Trucks ($179.95)

Made from high-quality veneer plywood, these Danish-designed dump trucks let kids drive and steer at the same. With easy-click assembly, this ride-on is durable and equipped with double rubber tyres for control and grip. Pop a teddy in the cabin and treasures in the trunk an head of on adventures.

Buy Now from Danish by Design

Ready maestro

Liewood Stuart Xylophone ($89.95)

Inspire a love for music from a young age with the Stuart Xylophone from Liewood. Easy to play, it fosters creativity and self-expression, allowing your child’s imagination to soar. Crafted with a beechwood base, powder-coated aluminium bars, and seven vibrant keys.

Buy Now from Hello Little Birdie Store

Rule the roost

Image showing two Nana Huchy Roosters sitting facing the camera

Nana Huchy Roosters ($59)

Meet Roy and Rupery, the wise old hands on Nana Huchy’s Farm. Everyone turns to them for advice and problem-solving. Though he’s a busy bee, Roy’s top priority is keeping an eye on his mischievous nephew, Rupert the Rooster, who’s quite the charmer with the hens!

Buy Now from Nana Huchy

Posey wheel

Djeco easy grip crayons

Djeco Toddler Flower Crayons ($12.95)

Calling all mini Picassos! Djeco Flower Crayons are here to turn your tot into a toddler Van Gogh. With 12 ergonomic, flower-shaped crayons, it’s the perfect grip for those tiny hands. Watch out, world, here comes the next art sensation!

Buy Now from Rainbow Fun

Table of tides

Plum Play Sandy Wooden Sand & Water Tale ($249.95)

Get ready for backyard adventures with the Plum wooden sand and water table! It’s like having a mini beach in your garden -perfect for sandcastles and toy boat regattas. Sturdy, durable, and complete with a protective cover, because outdoor fun never takes a rain check!

Buy Now from Plum Play

Veggie puzzler

Classic World Cutting Vegetable Puzzle ($41.95)

Get ready for a veggie-chopping fiesta with the Wooden Vegetable Puzzle! Your little one can slice, dice, and match their way to culinary greatness. It’s like a colourful cooking show for tiny chefs – let the imaginative play feast begin!

Buy Now from Playolgy

Nutty assembly

Walter Toys Nuts & Bolts

Walter Toys Nuts & Bolts ($95.80)

Calling all little builders. Brace yourself for a colourful challenge with the mix of screws, bolts, and nuts set. It’s not just a toy; it’s a fine motor skills workout! From simple combos to playful masterpieces, let the imagination soar and skills blossom!

Buy Now from Oskars Wooden Ark

Ready, set, glide

Kinderfeets Tummy Glider

Kinderfeets Tummy Glider ($84.95)

Crafted from sustainable bamboo, it’s the eco-friendly ticket to active play – push, pull, scoot, slide, spin, and race! Develop skills while having a blast, and don’t forget to hang on tight to those handles for the ultimate gliding adventure!

Buy Now from Amazon

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