Make Believers: Top 31 Toys for 3 Year Olds

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The best toys for 3 year olds based on developmental milestones | Mum's Grapevine

Before you hit the shops, read our curated list of the best toys for 3-year-olds in Australia to help get you started in your search.

Imagination and pretend play really comes to the fore for three-year-olds, so they will love playsets with animals and characters (from farm sets to princess castles) as well as pretend tools, doctor’s kits and lots of other accessories to enhance their make-believe games.

Here’s are guide to gifts and toys for 3 year old boys and girls based on what they’re doing, loving and learning at this stage in their development.

What they’re doing

  • Painting And Drawing
  • Riding And Pedalling
  • Laughing At Silly Jokes
  • Playing Co-Operatively (Sometimes!)
  • Playing Make-Believe
  • Dancing
  • Dressing Up
  • Playing Ball Games
  • Talking (A Lot)
  • Asking ‘Why?’

Gifts they’ll love

  • Imaginative Play Sets
  • Basic Matching Games
  • Duplo
  • Tea Set
  • Play Food
  • Doctors Kits
  • Craft Supplies
  • Swing Set
  • Toy Tools
  • Bubble Machine

31 gifts and toys for 3 year olds

With over 15 years of experience and a community boasting over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect toy for your three-year-old.

Below, you’ll find 31 of our favourite picks presented in no particular order. Some are newcomers to the scene, while others are tried-and-true favourites. Rest assured, each recommendation has either crossed our path, found a place in our own experiences, or been enthusiastically vouched for by our Grapeviner community.


Child playing on the Urban Baby IVI Play Run

IVI Play 3D Mini City Rugs (from $214.95)

Create a vibrant cityscape with IVI Play Mini City Rugs. Picture an airport, ocean, marina, roads, parkland and sports fields on these 3-dimensional play rugs. Fuel creative play and social interaction as your little one constructs their imaginative world. Available in three sizes.

Buy Now from Urban Baby

Dough it yourself

the Wild Dough Playdough Mix in the range of colours it is available in with blue and red rolling pins sitting in front

Wild Dough Playdough Mix ($15.95)

Ever imagine “Cake Mix” but for playdough? Well Wild Dough has you covered. There is a rainbow of possibilities with this non-toxic, vibrant-coloured, endless fun – just add water and oil. Easy, fast, and Australian-made, it delivers cloud-like softness, vibrant colours and endless fun.

Buy Now from Wild Dough


Two children playing with KICKBrick Kick Bricks

KICKBrick Kick Bricks ($149)

Watch your little one build, balance, throw, catch, kick, jump and more with these soft, safe, and lightweight bricks. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, or even pool play, they foster imagination, concentration and coordination skills. The building blocks for hours of fun!

Buy Now from KICKBrick

Gleeful gluing

Top view of the My Creative Box garden collage set showing whats included

First Crafts Garden Collage Sensory Craft Box $49.95

Dive into a world of textures, shapes, colours, and sizes to craft whimsical bugs, vibrant flowers, and enchanting outdoor wonders. With over 1,000 pieces, including glue, airport-approved scissors, templates, a versatile art board, and essential supplies, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.

Buy Now from My Creative Box


A young girl playing with The Wonderful Suitcase Mermaid suitcase in her bedroom

The Wonderful Little Suitcase Company (from $119)

Indulge your little car enthusiast or sea explorer with these unique designs. Designed in Australia, these suitcases foster cognitive skills, fine motor development, problem-solving and imaginative play. Perfect for on-the-go fun, with optional double-sided playmats for extended play.

Buy Now from Wonderful Suitcases

Mindful mixers

child playing with the Jellystone Calm Down Bottle and the three colour ways the bottles come in

Jellystone Designs DIY Calm Down Bottle ($26.95)

Used by parents, teachers and therapists, the Calm Down Bottle is a unique sensory toy that helps children self-regulate their breathing and improve focus. Included are fillers to create your own mesmerising bottle, which you can refill and reuse in endless creative options.

Buy Now from Jellystone Designs

Splash party

the Cherub Baby Suction Bath Toys

Cherub Baby Silicone Suction Zoo Bath Toys ($29.95)

Watch your little one connect, stack and squirt these critters while secretly developing fine motor skills and colour recognition. Dishwasher-safe these wildly fun silicone toys not only connect to walls and squeeze and squirt but also connect to each other for even more fun.

Buy Now from Cherub Baby

Hop to it

a girl playing with the Taff Toys Match & Count Bunny Toy and the toy laid out

Taf Toys Match & Count Bunny Toy ($49.95)

Designed specifically for toddlers, Taf Toys has aced the playtime equation with this toy.  Watch as your child goes from grasping, pulling and dropping to recognising colours, numbers and patterns all whilst enjoying “playtime”.

Buy Now from Playette

Can you dig it

Kids Digger Lift & Shift

Toylogical Digger Lift & Shift ($49.99)

Ready for any terrain: sand, mud, or dirt, this digger tackles challenges head-on. Built to last with classic steel strength, reliable grips and a sturdy seat that can handle the long haul. Watch your kid’s physical development and fine motor skills skyrocket.

Buy Now from Lime Tree Kids

Hop, snap, roar

Paper Pops 3D Cardboard costumes in Kangaroo and Crocodile

Paper Pops 3D Cardboard Costume Kit ($44.95)

Turn your cutie into a lovable character with these lightweight 3D cardboard costumes! Choose from Mila the Kangaroo, Billie the Crocodile, or Rory the T-Rex. Assembly (and disassembly!) is a breeze – everything is pre-cut and scored so there are no tools, tape, or glue needed!

Buy Now from Paper Pops

Tiny troupe

Four Dinkum Dolls from Olli Ella

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls ($95)

Meet Dinkum Dolls, they’re so soft and snuggly, that you might mistake them for clouds. These dolls are cuddle champions with delicate details. They’re not just for hugs; their moveable parts make them playtime superstars, and yes, they can even stand tall in their fabulous shoes!

Buy Now from Ollie Ella

Road map

a child playing with the Play & Go Toy Storage Bag - Roadmap next to the storage bag drawn closed

Play & Go Toy Storage Bag ($69.95)

Rev up playtime with the Play & Go Roadmap Toy Storage Bag – spread it out as a playmat for epic car races. Then when playtime is over, give the magic rope a little tug, and voilà! Everything fits snuggly away as the play mat transforms into a carry storage bag.

Buy Now from Kollektive

School’s IN

two styles of the Penny Scallan Day Care Packs in blue and lilac

Penny Scallan Day Care Pack ($114.85)

Tick another job off the list with this daycare pack from Penny Scallan. In the cutest, bright and fun patterns, they’ll love wearing their matching hat and drinking from their matching water bottles whilst embarking on all the fun adventures ahead.

Buy Now from Penny Scallan

Sandy days

the Done by Deer Sand Play 5 Piece Set

Done by Deer Sand Play 5 Piece Set ($69.95)

This 5-piece sand play set is just what every toddler needs to complete their beach bag. With the most fun animal-shaped moulds and shovels accompanied by a bucket and sieve to find buried treasure, the only worry you’ll have is trying to leave the beach!

Buy Now from Danish by Design

One flat white, please

the Flexa Shop and Cafe showing children playing with both sides of the structure

Flexa Shop & Cafe ($349.95)

Get ready for a day of play with the Flexa Shop and Cafe – where your little entrepreneur’s imagination wears the chef’s hat. Greet customers from one side, take their orders and serve up smiles. Flip it around, and it’s coffee o’clock at the most creative cafe in town!

Buy Now from Danish by Design

Take a seat

the Infa Group TikkTokk Little Boss Table and Chair sets in four colour ways

TikkTokk Little Boss Table & Chairs Set ($174.99)

Whether they’re doing the messiest arts and crafts, eating, reading, or writing, the Little Boss Table and Chairs set is the answer to their needs. With soft corners and a gloss finish, you know the table and matching chairs are made to last.

Buy Now from Infa Group

Feast your eyes

two sets of the Chook Shed Designs Felt Food

Chook Shed Designs Felt Food (from $6.50)

An exciting array of treats awaits to inspire any budding cook, baker or stall owner to get into pretend play. Chook Shed Designs has everything from hot dogs to fish and chips, fruits and vegetables to baked goods. Made of felt, they’re textural, easy to hold and safe to play with.

Buy Now from Chook Shed Designs

Shake it!

a little girl playing with Shake It Bluey next to the toy

Shake It Bluey ($29)

Shake it with the Shake It Bluey Figure! Turn her head, play ticklecrabs and bop to the count of ten. Follow the dance moves, don’t worry about missteps, and dance with Bluey under the glowing belly lights. It’s a dance party—floss, wave, and shake it!

Buy Now from Big W

Box of harmonies

two colour and styles of the enchantmints music box

Enchantmints Music Boxes (from $53)

Lift the lid to watch the tiny figurine twirl to tinkling music. Adorned with charmingly illustrated laminated graphics, it’s a magical treasure haven with secret drawers that will be cherished joy for years to come.

Buy Now from Honey Bee Toys

Gommu cuties

four of the Gommu Baby Dolls lined up

We Are Gommu Baby Dolls ($135)

Meet GOMMU, the soft, chewable, and safe-for-water playtime pals that are handmade from hevea tree white sap. Promoting emotional, sensory and cognitive development, these non-toxic and biodegradable loves ensure every mini sees themselves in the toys they adore.

Buy Now from Hello Little Birdie

Oh, biscuits

the Bluey Fancy Restaurant showing all of the accessories it comes with

Bluey Tabletop Restaurant ($149.95)

Welcome to Bluey’s Fancy Restaurant! FSC-certified, your little one can choose to be a chef or a waiter, cook up a storm or take orders. Match plates with tickets, and explore the interactive kitchen, they will love to dive into the endless Bluey fun!

Buy Now from Metro Baby

 Leafy hideaway

the Tender Leaf Toys Secret Meadow Shepherds Hut and the accessories

Tender Leaf Toys Secret Meadow Hut ($119.95)

Encounter the whimsical shepherd’s hut from Tender Leaf Toys—an adorable glamping haven for your new mouse family! Borrowed trinkets create mouse-sized wonders, from teacup showers to thread spool chairs. With stairs, doors and a roll-away feature, it’s a truly magical home.

Buy Now from Amazon

Work of art

the Freckled Frog artist puzzle

The Freckled Frog Artist Palette Puzzle ($24.95)

Made from FSC plywood, this brilliant puzzle supports problem-solving, colour recognition and fine motor skills. In addition to using trial and error to fit the shapes to the right spaces, your little one will also be able to learn a range of new colours like indigo and sage.

Buy Now from Amazon

Jump for joy

the Lifespan kids trampoline with a child jumping on the trampoline in the left image

Lil’ Hopper Children’s 40″ Mini Trampoline ($100.95)

Compact, high quality and perfect for beginners, the Lil’ Hopper Trampoline features heavy-duty elastic straps instead of springs. In other words, this makes it safer without sacrificing bounce. It has a handrail that can be removed as their confidence grows.

Buy Now from Amazon

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