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13 of the best toys for 6 year olds in Australia | Mum's Grapevine

Before you hit the shops, read our curated list of the best toys for 6 year olds in Australia to help get you started in your search.

From the age of six and up, a child is becoming a little person. Their lives revolve around school and friendships, play dates and birthday parties, team sports and dance lessons. They still love a lot of the same activities as before, but they’re growing fast and might need a bigger bike or a new helmet.

Look for toys, games and kits that challenge them – they’re ready for it!

Here’s are guide to gifts and toys for 6 year old boys and girls.

What they’re doing

  • Rapidly Expanding Their Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Learning Numeracy Concepts
  • Riding A Bike
  • Monkeying On Monkey Bars
  • Team Sports And Lessons
  • Making Up Dance Routines
  • Going On Play Dates By Themselves
  • Developing Strong Friendships
  • Latching Onto The Latest Toy Fad!

Gifts they’ll love

  • A Bigger Bike Or Next-Step Scooter
  • Magic Set
  • Figurines
  • Fairy Door
  • Stationery
  • Inexpensive Camera
  • Toy Microscope
  • Knitting Or Sewing Kits
  • Jewellery-Making Kits
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Trampoline
  • Sports Equipment
  • LEGO
  • Boogie Board Or Skim Board
  • First Watch
  • Hula Hoop
  • Skipping Rope
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Go-Kart
  • Construction Kits
  • Science Kits
  • Dolls With Clothes And Accessories

28 gifts and toys for 6 year olds

With over 15 years of experience and a community boasting over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect toy for your six-year-old.

Below, you’ll find 18 of our favourite picks presented in no particular order. Some are newcomers to the scene, while others are tried-and-true favourites. Rest assured, each recommendation has either crossed our path, found a place in our own experiences, or been enthusiastically vouched for by our Grapeviner community.

Couch crusaders

two young children in a cubby build from My Nook play couch

Nook Play Sofa ($675)

The NooK is a stylish piece of furniture that’s made for FUN. With 10 pieces and no rules the NooK Play Sofa is imagination unlimited. One minute it’s a sofa, the next it’s an obstacle course, and then a cubby house, but no matter what little imaginations throw at it, you bet it will be fun!

Buy Now from Nook

Attracting fun

The Connetix Ball Run pack built up

Connetix Tiles Ball Run Pack ($159)

Unlock a world of creativity with the Connetix. This set includes connector tiles, wooden balls, and exclusive tubes that produce unique sounds, adding an extra layer of excitement to racing fun. Whether it’s sensory runs, sorting tubes, mazes, or beyond, a variety of engaging activities awaits!

Buy Now from Connetix Tiles

Swim, sparkle, repeat

Four different styles of the Bling2o Goggles

Bling2o Goggles ($34.95)

Dive into the perfect blend of sparkling style and underwater excitement. Featuring cat eyes, dragons, princess crowns, hearts, street vibes, sharks, and more, these goggles come with anti-fog lenses and a sprinkle of bling, making them a statement piece that’s ready to make a splash.

Buy Now from Kawaii Kids

Party down under

The Pass the Party Food game from Joey Games

Pass the Party Food Game ($39.95)

Fairy bread, lamingtons, lolly snakes and more! Players work together to collect treats and share them with friends in this cooperative game about classic Australian parties. Perfect for the whole family, it’s a game you’ll want to play over and over and over again!

Buy Now from Joey Games

Axolotl you need is love

Jellycat Axolotl toys in blue and pink

Jellycat Axolotl Andie & Alice ($59)

Say hello to Andie and Alice, Jellycat’s latest Axolotl additions! In playful shades of pink and vibrant blue, they’re all set for hugs and imaginative escapades. Soft and irresistibly adorable, they’re the perfect companions for little ones who enjoy diving into the depths of their imagination.

Buy Now from Amazon

Rollin’ with the homies

The bandwood skateboards in each colour variation

Banwood Skateboards ($149.95)

Meet the Banwood Skateboard – a ride for mini rebels in training! Crafted from Canadian Maple, with a foot-friendly grip and dreamy wheels for a smooth and stable cruise. Banwood’s collection is all about vintage cool in pastel hues, giving your tots a taste of the rad California 70’s scene!

Buy Now from Banwood

Time to shine

young girl wearing a strapies watch next to an image showing 5 different designs

Mrs Ertha Strapies Watch ($43)

Slap on a Strapies! These 100% silicone, water-resistant, and effortlessly cool watches are the ideal blend of practicality and playfulness for the whole family. Adapting seamlessly to any wrist size and offering a stunning variety of muted shades and designs.

Buy Now from Lupa and Sol

You can fix it!

Child wearing the Kids at Work tool belt with a close up of what is in the belt

Kids at Work Tool Belt Kit ($91.50)

Step into the world of carpentry adventure with Kids at Work’s tailored tools for little hands. These pint-sized replicas of adult tools are an invitation for kids to discover the joys of carving, woodworking, and hands-on mischief – a perfect kickstart for every aspiring chippie!

Buy Now from Oskars Wooden Ark

Giddy up

Young girl riding a hobby horse from hipKids next to two leaning on the wall

HipKids Hobby Horse ($54.95)

Revisit childhood magic with the HipKids Hobby Horse. Perfect for your little one’s development they boost coordination, strength and flexibility. Whether it’s indoor adventures or park escapades, this hobby horse adds a dash of imagination to playtime.

Buy Now from HipKids

Friends forever

The Poppy & Daisy Friendship Necklack kit

Poppy & Daisy Friendship Necklace Kit ($44.95)

Poppy & Daisy Designs’ Friendship Necklace Kit is eco-fab and BFF ready. Create four stunning necklaces with wooden beads and a cotton cord. And the wooden beading board keeps beads in check and three cotton bags make each necklace a gift of joy!

Buy Now from The Iconic

Everything is awesome

three LEGO building book covers, Houses, Dinosaurs and animals

How to Build LEGO Dinosaurs ($15)

Unleash dino-mite fun with these books! Create 30 LEGO Houses, Animals or Dinosaurs, from the mighty T-rex to the soaring Pteranodon. Journey through building steps, mastering claws, teeth, legs and more, letting your little Paleontologist’s dreams roar to life.

Buy Now from Amazon

Strike a pose

two girls wearing diy sunglasses from Confetti Rebels

Confetti Rebels DIY Kids Bedazzle Sunnies Kit ($35)

Confetti Rebels has got your weekends covered with their DIY Kids Bedazzle Sunnies Kit. Perfect for rainy days, holidays, or just some serious glam fun with the kiddos. Let the Elton John-inspired dazzle party begin!

Buy Now from Confetti Rebels


The Studio ROOF dinosaurs built and on display

Studio ROOF Dinosaur Creative Play (from $17.95)

The dino playmate of dreams, Studio ROOF Dinosaur Creative Play kits are the perfect way to keep your kiddo’s mind at work. Made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks, these colourful creatures not only are super fun to build but look awesome displayed in the bedroom.

Buy Now from Gioco Giro

Mini mind marvel

Child playing the Djeco Polyssimo Tactic Brain Teaser Game

Djeco Polyssimo Tactic Brain Teaser Game ($32)

Get those growing brains turning with the Polyssimo Tactic Brain Teaser Game from Djeco. They can reconstruct a perfect cube or tackle challenge cards for brain-boosting fun, all while they’re on a playful journey into logic, problem-solving, and basic geometry.

Buy Now from Amazon

The best agenda

Second Scout Little Agenda

Second Scout Little Agenda ($139)

Weekly on one side, blank on the other, use the magnetic timber tiles to visually plan your child’s agenda together. Boosting their independence and understanding around routines, there are hundreds of add on picture tiles (sold separately).

Buy Now from Second Scout

Tightrope tricks

Slackers 50's Classic Slackline Kit

Slackline Classic Kit ($94.90)

No need to run off and join the circus, Slacklines turn any backyard or playground into tightrope heaven. Attach between two trees and use strength and balance to get across, while hovering just a few metres off the ground. A truly unique toy for 6 year olds and up.

Buy Now from Amazon

More toys we love …

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