Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes Over the Years

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Heidi Klum Halloween outfits

She’s the undisputed Queen of Halloween and as we countdown to Heidi Klum’s 2023 costume reveal, we’re taking a creepy stroll down memory lane.

The mum-of-four always manages to astound with her detailed transformations, she’s even incorporated her baby bump throughout the years.

Here are Heidi Klum’s best Halloween costumes.

A wriggly worm in 2022

Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as a worm and fisherman for Halloween 2022

Heidi absolutely did not disappoint with her choice of costume last year. Taking more than ten hours to get into the costume, the supermodel showed up as a very realistic, nightmare-inducing, worm.

Virtual Zombie in 2021


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With the pandemic in full swing, Heidi couldn’t host her annual Halloween extravaganza but that didn’t stop her from having her makeup and prosthetics expertly crafted to give her a haunting, decaying appearance.

Toilet paper Mummy in 2020

Heidi Klum and her family dressed as toilet paper Mummies for Halloween in 2020

Taking inspiration from the widespread toilet paper shortages in 2020, Heidi and her family transformed into toilet paper mummies.

A cosmic carnivore in 2019

Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as a Flesh eating alien and a space man for Halloween 2019

With prosthetics, intricate makeup and a costume that looked straight out of a sci-fi thriller, Heidi once again proved her commitment to her Halloween transformation.

Swamp royalty in 2018

Heidi Klum and her husban Tom Kaulitz dressed as Shrek and Fiona for Halloween 2018

Heidi went all out to recreate Princess Fiona’s ogre charm, complete with signature green skin, flowing red hair and a stunning medieval-inspired gown.

A thrilling werewolf in 2017

Heidi Klum Thriller

In 2017, the model spent hours being fitted with prosthetics to be transformed into a werewolf, in a nod to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

A Heidi huddle in 2016

Heidi Klum clones

For once the America’s Got Talent co-host was able to sit back and watch others go through hours of make-up and prosthetics, as she had herself cloned.

Jessica Rabbit in 2015

Heidi Klum Jessica Rabbit

Heidi had her model figure further enhanced to look just like the cartoon character.

Spreading her wings in 2014

Heidi Klum butterfly costume

No need for a cocoon – just five hours in a makeup chair and the metamorphosis is complete.

Fast forward in 2013

Heidi Klum old lady costume

If anyone can make old age look appealing it’s Heidi Klum. Check out those veins and age spots!

Planet of the Apes in 2012

Heidi Klum and Seal as apes

Heidi and then-husband Seal went all out as playful primates.

Give me some skin in 2011

Heidi Klum Halloween meat costume

A gruesome skin suit that had everybody just a little squeamish.

Futuristic in 2010

Heidi Klum futuristic costume

Heidi’s model height had an extra boost as she became some kind of Transformer.

As the crow flies in 2009

Heidi Klum crow costume

A rare bird indeed.

A goddess in 2008

Heidi Klum Kali

Heidi was apparently inspired to dress up as the Hindu goddess Kali (with a few additions) after a trip to India.

Pregnant in 2006

Heidi Klum fobidden fruit pregnancy Halloween costume

Her Forbidden Fruit costume was the perfect way to keep her baby bump safe and sound.

A true vamp in 2005

Heidi Klum vampire

Has there ever been a more enchanting vampire?

Solid gold in 2003

Heidi Klum alien

Gold teeth and body glitter turned Heidi into a golden goddess.

On horseback in 2001

Heidi Klum Lady Godiva

Dressed as Lady Godiva, Heidi went uber authentic by including a horse in her transformation.

Squiggly line

We have so many more Halloween tricks and treats up our sleeves – make sure you check out our costume ideas, recipes and decoration ideas.

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