Wacky Dad Brings Elf On The Shelf To Life

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A dad dressed up as elf on the shelf duct taped to the wall

Think your Elf on the Shelf creations are a little ‘out there’?

Joe Wynberg, an American dad of four, has taken the festive tradition, to a whole new level by turning himself and his wife into a giant, real-life Elf, named Fle – Elf spelled backwards. His crazy antics have people everywhere in stitches as he replicates the most infamous Elf on the Shelf poses with hilarious outcomes.

Joe’s wife, Megan, kept Fle’s growing fan-base updated by posting daily reports of his (mis)adventures on her Facebook page. We think it is safe to say that this dad has won fans worldwide with his genius efforts to *literally* bring Christmas to life for his family!

Hanging around

Dad turns into Elf on the Shelf

Don’t try this at home, our favourite life size elf on the shelf is hanging from the Christmas lights, becoming apart of the decorations.

Snow angels… inside?

Dad turns into Elf on the Shelf

This little elf on the shelf has made a big mess with his flour ‘snow angels’, what a fun clean up we imagine followed.

Are you sure it’s chocolate?

Dad turns into Elf on the Shelf

We can only hope these cookies are made with real chocolate sauce…

The one night advent calendar

Dad turns into Elf on the Shelf

Oh no, we see some disappointed (or maybe vengeful) little elves in the morning when they see their empty advent calendars. What a cheeky little elf on the shelf come to life.

Buddy’s favourite food

Dad and Mum dresses as elf on the shelf whilst eating Elf style spaghetti with chocolates

It looks like Mum and Dad have tuckered into Buddy the Elf’s favourite spaghetti dinner, with loads of chocolate sauce and candy galore, our thoughts go out to their bellies after this meal.

Mrs Giant Marshmallow

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf whilst inside a giant marshmallow as large as he is

Wow! We’ve heard of popping out a giant cake but never have we seen an elf popping out of a giant snowman before.

Elf’s marshmallow bath time

Mum dresses as elf on the shelf laying in a bathtub filled with marshmallows

Mum’s have got to get in on the fun sometimes too! This elf is enjoying a glass of wine in a bathtub of marshmallows. What a delicious spa session.

Santa I’m stuck!

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf whilst pretending to be floating by holding onto a bunch of balloons stuck in a tree

When our little elf grabbed hold of his bundle of balloons, he didn’t expect to end up stuck in a tree. We hope he was able to get down safely.

When Elsa goes rogue

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf hidden inside an ice cube pretending to be frozen by Elsa

Oh no, Elsa has gone rogue! Our favourite elf on the shelf has ended up trapped in a block of ice at the hands of our favourite Disney Queen.

Marshmallows by the campfire

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf making a huge fire whilst sitting on the nearest fence

We’ve all heard of roasting marshmallows by the campfire, but I don’t really think this elf on the shelf knows what that really means. Enjoying a stack of marshmallows, this elf seems to be thrilled by his giant fire.

A very absorbent Gingerbread House

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf making a gingerbread house out of Tampax

We haven’t thought of building a gingerbread house out of these before, this little elf is making it work with what he has on hand.

Here’s elf-y!

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf pretending to be from the shining movie

All work and no play makes Elf a dull boy. We loved this fun take on a classic (and spooky movie) but really hope the door was able to fixed!

Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt a little!

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf pretending to put his child through a snow machine

Disclaimer: No little elves were harmed in the making of this photo. But lots of laughs were shared as one elf tried to mulch the other into snow!

Yeti’s rotisserie elf

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf next to a yeti pretending to be a pig on a spit

What a way to keep warm in the snow! Our favourite elf has been tied up and is being cooked by a Yeti in the snow, thankfully he made a full recovery.

Elf’s great Christmas break in

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf trying to scale the side of the building with a bag of presents

Is he breaking in or sneaking out? This little elf has braved the snow storm to scale the building with his sack of toys.

A hot cocoa indeed

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf sitting in a hot tub with giant marshmallows to look like a giant hot chocolate

We love a hot cocoa as much as the next person but this may be overdoing it! This nifty elf has made a giant hot chocolate out of his hot tub, even including the giant marshmallows.

What a breakfast…

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf sitting on a plate with a giant stack of pancakes

We’re not sure if that’ll be enough chocolate sauce and maple syrup for the huge stack of pancakes this little elf spent his time preparing, we’re sure the shape was purely coincidental…

Somewhere by the beach

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf laying on a towel with sand all around him pretending to be on the beach

Channelling their inner Australian, this Elf is embracing the beach summer with a makeshift sandy beach, towel and toys ready for a relax under the sun (or in their case, heater!)

Fishing for treasure

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf sitting on the edge of bath pretending to fish

This little elf is fishing in their bathtub… we’re just going to let that one sink in (like we think these fish are doing).

Elf Headquarters

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf under toilet paper igloo

This elf on the shelf headquarters is conveniently located under the massive amount of toilet paper. We spotted in the background some more excellent toilet paper decorating.

Mistleto… oh no.

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf hanging upside down and tied up like mistletoe

Maybe you can’t kiss under this mistletoe but he still manages to keep a smile on his face even whilst upside down and hanging by his toes.

What’s in the box?

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf next to Justin Timberlake dress up with empty boxes

Adults only night here… If you know, you know. This SNL reference has all the best parts, the boxes, fake moustaches and Justin Timberlake dress up.

Milk and cookies galore

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf laying on overrides plate with milk and cookies

Isn’t the cookies and milk for Santa? Laying on a giant plate of oversized cookies and containers of milk, this elf has got himself nice and comfy after his special treat.

I’m trapped in a snow globe!

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf sitting inside a bubble representing a snow globe

Don’t flip this snow globe upside down! Our little elf has gotten trapped inside, holding a help me sign, we’re wondering how they’ll get him out.

Family size cereal

Family dresses as elf on the shelf with heads popping through a large box of Rice Krispies

When they said family sized they really meant it. These little elves have popped their heads through this not so little box ready to find some treats.

A professional painting

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf sitting next to a wall painting of himself

Oh no! It looks like Elf has got our his paint and brushes and has taken to the walls. What a wonderful little painter (he’s done a very lifelike job!) and we hope it’s washable.

Mum my underwear has stretched!

Child dresses as elf on the shelf sitting in a floating pair of underwear

Our biggest question is how’d they get the underwear so big? This little elf is hanging in there and we hope for their sake, they recently had a washing.

The next generation of elves take over

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf with child dressed as elf pretending to run over tied up dad

This cheeky little elf and his toys (even Darth Vader!) has joined together to take down their regular elf, tying him up and ready to run him over with a toy tractor, boy that’s got to hurt!

Naughty and nice

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf and appears to be sitting on Santas shoulder with a list of naughty and nice family

This families special elf is hand delivering his naughty and nice report to the big man himself, Santa. Eagle eyed fans would notice that this elf has rated dad a 5/5 stars.

Sleeping little elves

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf and sits next to sleeping child with whipped cream on their face

This naughty elf is about to be in a lot of trouble when their sleeping angel wakes up to find themselves covered in markers and whipped cream.

A really big toilet swing

Dad dresses as elf on the shelf hanging on a roll of toilet paper

If you’re wondering who is using a toilet roll that large, so are we… But what better way to reuse than as a swing for a life sized elf.

A beautiful family of elves

Family dress as elf on the shelf together by fireplace

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than by dressing up as elves and becoming our own elf on the shelf.

The last snowball fight

Family of elves makes wall of toilet paper with snowman melting

With only one day left, it seems that their family of elves are playing a spirited game of snowball fights, we hope that snowman sees some cold soon before he melts!

(images via Megan Wynberg)

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