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Mother placing her baby into a baby lounger on the floor.

There are few things more precious than snuggling our wee babes in our arms, but we can’t carry them all day, there are times we could do with a couple of free hands. A baby lounger gives us a safe space to pop bub, right next to mumma, while we get on with the hands-free tasks we’ve been putting off (looking at you unfolded washing basket).

We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the world of baby loungers. We’ll discuss the different features and benefits of each type, so you can make an informed decision about which one is perfect for your little one.

Let’s dive in and find the perfect cozy haven for your baby!

What to look for when buying a baby lounger

Before you decide what to buy, you need to know what you can buy and why. We’ve answered some basic questions to help you understand what’s available, and what you might need.

Is it essential: No

How much will it cost: $100 to $350

How long will you use it: 0-1 years

Would you purchase before baby arrives: Yes

Accessories: Covers, carry case, activity bar.

Ask yourself before hitting the shops

  • Is the whole lounger machine washable or just the cover?
  • Is it made from breathable fabrics to help regulate baby’s temperature?
  • Does it have carry handles?
  • Is it a standard size or do you need custom covers?
  • Does it have an extended age range and weight limit?
  • Is the base firm and supportive?
  • Are the sides raised to prevent rollovers?
  • Does it come with a removable toy bar or arch?
  • Can you use it safely indoors and out?
  • Does the baby lounger come with a warranty?

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Baby loungers are not intended for sleeping and should only be used during supervised awake time. And always place your lounger on the floor, never on a soft surface.


10 Best Baby Loungers Recommended by Mums

With over 15 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect lounger for your baby.

Below, you’ll find 1o of the most popular baby lounger brands recommended by the mums from our Grapeviner community, listed in no particular order.

Sable Bebe

Young baby doing tummy time on a Sable Bebe baby lounger

Sable Bebe Baby Lounger (from $207)

Lightweight and portable, Sable Bebe baby loungers use 3D mesh technology and Tencel fibres to create a safe space that absorbs moisture and prevents bacteria. We love that it’s machine washable and comes with a complimentary carry bag. 100% pure linen covers are sold separately.

“Perfect size for the lounge couch to have the baby by your side in the early days. Beautiful linen colour options!” said one customer online.

Material: Pearl cotton inner fabric, Tencel outer layer, 100% pure Linen woven from French flax cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 50 x 77 x 11 cm

Buy Now from Sable Bebe


Bubba Bump

Bubba Bump Baby Lounge showing the detail of the gumnut fabric cover.

Bubba Bump Organic Baby Lounges ($175)

Recommended for little ones up to 12 months of age, Bubba Bump Organic Lounges provide optimum comfort for precious babes. In a choice of styles, they use hypoallergenic organic cotton and are adjustable to suit growing minis.

One reviewer said, “I love everything about this lounge! I bought it so it could be Baby’s designated space, that my other toddlers could recognise and respect. Said toddlers both agree it is comfortable and have asked for one for themselves! It’s also a good length, so we will get many months’ use of it. As for changing the cover to wash it, it’s easy! It’s 2 simple zips to take it off and wash. This is my go-to gift for any new parents!! I highly recommend it!”

Material: Cotton polyester infill, 100% GOTS organic cotton cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 80 x 50 cm

Buy Now from Bubba Bump Baby

Audrey & Me

Baby lying awake in an Audrey & Me baby lounger

Audrey & Me Linen Baby Nest ($189.95)

Available in eight earthy colourways, Audrey & Me baby nests are fully reversible allowing you to change up the look. Each one is handmade from linen which is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and temperature-regulating. The carry handle and leather buckle are a sweet detail.

One mum commented “We purchased our Baby Nest just before our bub’s arrival and we love it! We transfer it between our bedroom and lounge room cots with ease. It helps give us peace of mind that there is additional support and safety for our little one. The styling, fabric and user-friendliness are amazing. Highly recommend!”

Material: 100% Hypoallergenic bumper cushion filling, 12mm dense foam base mattress, linen cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 60 x 95 cm laying flat/open, 30 x 67 cm mattress size

Buy Now from Audrey & Me


Baby laying in the Cushii baby lounger

Cushii Baby Lounger ($169)

Made with temperature-regulating certified Tencel fibres, the award-winning Cushii Lounger is machine washable, silky-smooth to the touch and ready to go on any adventure. Available in nine gorgeous prints and we love that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Grapeviner mum Jessica wrote, “The Cushii Baby Lounger has a soft, almost silky feel making it feel breathable, comfortable and not irritable on my baby’s sensitive skin. It is also super brilliant that I can just chuck it all in the wash on gentle wash!”

Material: 100% premium certified Tencel outer, 100% eco polyester made from recycled water bottles
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 64 x 54 x 14 cm

Buy Now from Cushii

Done by Deer

Baby lying and playing in the Done by Deer Cozy Baby Lounger

Done By Deer Cozy Lounger with Activity Arch ($199.95)

With a removable activity arch for attaching your baby’s favourite toys, the Done by Deer Cozy Lounger is perfect for play or tummy time. With washable organic cotton covers in a choice of three sweet shades, we found it to be lightweight and easily portable from room to room.

A reviewer wrote, “Our baby is only 3 weeks old and the lounger is our favourite for the daytime and saved our first nights with the newborn. It cushions safely the baby’s body. Extremely good quality and a neat design. The fabric dries super fast, which we found helpful with baby spit-ups and small pee accidents. moreover, the cover is removable and washable.”

Material: 100% polyester filling, 100% organic cotton cover, 100% organic cotton and PE filling arch
Washability: Cover machine washable
Size: 76 x 42 x 12 cm (38 cm with arch)

Buy Now from Danish by Design


Newborn baby in a Cocoonababy baby nest in a cot

Cocoonababy Nest ($349)

The ergonomic Cocoonababy enables bubs to rest in an elongated semi-fetal position and adjust easier to life beyond the womb. It comes with a waterproof sheet and wide safety strap and a 20-degree incline to reduce newborn reflux.

One customer commented, “I’ve used the Cocoonababy previously and found it to be a saviour! Babies feel like they are sleeping in a big warm hug.”

Material: 100% PU foam, 100% cotton fitted sheet, 100% Tencel cover
Washability: Fitted sheet, tummy band & waterproof cover machine washable
Size: 69 x 40 x 19cm

Buy Now from The Stork Nest

Something Snug

Two babies looking at the camera in a Something Snug Baby nest bed

Something Snug Baby Lounger (from $189)

Made with a breathable mesh fabric that’s ultra-soft to the touch, the Something Snug baby lounger provides a portable and cosy space for your little one. With ten organic muslin covers to choose from, we loved that it is machine washable and eco-friendly.

“It’s so handy and versatile. Everything is of such great quality. The linen covers are so soft and easy to pop on and off. The colours are beautiful. Cannot fault this lounger, makes the best baby shower gift too!” said Grapeviner Mum Krystal.

Material: Pearl cotton inner fabric, Tencel outer layer, organic muslin cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 76 x 49cm

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Snuggle Me

Snuggle Me Baby Lounger in Teal with a baby sitting inside the baby nest

Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger (from $289)

Purpose-built for lounging, the outer shell is made with 100% organic cotton, a non-toxic and breathable material. They come in eight different colourways and feature unique contouring to support bub’s upper body as it grows.

One customer was very happy with their purchase and posted the comment, “The colours are beautiful and it hugs my little one perfectly.”

Material: Polyester fibre inner fabric, 100% organic cotton outer layer, organic cotton cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: 76.2 x 47 x 10 cm

Buy Now from Metro Baby

Harlow & Co Kids

A Harlow & Co Baby Lounger sitting under a baby activity gym

Harlow & Co Kids Baby Lounger ($199)

Providing the perfect space to relax or practice tummy time, this baby lounger is designed with a soft Tencel mesh fabric and created using 3D technology to ensure maximum airflow. With seven Linen covers available, we loved its simplistic modern aesthetic.

Material: Pearl cotton inner fabric, Tencel outer layer, 100% French flax linen cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable

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ClevaMama Mum2Mum sleep pod showing how the pillow can be used as a baby lounger AND as a maternity pillow.

Clevamama Mum2Me Maternity Pillow and Sleep Pod ($185)

The ultimate two-in-one, the Clevamama Mum4Me gives pregnant mammas full-body support where we need it most. Once bub is born it cleverly transforms into a snug sleep pod for babies. Made with 100% soft jersey cotton, it’s hypo-allergenic, breathable and machine washable.

One customer left the review, “The mattress felt well cushioned, and my daughter finds it comfy and it is easily washed if there are any accidents. One of the really good features is, that just by unzipping the zip; it can easily become a comfy cushion for during pregnancy!”

Material: ClevaFoam inner fabric, 100% soft jersey cotton cover
Washability: Cover & lounger machine washable
Size: ‎60 x 104 cm

Buy Now from Amazon

FAQs Your Questions Answered

What is a baby lounger?

A baby lounger is a soft, padded cushion or nest designed to create a comfortable and safe space for babies to relax, play, and explore their surroundings. It typically features a raised edge or bumper to prevent rollovers and a firm, supportive base to keep your baby’s head and spine aligned while they’re on their backs.

Are baby loungers safe for newborns?

Provided they are supervised and used correctly, baby nests are a safe place for newborns to hang out for short periods while awake. Medical authorities recommend babies sleep on a firm and flat surface, so stick to your approved cot, bassinet or co-sleeper for sleepytime.

Here are some additional safety points to keep in mind:

  • Choose a lounger that is the right size for your baby.
  • Make sure the lounger is firm and supportive.
  • Do not use a lounger on a soft surface, such as a bed or sofa.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in a lounger.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

How long do you use a lounger for?

Parents typically use baby nests throughout the newborn stage (0 – 3 months), however many brands sell nests in larger sizes that cater to older bubs and toddlers. Even once your babe stops using the nest at home, it comes in handy for rest time when travelling.

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Know a baby lounger to add to our list? Contact us and let us know, we’ve been curating Australia’s best baby products into helpful lists for over 15 years and we’re always happy to support new brands and businesses.

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