Slay the Savings: 24 Best Things to Buy after Christmas

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The post-Christmas sales can be overwhelming. After blowing the budget during the festive season it can be hard to decide what’s a ‘smart buy’ and what you should leave on the shelf. Luckily, our in-house savings gurus are here to tell you what to stock up on and where to find the best bargains.

1. Anything in a gift set

Scour your favourite cosmetics and perfume brands to fill your bathroom cupboards for the year. Many sets offer great value even before going on sale, so you’ll be making a decent saving. Or pack them away to use as birthday gifts – just ditch the Christmassy packaging.

2. Summer clothes

Grab those gift cards you got for Christmas and get shopping. High summer is when clothing is usually massively discounted. Buy kids’ clothes a couple of sizes up for next summer, too.

3. Food hampers

They’ll spoil before next Christmas so pre-packaged food hampers will usually be heavily reduced. Look for your fave yummy treats and stock your pantry.

4. Christmas cards & wrapping paper

You’ll give yourself a huge pat on the back next year if you have a set of cards and wrap ready to go, usually sold at half price this time of year.

5. Anything red

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away. Red is a key Christmas colour so there should be plenty of red paper, gift bags or gift sets you can stash away for your loved one and avoid paying the inflated prices in February.

6. Decorations

Pick out those detailed tree toppers and vintage-style baubles you’ve always wanted at massively reduced prices. Also, look for outdoor lights and garden decorations which can be expensive when you pay full price.

7. Bonbons

Grab the ‘luxe’ kind of bonbons that comes with decent gifts inside. They normally seem out of budget when you’re spending up prior to Christmas – but at half price, they sure beat silly paper hats and un-funny jokes.

8. Santa sacks & stockings

If your Christmas keeps getting bigger every year you might want to add to your sack and stocking collection. Or grab some to use as “baby’s first Christmas” gifts for new bubbas on the way next year.

9. Artificial Christmas trees

They’ll be on sale in most stores, but make sure you check ebay for trees, too. Sometimes people impulsively buy an artificial tree before Christmas and then realise they’ve got nowhere to store it, so they’ll be selling it cheap.

10. Boxes of chocolate

Christmas-themed chocolate will be the cheapest, as it will expire before next year’s festivities. But who cares about the packaging? They still taste delicious! Indulge in the Belgian kind.

11. Foot massagers

Grab these now for Mother’s Day!

12. Beach towels

It’s the perfect time to hit the beach, and most department stores will be offloading the masses of beach towels they are selling as gifts.

13. Games

There are usually deals to be had on PC and console games after Christmas, so if there’s a gamer in your family they’ll love this time of year.

14. Calendars

Retailers will be slashing the prices of next year’s calendars so they don’t get stuck with stock as the days tick by.

15. Bed linen and homewares

Larger stores often have big sales this time of year on linen and manchester. Start the new year with a fresh set of sheets!

16. Fancy kitchen knives

Who wouldn’t love a set of gleaming chef’s knives at a fraction of the price? Impress your dinner guests with your newfound culinary prowess (and budget-savvy shopping skills).

17. Pet gear and toys

Your furry friends deserve some post-Christmas cheer too! Stock up on discounted chew toys, comfy beds, and stylish leashes they can rock at the dog park.

18. Craft supplies

Unleash your inner artist with yarn deals galore, discounted paint sets, and enough glitter to make Liberace jealous

19. Kitchen gadgets and gizmos

Ever craved that spiralizer you saw on Tiktok? Post-Christmas is the time to snag it (and maybe a dozen other impulse buys) at a fraction of the cost.

20. Fitness equipment

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, many retailers will be offering discounts on fitness gear. Grab that yoga mat or set of weights to kickstart your healthier lifestyle.

21. Tech gadgets

Keep an eye out for post-Christmas tech sales. Whether it’s a new smartphone, laptop, or smart home devices, you might find some great deals as retailers clear out older models to make room for the latest technology.

22. Luggage sets

Planning a trip for the upcoming year? Snag discounted travel accessories like luggage, travel-sized toiletries, and neck pillows to make your future travels more convenient and enjoyable.

23. Winter sports gear

If you’re a fan of winter sports, now is the time to score deals on snowboards, ski equipment, and winter sports clothing. Plan ahead for your next snowy adventure.

24. Gardening tools

Dreaming of a lush garden in the spring? Take advantage of post-Christmas sales on gardening tools, fertilisers and equipment. Prepare for the planting season and fill the garage with everything you’ll need.

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Bonus tip: Remember, comparison shopping is key! Before snagging any bargain, check online and other stores to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Happy shopping!

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