Keeping Your Little One Safe: The Cordless Blind Solution

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Every nook and cranny of your child’s nursery and home should be a haven of safety, and that includes the window coverings. Traditional blinds with dangling cords might seem harmless, but they pose a serious threat to curious little hands and feet.

That’s where Carpet Court’s range of motorised cordless blinds ensures peace of mind for parents and a safer environment for our precious little ones.

The Hidden Danger of Corded Blinds

Those seemingly harmless cords can become a strangulation hazard for infants and toddlers. Kidsafe Australia reports that around 20 children under five years of age lose their lives each year due to cord entanglement, with over 70% of these incidents involving blind cords. These alarming statistics underscore the importance of taking proactive measures to safeguard our children.

Introducing Carpet Court’s motorised blinds


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Carpet Court’s range of innovative motorised blinds are both stylish and child-friendly.

Operated by remote control with either battery, timer or wifi integration, their motorised blinds eliminate the risk of cord entanglement, making it easy to adjust light and privacy in your children’s room without compromising their safety.

Enhancing Child Safety with Cordless Blinds

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While switching to cordless blinds is a significant step towards a safer home, it’s not the only precaution to take. The ACCC recommends, keeping children’s cots, beds, highchairs or playpens away from windows where children can reach blinds or curtains. And not to place sofas, chairs, tables, shelves or bookcases near windows with corded blinds or curtains.

And finally, accidental strangulation can happen very quickly, so never leave children alone in rooms where cords are unsecured, especially if you’re visiting someone’s home.

Visit Carpet Court’s website or showrooms and explore their huge range of motorised blinds and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is safe and sound in their playroom.


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