Gogglebox’s Isabelle Silbery Introduces Baby Ruby to Emmie

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Gogglebox star Emmie Silbery with her great granddaughter

With baby Ruby only a couple of weeks old, TV star Isabelle Silbery has been enjoying some well-deserved downtime. Not having posted since the birth announcement Isabelle returned to share the very special moment of Ruby being introduced to her great-grandmother Emmie for the first time.

Becoming an ultimate fan favourite on Gogglebox Australia, 94-year-old Emmie was instantly loved for her quick remarks and slightly devious humour. Isabelle shared at the beginning of her pregnancy about how her favourite part has been “telling Emmie over and over again, reliving the surprised smile on her face”. Earlier this year it was announced that Emmie would be leaving Gogglebox after being diagnosed with dementia.

Sharing the special occasion with her followers Isabelle posted some super sweet snaps of the first meeting as well as a video where she tells Emmie Ruby’s name to which Emmie replies; “Really? Oh, thank you, that’s lovely.” In her caption, she explains the significance of the name.

“My heart explodes 🥰🥹
Ruby was the name of Emmie’s Aunty who adopted her when she was orphaned at age of 9. She saved Emmie from the horrible orphanages back in those days and cared for her like she was her own daughter.

I hope our Ruby inherits generations of maternal resilience and Emmie’s cheeky sense of humour 😛”

Gogglebox’s Isabelle Silbery Welcomes Baby Girl Into The World

DECEMBER 8, 2023

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Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery with her newborn baby
One of Gogglebox Australia’s original stars, Isabelle Silbery has welcomed her first child with partner Alex Richards, a baby girl named Ruby Emily Richards.

The second time Mumma shared the news with her Instagram followers that baby Ruby made her entrance into the world writing:

The female body is truly incredible. My daughter is here and the experience was grounding and empowering.
embracejaclynw we trusted you and you held us 🩺🤍
ajrichards6 so honoured to see you become a besotted father

I’m hormonal and in a love bubble. More to come soon. Xx”

The name Ruby often carries connotations of warmth, energy and a vibrant personality with its association with the beautiful deep red-hued gemstone. Her middle name, Emily is derived from the Old High German name “Amalhildis,” where “amal” means “work” or “industrious,” and “hild” means “battle” or “striving.” The name is a consistently popular choice for baby girls, conveying a sense of timeless elegance and a strong, positive character.

Isabelle has been nothing but open and honest throughout her pregnancy, sharing the amazing and not-so-great moments that she has gone through.

Towards the end of September, Isabelle and Alex took a trip to the picturesque Whitsundays for their Babymoon. Sharing pictures of her wearing bikinis, sitting on the white sand and lounging together by the pool Isabelle wrote the caption:


Reading – sleeping – swimming – sex… all things to enjoy before life changes for a while 👶🏼”

In October, friends and family gathered together to celebrate Isabelle’s baby shower where a surprise visit had us all welling up.

“It’s been quite the pregnancy roller coaster but I couldn’t have done it without the support of my tribe. Bringing everyone together to celebrate baby Richards made my heart full 💜

The best part being mum surprising me with a visit from Emmie 🥹

Gosh this little girl inside me is going to be surrounded by amazing women who can’t wait to meet her!”

In the month leading up to the birth of her baby girl, Isabelle got extremely candid with her followers sharing that she had been diagnosed with Prenatal Depression.

“This pregnancy hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. I was diagnosed with #prenataldepression because I was just not feeling good about anything. I wasn’t excited, I felt constantly sick and I was in bed for weeks.
Finally I put up my hand and got help. Therapy + medication and supportive people around me.

Now I’m enjoying all the changes #pregnany brings and ready for the next chapter.

Let’s continue to be honest about stuff and not feel guilty that you’re a bad mum!”

Sharing her story with The Herald Sun, the reality TV star said “I’m getting the right therapy and medication, now I feel so different about it. I’m ready and positive and in the best head space, I can be for this phase.”

We wish nothing but love and well wishes to Isabelle and Alex as they set forth on the journey of having a newborn. We hope the days ahead are filled with countless precious moments. Congratulations to Isabelle and her growing family!

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Support Services

If you experiencing feelings of sadness please know there are plenty of support services available for you and your partner including …

  • Pregnancy, Birth & Baby – 1800 882 436
  • PANDA – 1300 726 306
  • Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636
  • ForWhen – 1300 224 636
  • Lifeline 13 11 14

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Lights, Camera, Baby: Gogglebox’s Isabelle Silbery is expecting

JUNE 7, 2023

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Gogglebox Australia star Isabelle Silbery holding an ultrasound photo

It might be time for a trip to the furniture store as the couch is about to get a whole lot cozier for Gogglebox Australia star Isabelle Silbery. The beloved and bubbly star is about to add a whole new dimension to her already fabulous life – she’s expecting her second baby.

Isabelle announced the news on her Instagram that she and husband Alex Richards are expecting their first child together, finding out right before the couple began their fertility journey with a specialist. In her caption, she wrote:

“It’s happening 👶🤍 Just days before our appointment with a fertility specialist, this little one decided that the time was right for us now and we couldn’t be happier!

I won’t lie, it’s been a rough start. I’m sick, sick of being sick, unable to do all my normal stuff & mentally exhausted. I do love my new boobs though!

My favourite part has been telling Emmie over and over again, reliving the surprised smile on her face 🥰

Even though eating fruit tingles and binging #oneborneveryminute is currently helping, I couldn’t do this without @ajrichards6 looking after us 💜”

Alex also posted the news to his Instagram, sharing that they are expecting their newest addition by the end of the year.

“Beyond excited 👶🏼🥰

Can’t wait to welcome this little one to the family just in time for Christmas! Best present ever.

@isabellesilbery pushing through the sickness like a champion ❤️

Goodbye golf… it was nice knowing you 😂


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A post shared by Alex Richards (@ajrichards6)

The reactions over the joyous news have come flooding in including love from fellow Gogglebox Australia stars Yvie Jones and Angie Kent, as well as new parents of two Sara Marie and Matty Fahd.

This is Izzy and Alex’s first baby together but Izzy’s second child as the reality star has a seven-year-old son, Alex from her previous relationship.

In November 2021, Izzy being her real, open and honest self, opened up to her followers sharing her experience with a miscarriage she had suffered.

“I was pregnant and then I wasn’t 💔 Miscarriage is so hard… and after experiencing it myself recently and hearing the stories of other women and couples, I realise how common it is. I feel that it’s clearly not spoken about openly enough.

It’s been a really rough time… the rollercoaster of getting my head around being a mother again and then suddenly having it taken away. I’m working my way through it and have had great support from my psychologist and my mates.

What’s also been challenging is simultaneously supporting myself but also Alex as we process our individual losses.

We shared our happy news openly with our friends and family early on and we don’t regret this because it’s enabled us to be so well supported as we get through this. I now understand all the amazing women who have been through this and my heart goes out to all of you… wherever you are 💜”

Alex and Izzy began dating at the beginning of 2020 and in no time at all were putting their new relationship to the true test as the world was hit by pandemic lockdowns and they decided to isolate together. Obviously, things worked out for the better as by July the couple were engaged.

In February 2022 the couple finally tied the knot in a stunning ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Posting to Instagram Izzy wrote:


It is only the beginning 🤍
#festivaloflove #izzyandalex”

The Silbery household is about to become an even merrier place, brimming with giggles, cuddles, and endless adorable moments that will surely leave us grinning from ear to ear. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new chapter, where Isabelle’s genuine and hilarious reactions will undoubtedly take on a whole new level of cuteness as she navigates the joys and challenges of being a Mum to not just one, but two little ones.

We wish the couple all the best as they take on this new adventure.

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  • SANDS Miscarriage, stillbirth & newborn death support – 1300 308 307
  • Pregnancy, Birth & Baby – 1800 882 436
  • Bears of Hope – 1300 114 673

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