5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford Is A Dad

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5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford and his newborn baby daughter Lua

The talented Australian guitarist, Michael Clifford, has joyfully embraced being a Dad as he and his wife, Crystal, celebrate the arrival of their precious little one, a beautiful baby girl named Lua Stevie Clifford.

The renowned 5 Seconds of Summer star couldn’t contain his excitement, opting to share the heartwarming news with their fans on Instagram. In a touching post, Michael and Crystal announced the sweet addition to their family, giving the world a glimpse into the sheer joy and love that Lua has already brought into their lives.

“the love of our life has arrived, meet Lua 🥹🥰🤍”

The name Lua is as enchanting as it sounds. Derived from various cultural and linguistic origins, Lua carries different meanings. In Portuguese, Lua means “moon,” infusing a sense of celestial beauty and mystique into the name. In Hawaiian, Lua signifies “hole” or “pit,” which can evoke notions of depth and significance.

Lua’s middle name Stevie is a name with a cool and timeless vibe that carries a meaning that resonates with strength and resilience. Originally derived from the name Stephen or Stephanie, Stevie has evolved into a unisex name. The name Stephanie being the feminine form of Stephen is of Greek origin and means “crown” or “garland,” symbolising honour and victory.

Throughout her pregnancy, Crystal made sure to share snippets here and there of her journey with fans on Instagram.

In June for Father’s Day in America, the 34-year-old shared an extremely sweet post dedicated to the then-dad-to-be writing:

“I didn’t think our love could get any bigger and yet here we are, growing by the minute. thank you for giving fathers day a whole new meaning 🤍”

In August the couple shared their gender reveal party where they found out with the rest of the family and friends that they were having a baby girl.

In the video shared to Instagram guests including some of Michael’s 5 Seconds of Summer bandmates took turns placing their guesses as to what baby Clifford’s gender would be. Then when it finally came time for the big reveal, cannons were set off around Michael and Crystal with plumes of coloured smoke (but not without a bit of a hiccup at first).

“for anyone who doesn’t have TikTok, here’s how it really went down 😂” Crystal wrote in a second video posted to Instagram showing what really happened behind the scenes of filming the reveal.

We are extraordinarily happy for the couple and just know that rockstar Michael is going to make the best Girl Dad ever. Congratulations to the lovebirds, we can’t wait to see little Lua at the next 5SOS concert!

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Guitar Solos to Lullabies: 5SOS’s Michael Clifford Shares Pregnancy News

JUNE 14, 2023

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5SOS's Michael Clifford and wife holding an ultrasound photo whilst cuddling

Our favourite guitar-strumming heartthrob, Michael Clifford of 5SOS, has just announced that he and his partner are expecting a little bundle of joy. That’s right, folks, the rockstar is about to embark on the wildest, most beautiful adventure of all – parenthood.

Michael Clifford announced the news on his Instagram that he and his wife Crystal Leigh Clifford are expecting their first child together. In his caption, he wrote:

“you’re already everything baby clifford 11/11/23”

Talking to People, Crystal shared some of the challenges they’ve faced, “We did have a small complication in the beginning, a subchorionic hematoma. It caused a lot of bleeding, which was absolutely terrifying. We raced to the doctor on Easter when it happened, but thankfully our baby was OK.”

After the hospital trip, Leigh was put on rest and medication, stating that Michael has been the biggest supporter throughout, feeling so confident in becoming a dad, feeling ready for a human child after 8 years of one-sided conversations with his favourite little pup.

Crystal also shared another set of images to her Instagram of her showing off her baby bump and the expecting parents looking loved up. In her caption, she thanks everyone for all the love and congratulations the pair have received since the announcement.

“I am currently two humans, two heartbeats, two souls! and becoming a better person every day because of this beautiful new life that exists inside of me – the MOST ALIVE I’ve ever felt, entirely honoured by this experience so far… and we’re only halfway there thank you for the outpouring of love around our announcement, we all truly FEEL it and appreciate it more than you know”

After dating for three years, Michael and Crystal got engaged in January 2019 with plans for a big Bali wedding, on their 5-year anniversary on January 11, 2021. When Covid hit, their plans were cancelled, but to preserve their special wedding date, they were secretly married with only their bridal party present (including our favourite 5SOS members!) in their backyard.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Michael wrote:

“couldn’t wait any longer to make her Mrs Clifford ❤️”

As special as their day was, they’ve said they saved many of their special moments for their big wedding day with family and friends. With their first child on the way, we wonder what their wedding plans are now.

With their signature style and undeniable charm, we have no doubt that Michael and Crystal will make some of the coolest parents around. What an incredibly exciting time in their lives and we’re wishing a safe and enjoyable pregnancy for them both. We will be eagerly awaiting news of their growing family and are wondering if a lullaby album will ever be in their future?

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