Q&A: What do I do if baby poos in the bath?

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Bath time with toddlers can two ways, a beautiful symphony of giggles and splashing… or a chaotic opera starring a surprise “present” in the tub. If you’ve ever found yourself staring down a “pollywaffle” floating in the warm suds, or a brown slick taking over the tub. You’re not alone. This badge of honour is shared by thousands of mums before us.

So, put down the rubber ducky (temporarily), pull on your big girl gloves, and let’s smash this bathtime doo-doo dilemma together. You’ve got this!

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Step 1: Scoop it out

Gently remove your baby from the bath. Wrap them in a fluffy hooded towel and place them somewhere safe, like a changing mat or bouncer while you deal with the tub.

Next, grab a disposable glove, scoop or cup (don’t use your hands!) and carefully remove any solid bits from the water. I have one of those cat litter scoops just for this occasion in the bathroom cupboard. You’ll want to avoid any lingering odours or plumbing issues by popping any solids in the toilet, not squished down the plug hole!

Step 2: Drain the tub

Then, drain the bathwater and give the tub a good scrub with warm soapy water. And if the thought of icky germs is freaking you out, you can use always use a diluted solution of water and white vinegar. Just remember to rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: Clean the baby

While the tub is air drying, it’s time to get the baby squeaky clean. Using warm water and a washcloth gently clean their body, paying special attention to any areas that might have come in contact with the poop. And use a mild baby wash if needed. Or better still, jump in the shower and wash that goop away.

Step 4: Decide if you need to bath baby again

This is where things get personal! If the poop wasn’t too messy and your baby seems happy, you might opt to refill the tub with clean water and continue bath time. But if the mess was significant or your baby seems unsettled, skip the bath for now and give them a sponge bath in the sink or a thorough wipe down with baby wipes.

Remember, your baby’s happiness is the priority!

Bonus tips:

MGV tip

  • Keep disposable gloves or a cup in your bathroom drawer for quick poo emergencies.
  • Consider using a bath liner to make cleanup easier if your little one is prone to this.
  • Don’t stress! It happens to everyone, and it’s not a reflection of your parenting skills.

Remember, you’re doing a great job! And hopefully, these tips will help you navigate future bathtime surprises with confidence and if nothing else, you’ll have a great story for their 21st.

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