Dry Defenders: 28 Reusable Breast Pads Mums Recommend

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Bubba Bump Organic Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads

If you’re navigating the breastfeeding world, you know how important it is to keep ‘the girls’ clean and dry. That’s where the trusty breast pad comes in handy, and its more sustainable version – the reusable breast pad.

Reusable breast pads are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable nursing pads. They are made from absorbent materials, such as cotton or bamboo, and can be washed and reused multiple times. The market offers a ton of options when it comes to washable pads, so how do you know which ones to choose?

We’ll be highlighting the features, benefits, and unique qualities of each set of pads, making it easy for you to choose the perfect washable breast pads for your needs.

Let’s jump in and explore the world of cloth nursing pads.

What to look for when buying nursing pads

woman holding a stack of reusable breast pads in two hands

Before you decide what to buy, you need to know what you can buy and why. We’ve answered some basic questions to help you understand what’s available, and what you might need.

Are they essential: No

How much do they cost: $5 to $55

How long will you use them: 3 months to 3 years

How many do you need: 3-5 sets

Would you purchase before baby arrives: Yes

Available accessories: Washing bag

Ask yourself before hitting the shops

  • Do they contour to your breast shape?
  • Is there a seam that could be uncomfortable?
  • Are they made from breathable material?
  • Is the fabric colourfast?
  • Will the pattern show through clothing?
  • Can they go in the washing machine and dryer?
  • Can they be used with nipple cream?
  • Does the fabric wick away moisture from the skin?

MGV tip


Grapeviner mums recommend using two sets of nursing pads at night for extra absorption and leak protection, especially if you’re a tummy sleeper.


28 Reusable Breast Pads Mums Recommend

With over 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you in finding the perfect set of breast pads you can wash and reuse.

Below, you’ll find 28 of the most popular reusable breast pad brands recommended by the mums from our Grapeviner community, listed in no particular order.

My Little Gumnut

My Little Gumnut Reusable Breast Pads

My Little Gumnut Pads (from $7.99)

My Little Gumnut’s ultra-comfy pads feature three protective layers: soft bamboo, absorbent microfiber and antibacterial bamboo for freshness. And we loved that they came with a handy washing bag.

One customer left the review: “Great quality material that washes really well and love they are reusable, without the worry of running out. Pads are thicker, super absorbent and soft to wear during the night.”

Material: Bamboo
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 1, 3, 5, 10

Buy Now from My Little Gumnut

Bare & Boho

Bare & Boho Reusable Nursing Pads

Bare & Boho Nursing Pads ($24)

Made with post-consumer recycled polyester, Bare & Boho nursing pads assist in soothing sore and cracked nipples, and work well with nipple balm. The included mesh wash bag was very handed when we washed the pads in the machine.

“Bought these recently and was impressed by the size, absorbency and softness of the breast pads. Great patterns too!” said one customer online.

Material: Bamboo-cotton fleece and polyester
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 3

Buy Now from Bare & Boho


Pouchie Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Pouchie Bamboo Pads ($32.95)

These eco-friendly breast pads provide exceptional absorbency and leak protection, ensuring you stay dry and confident throughout the day. Their moulded shape seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering the best of both worlds for breastfeeding mums.

Material: Bamboo Terry
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 3

Buy Now from Pouchie

Bubba Bump

Bubba Bump sunflower breastpads reusable in a scattered pile

Bubba Bump Organic Bamboo Pads (from $39.99)

Made with love and organic bamboo, Bubba Bump reusable breast pads provide comfort and protection with just three layers. Super-absorbent bamboo, a waterproof shield and a breathable outer layer – these soft pads kept us dry and confident throughout the day.

“Very comfortable and provides good absorption. The bamboo fabric is high quality and washes well. I love the range of pretty patterns.” said one happy customer.

Material: Bamboo, Waterproof PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 14, 28

Buy Now from Bubba Bump


Bundl Wool Nursing Pads

Bundl Wool Pads ($34.90)

These Aussie-made pads are hand-sewn with Certified Organic Cotton and Australian Wool. Using zero-waste offcuts, the wool is a natural fibre that is both absorbent and comfortable helping to promote healing from things like blocked ducts or mastitis.

A reviewer wrote, “More absorbent than I expected. Very soft against tender nipples. Keeps breasts warm and cozy. Very happy.”

Material: Certified Organic Cotton, Pure 100% Australian Wool
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 2

Buy Now from Bundl


EcoNaps reusable breast pads

EcoNaps Bamboo Pads ($54.95)

Specially designed to pamper your sensitive nipples, these pads are made with a luxurious blend of silky bamboo and organic cotton velour, ensuring a gentle and soothing touch against our skin.

One customer commented, “These feel very comfortable on and you don’t have to worry about them sticking in half when you’re trying to feed”

Material: Bamboo Velour, Bamboo Viscose, Polyester
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 3

Buy Now from EcoNaps


A woman using the Snazzipants reusable nursing pad

Snazzipants Washable Breast Pads ($19.95)

These pads not have only an absorbent middle layer but a waterproof outer layer that lets your skin breathe. Made with bamboo, they’re naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic while also helping to keep our skin dry and comfortable.

One customer was very happy with their purchase and posted the comment, “These are the perfect size, soft and comfy and most importantly very absorbent. I highly recommend!”

Material: Bamboo, Microfiber, Waterproof PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 4

Buy Now from Brolly Sheets

New Beginnings Maternity

New Beginnings Maternity Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads

New Beginnings Maternity Bamboo Pads ($22.95)

These absorbent pads with a bamboo core and triple-layer shield effectively absorb leaks and keep us dry. The incredibly soft microfiber outer layer provided extra comfort too.

One happy customer said, “This type of nursing pad makes my life a little easier just by being able to wash and reuse them, rather than constantly buying cheap disposable ones. Highly recommend.”

Material: Bamboo, Cotton, Polyester
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 8

Buy Now from New Beginnings Maternity


Grubbee Reusable Nursing Pads

Grubbee Nursing Pads (from $8.95)

Not only do these pads come in fun and stylish patterns, but they’re also machine washable for easy cleaning. The double bamboo towelling and waterproof lining work together and provided maximum absorbency and comfort.

Material: Bamboo
Layers: 2
Pairs per Pack: 1, 3, 5

Buy Now from Grubbee

Bare Love

Bare Love Reusable Nursing Pads

Bare Love Pads ($42.95)

Perfect for preventing leaks and keeping you dry and comfortable, these pads have a soft bamboo fibre lining, two layers of microfiber inside and a water-resistant PUL outer layer.

One customer left the review “I turned out sensitive to the disposable nursing pads… These are soft, really nice to wear and saved my breastfeeding journey!”

Material: Bamboo Fibre, Microfiber, Water-Resistant PUL
Layers: 4
Pairs per Pack: 5

Buy Now from Etsy

Mimi & Co

Mimi & Co Reusable Nursing Pads

Mimi & Co Pads (from $12.99)

An eco-friendly alternative, Mimi & Co. pads provide excellent protection and keep your breasts dry and comfortable during breastfeeding. They are also safe for the environment and are a great choice for Mummas.

“In love with these. They are so absorbent and a money saver. I have tried others and these ones work perfectly! So soft and comfortable and they don’t leak.” said one customer online.

Material: TPU, Bamboo Velour
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 1, 4, 6, 10+

Buy Now from Mimi & Co

Baby Beehinds

Baby Beehinds Reusable Breast Pads

Baby Beehinds Pads ($9.95)

Made with premium, sustainably sourced materials, including a waterproof PUL outer layer to keep you dry and Coolmax micro fleece soft sensitive skin, these pads discreetly fit perfectly to the contours of your body for all-day comfort.

One reviewer said, “I have been really impressed with how absorbent these breast pads are. I have an oversupply of milk and none of the disposable brands have kept up with my needs. These pads are so soft and hold a surprising amount of fluid. No leaks yet for this milky mumma!”

Material: Waterproof PUL, Coolmax Microfleece, Bamboo/Cotton
Layers: 2
Pairs per Pack: 1

Buy Now from Baby Beehinds

Nature’s Child

Natures Child reusable breast pads

Nature’s Child Cotton Pads (from $16.10)

These organic cotton pads are designed to provide comfort and absorbency. The soft jersey cotton upper layer fitted snugly in our bra, while the thick cotton layer absorbed any leaks, protecting our clothes from unexpected milk spills.

One mum made the comment, “These are so easy to use and save a lot of money and unnecessary waste. Soft, comfortable and they work!”

Material: Jersey Cotton, 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Layers: 2
Pairs per Pack: 6

Buy Now from Nature's Child


A woman using the Hotmilk Lingerie bamboo reusable nursing pad and the colour that the pads come in

Hotmilk Bamboo Nursing Pads ($34.95)

These eco-friendly flower-shaped nursing pads made from thermo-regulating bamboo are soft and gentle on the skin, making them perfect for sensitive areas. The pack also includes two double-layer pads for added absorbency during the night.

“These are super soft and seem to soak up lots without feeling heavy and full of liquid.” said one happy customer.

Material: Bamboo, Cotton, Polyester, Polyester with PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 8

Buy Now from Hotmilk Lingerie

Queen Bee

QueenBee Contoured Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

QueenBee Contoured Bamboo Pads ($24.95)

Sliding effortlessly into your bra with their contoured shape, these pads feature a soft bamboo layer against your skin, an ultra-absorbent microfiber core and a waterproof TPU outer layer, bringing you comfort and keeping your clothes dry.

A reviewer wrote, “I’ve been using these pads for two consecutive years. They’re still going strong.”

Material: Bamboo Terry, Microfibre, Polyester, TPU
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 3

Buy Now from Queen Bee

Bare Mum

Bare Mum Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads Reusable

Bare Mum Ultra Absorbent Pads ($38.90)

Offering eight hours of protection and holding 30ml of breast milk, these pads contain a quick-dry, antibacterial inner layer to combat moisture, while the anti-slip exterior keeps things in place.

One customer commented, “These nursing pads are absorbent, easy to wash and effectively do what they are supposed to do. I initially bought one pair to “try them out” and then came back for another two pairs! Highly recommend.”

Material: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Microfibre, Elastane
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 2

Buy Now from Bare Mum

Zoe & Sage

Three piles of Zoe and Sage washable nursing pads in different designs

Zoe & Sage Organic Bamboo Pads ($24)

Featuring a bamboo layer for softness, microfiber for absorption and a breathable PUL layer to shut down leaks these pads are not only moisture-wicking but also antibacterial.

Material: Bamboo, Polyester Microfiber, Waterproof PU
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 4Buy Now from Zoe & Sage

Pea Pods

two packets of Pea Pods washable nursingn pads in wattle and eucalypt

Pea Pods Bamboo Pads ($19.95)

Thanks to the ultra-absorbent bamboo and a waterproof outer layer Pea Pods pads are a gem at keeping things dry. Plus you can toss them in the wash with half-strength powder making them easy to clean to be reused again.

One customer was very happy and posted the comment, “I love them. They’re so comfy and soft, that I mostly forget that I’m even wearing them! They’re so much more comfy, less damp feeling and sticky than disposables.”

Material: Bamboo
Layers: 2
Pairs per Pack: 6


Buy Now from Pea Pods

Milky Goodness

Milky Goodness Reusable Breast Pads

Milky Goodness Pads (from $7.50)

Discreet and ultra-absorbent, these pads have a super soft bamboo inner layer, an absorbent fabric middle layer and a waterproof cotton outer layer, making them reliable and protective from milk leakage.

“These are my favourites so soft and comfortable.” Said one happy customer.

Material: Bamboo, Absorbent Fabric, Waterproof Cotton
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 1, 3

Buy Now from Milky Goodness

Super Boober

Super Boober Reusable Breast Pads

Super Boober Reusable Pads (from $7)

These pads are not just super soft and absorbent but also eco-friendly, sporting various designs for that extra flair. Easy to care for, slim and discreet in your bra, they’re also economical and built to last.

One customer left the review “I love my reusable breast pads! They are a great size, very comfortable, and very absorbent. oh… and the designs are so fun!”

Material: Bamboo, Microfibre, Waterproof PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 1, 5, 10, 20

Buy Now from Super Boober


Purebaby Nursing Pads Pack

Purebaby Pads ($19.95)

Designed for a barely-there feel, these certified 100% Organic Cotton pads hug the curves of your breasts for a perfect fit, ensuring a soft and breathable touch.

“Tried a bunch of brands but this is the most comfortable pad I’ve owned. Never had a leak. The shape also makes it easy to slip in and out your nursing bra.” said one customer online.

Material: 100% Certified Organic Cotton, Polyurethane
Layers: 1
Pairs per Pack: 4

Buy Now from Purebaby

Eco Baby Planet

Eco Baby Planet Reusable Breast Pads

Eco Baby Planet Pads ($39.95)

Slim, soft and absorbent these pads boast two layers of antibacterial bamboo for top-notch absorption and breathability, as well as an outer waterproof layer and organic cotton top layer, to keep things dry and comfortable.

One reviewer commented, “Just received these and they have exceeded my expectations. Much bigger and better made than I could have hoped! I took a gamble on reusable for the first time and I am not disappointed!”

Material: Bamboo, Waterproof Laminate
Layers: 4
Pairs per Pack: 12

Buy Now from Etsy


Organature Organic Cotton Washable Breast Pads

Organature Organic Cotton Pads ($5)

Crafted from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, these pads are soft, breathable and free from harmful chemicals. Naturally gentle on sensitive areas, these pads can be washed and reused, making them versatile and sustainable.

Material: Organic Cotton
Layers: 2
Pairs per Pack: 2

Buy Now from Organature


Lactivate Reusable Night Nursing Pads

Lactivate Reusable Night Pads ($19.95)

Armed with a four-layer defence against spills, these pads have a silky bamboo layer, a super absorbent double microfiber layer and an outer leak-proof TPU layer that keeps all leaks at bay.

One mum made the comment “These reusable breast pads are amazing. I love how they cover a big surface and I can wash and reuse.”

Material: Bamboo, Microfibre, TPU
Layers: 4
Pairs per Pack: 2Buy Now from Organature


Baby Bare

Baby Bare Breast Pads

Baby Bare Pads (from $5)

With two layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece and one layer of bamboo velour, these pads are super absorbent. The white PUL backing also keeps them discreet under clothes as well as waterproofing against leaks.

A reviewer wrote, “I have a massive let down and couldn’t imagine using disposable nursing pads (I’d regularly drench through to my clothes. These pads are so convenient, well absorbed, environmentally friendly, and I really love them”

Material: Bamboo Velour, Bamboo Fleece, PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 1, 3

Buy Now from Baby Bare

Bamboo Basix

Bamboo Basix Breast Pads

Bamboo Basix Pads ($32.95)

The bamboo pads are not only soft, absorbent and waterproof but they’re also machine washable for easy cleaning.

One customer commented, “I just wanted to say I was sceptical that they would keep up with my hyper-lactation and 9 days in they are doing way better than disposables. Zero leaks from them and they feel nice on my boobs”

Material: Bamboo Rayon, Microfibre, Waterproof PUL
Layers: 3
Pairs per Pack: 7

Buy Now from Bamboo Basix

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Know a reusable breast pad brand to add to our list? Contact us and let us know, we’ve been curating Australia’s best baby products into helpful lists for over 16 years and we’re always happy to support new brands and businesses.

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