Nibble Nooks: 15 Kids Bento Boxes Mums Recommend

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Best kids bento boxes

A kids bento box is a fab investment for fussy eaters who like to keep foods separate for lunch.

The itty-bitty compartments make packing nude-food lunches a breeze and keep different foods in place throughout the day. Thanks to leakproof lids, the options with a bento lunch box are endless. Pair mini sandwiches with yoghurt, or fruit and veg with crackers and dip – the only limit is what the little sprouts will eat.

Bento lunch boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes so we’ve listed the main points to look for when buying a one plus a list of favourites available right here in Australia.

So, grab hold of your samurai, tie on your kimono, and let’s dive in.

Tips for buying a kids bento lunch box

  • Is it easy for little hands to open (and close!)?
  • Does the size match their appetite?
  • Will it fit inside their backpack?
  • Does it have flexible dividers to customise sizes?
  • Does it come with extras like ice packs or dip pots?
  • Is it a unique enough design so they can identify their lunch box easily?
  • Is it easy to clean and can all the components go in the dishwasher?
  • Is it leak-proof for liquids or just wet foods?
  • Are all the sections leak-proof or just one or two?

MGV tip

Hand-wash your bento boxes instead of washing them in a dishwasher to preserve the silicone seal components for longer.


15 Kids’ Bento Boxes Mums Recommend

As baby product experts with 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect bento box your kids can open and close.

Below, you’ll find 15 of the best bento boxes recommended by the mums from our Grapeviner community, listed in no particular order.

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box Bento Box on a pink background

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box Leakproof Lunch Box ($79.95)

This lunchbox is made from strong, safe stainless steel and won’t leak. It has a removable silicone seal that keeps messy foods like sauces in their place. It even comes with a separate snack container and a little dipping pot for treats! Best of all, it’s super easy to clean – just take out the seal and pop everything in the dishwasher.

One customer left the review: “Our daughter loves her new lunchbox and we’re very happy that it’s no plastic and leakproof. A win for everyone!”

Size: 25.5cm x 18.8cm x 5cm
Inclusions: Snack pot, dip pot
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, without silicone seal
Personalisation: No

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Tinyme Bento Box open and filled with food on a marble background

Tinyme Large Personalised Bento Box ($55)

These lunch boxes are safe for kids and can be personalised with their name and favourite design. They have removable dividers and we could make different sized sections depending on the lunch that day. They’re great for both school and home and made lunchtime way more fun!

“Love our new personalised lunchbox. Beautiful fun designs that my little girl loves and great spaces for all her snacks.” said one customer online.

Size: 22.6cm x 17.4cm x 5cm
Inclusions: Removeable divider
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: Yes

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Mapley bento boxes in different colours surrounded by food and other cutlery and containers

Mapley Silicone Bento Boxes (from $36)

Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, Mapley bento boxes are made from 100% non-toxic food-grade silicone. Soft to the touch and easy to open, they’re lightweight, leakproof and smash-proof if dropped. The option to personalise is a handy feature.

One reviewer said, “I had this lunchbox personalised for my daughter and it looks fantastic. I like that it doesn’t leak, holds quite a lot of food and is easily cleaned. Would recommend.”

Size: 18.5cm x 13.5cm x 6cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: Yes

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Penny Scallan

Two Penny Scallan bento boxes in large and medium sizes

Penny Scallan Kids Bento Boxes (from $39.95)

Long-lasting, useful, and fun for kids, Penny Scallan bentos come in either four or six sections. They also have a silicone seal to keep food from leaking. Safe for littlies, these boxes are BPA-free and phthalate-free and can be washed on the top shelf of your dishwasher. We found the big, easy-to-open clips to be perfect for little hands.

One mum commented “Large size is great to add a large variety of foods. Highly recommended as the box is really good opening and closing.”

Size: Large – 18.5cm x 22.8cm x 5cm, Mid – 18.2cm x 14.8cm x 5cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: No

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Yumbox Bento Box

Yumbox Lunchbox ($44.95)

Designed with dietary guidelines in mind, Yumbox Lunchboxes are made from BPA-free food-safe materials with a tight silicone seal so you can pack yoghurt and dips without leaks. We love that the compartment helpers so mums pack the correct portion sizes.

“So worth every penny spent on this to pack once for the day, help me think of a variety of foods and reduce food waste! I love my Yumbox!” said one happy customer.

Size: 21.5cm x 15.5cm x 5cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: No

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MontiiCo Lunch Boxes (from $31.95)

The ultimate solution for fussy eaters with its leakproof compartments, this bento box keeps food separate and spill-free. Ideal for kindy and big kids school, it’s hassle-free and with optional Silicone Bento Cups, cleanup is a breeze.

A reviewer wrote “We just love this lunchbox. My son is eating more healthy foods and loves eating from the lunchbox at home too as well as out.”

Size: 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Personalisation: No

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Four Gobe snack spinners showing different colours and snack ideas

GoBe Snack Spinner Lunchbox ($79.95)

Designed for maximum fun, this lunchbox features a unique design with a carrying handle, bento compartment and snack spinner combo all in one convenient package. Keep lunches fresh, organised and exciting with five compartments for a variety of tasty treats.

One customer commented, “Such an amazing lunchbox. A great way to encourage kids to each their lunch and no matter what I put it in, the kids think it’s fancy!”

Size: 28cm x 16.7cm x 5.7cm
Dishwasher Safe: Spinner pieces yes, shell hand wash
Personalisation: No

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Boxi Bento Boxes

Boxi Cool Lunch Bento Box ($64.95)

BPA-free and dishwasher safe, the Boxi keeps food cool for up to six hours thanks to the removable ice pane which sits under the food tray. We love that you can remove the adjustable divider to fit an uncut sandwich and the convenient carry handle.

One customer was very happy with their purchase and posted the comment, “I am so impressed with this lunchbox. It is convenient, each section has a good amount of space and it is durable. It is easy for my son to open and close.”

Size: 24cm x 20cm x 7cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: No

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Bibo Bubs

young girl eating from a Bibo Bubs bento box

Bibo Bubs Silicone Bento Lunchbox ($36.95)

Crafted from premium BPA-free silicone, these boxes maintain a pristine appearance wash after wash and are scratch, leak and stain-free. The airtight, leak-proof silicone lid ensures worry-free packing, making it the perfect weight for little hands to carry effortlessly.

“We have bento boxes before but nothing like this. I Love this lunchbox for my little man. Would recommend it to anyone!” Said one happy customer.

Size: 18.5cm x 13.5cm x 6cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Personalisation: No

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A woman's hand holding a fork above the Apollo Jupiter Bento Box

Apollo Jupiter Bento Box ($57.95)

Discover the joy of hassle-free and nutritious lunches with the Jupiter bento box from Apollo. Designed to encourage the exploration of a variety of healthy, balanced foods this bento box features four leakproof sealed compartments, removable dividers and a kid-friendly latch for easy opening. small divider, big divider and spork

Size: 22.5 x 16.5 x 7 cm
Inclusions: Spork
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: No

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Munchbox Maxi6 Bento Box ($46.95)

Crafted for little ones with a sturdy, child-friendly design in vibrant colours, this bento box is ideal for grazers and perfect for encouraging varied, balanced meals. The removable tray ensures proportional serving and a clever silicone seal system keeps food fresh and separate, making packing a breeze for parents.

One customer left the review “When it comes to lunch, Munchbox has got everything covered, with the best lunchboxes we have discovered yet. They encourage a healthy variety of foods and have a wide range of accessories to make food fun and exciting.”

Size: 22cm x 16cm x 6cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, top shelf
Personalisation: No

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