16 Nap Mats (That Go to Daycare)

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Two children laying in the Morgy + Wills Daycare Nap Mat

It’s no secret that toddlers are energiser bunnies of a whole other league. But tiny tackers get tuckered out fast, which is why we love Nap Mats for a quick snooze when bodies need to recharge.

Portable and compact, nap mats make a brilliant sleep solution for daycare, sleepovers and family travel. Both a padded mat and blanket in one handy bundle, they’re perfectly sized for little bodies. Some even feature built-in toddler pillows, giving little heads a soft place to rest between adventures.

To help you find a smart and practical nap mat, we’ve compiled this list of fab designer brands available right here in Australia to get you, and your little dino-snorous started in your search.

Tips for Buying a Nap Mat

  • Is it comfortable for your little one to snuggle up on?
  • Is it machine washable, and can go in a tumble drier?
  • Can the nap mat be easily rolled up and carried easily?
  • Is it lightweight enough for a child to carry?
  • Does it come with a built-in pillow or blanket?
  • Is it a spot to write a name?
  • Is it compliant with your childcare centre?

MGV tip


Practice using the nap mat at home first so your little one can get comfortable with the space as a place they can take a comfortable nap when at daycare.


16 Nap Mats Mums Recommend

As baby product experts with 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect mat for your little one’s rest time at daycare.

Below, you’ll find 16 of the best nap mats recommended by the mums from our Grapeviner community, listed in no particular order.

Morgy + Wills

The Morgy + Wills Nap Mat laid out on the floor with books, a child's toy and shoes surrounding it

Morgy + Wills Cotton Nap Mats ($114.95)

The Morgy + Wills Kids Nap Mat, made from 100% cotton, provides a vibrant and cosy sleep solution for your child during nap time. Featuring a soft mattress, pillow and attached blanket, it offers all-in-one convenience with an easy velcro closure for effortless rolling up.

Sharing their thoughts, this Mum wrote, “I bought 2 of these for my 2 and 5 yr old and they love them! I initially bought them thinking they would be good for Kindy (which they are) but my boys use them often at home either playing “camping” or even just watching tv. Highly recommend!!”

Material: 100% cotton fabric
Size: 150cm x 53cm
Washablity: Cold machine wash & dry flat in shade

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Monarch Store

A little girl laying in the Monarch Store Daycare Nap Mats in two different designs

Monarch Store Toddler Nap Sacks ($69.95)

Designed for the ultimate comfort for your little one to rest their head, these nap sacks are Minky soft and come with a snap-off spill-resistant pillow. We loved the convenient water-resistant carry bag that can be worn as a backpack and doubles as a wet bag.

Material: Soft mink & 100% polyester stuffing
Size: 135cm x 70cm
Washablity: Low heat machine & dryer safe

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The Kinnder Daycare Nap Mats in two different designs

Kinnder Slumber Nap Mats (from $109.95)

Featuring a quilted base for enhanced comfort, a lightly stuffed top and a removable pillow, this lightweight nap mat is an ideal choice for resting at daycare. The corners are equipped with elastics to provide additional security, and it conveniently rolls up for easy portability.

Material: 100% cotton & polyester filling
Size: 136cm x 56cm
Washablity: Gentle machine wash & line dry

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Rely + Bear

The Rely and Bear Daycare Nap Mats in two different designs

Rely + Bear Toddler Mats ($110)

An all-in-one sleep solution for little ones on the go, Rely + Bear Toddler Mats include a removable built-in pillow, soft sleep pad and cosy blanket. We love that it comes with a carry handle and a useful drawstring dustbag for simple storage.

One customer left the review, “My daughter has started napping at daycare again since having her beautiful new nap mat!”

Material: 100% cotton outer layer, mink polyester inner blanket & polyester filling
Size: 135cm x 53cm
Washablity: Gentle machine wash & line dry

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Once A Dreamer

Two designs of the Once a Dreamer Nap Mats

Once A Dreamer Kids Nap Mat/Sleeping Bag ($75)

Proudly Aboriginal and family-owned, Once A Dreamer kid nap mats are made from a super soft blend of polyester and cotton materials perfect for your little one’s slumber. Lightweight and portable, each beautifully designed mat is easy to pack and fits perfectly in a backpack.

Material: Polyester & cotton blend
Size: 83.82cm x 53.34cm
Washablity: Cold water wash separately & line dry

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Swaggies Daycare Nap Mats

Swaggies Daycare Bed Mats (from $69)

Suitable for tots ages two to four years, Swaggies Daycare Bed Mats are specifically designed to attach to daycare stretcher beds with elastic straps. We love that they come with a comfy pillow and a handy storage pocket for little treasures.

A pleased Mum wrote, “Amazing design. A blanket and sheet in one but also soo compact. My baby girl loves rolling it up and carrying it into daycare, and the design is soo pretty!”

Material: Lightly padded base, fleece blanket & elastic straps
Size: 135cm x 56cm & 130cm x 56cm
Washablity: Normal machine wash

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Baby Boom

Baby Boom Funhouse Nap Mat

Baby Boom Kids’ Nap Pad ($61.70)

Fitted with a useful carry handle, the fun and functional Baby Boom Kids’ Nap Pad comes with a quilted pad, warm blanket and soft pillow. We love that it rolls up into a sweet little swag and secures with Velcro tabs.

One customer was very happy with their purchase and posted the comment, “Great quality perfect for daycare & my 2-year-old!”

Material: 100% polyester mat & 100% coral plush attached blanket
Size: 116.84cm x 53.34cm
Washablity: Normal machine wash

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Jam Berry

Nap Mats | Mum's Grapevine

Jam Berry Floor Mat Sleep Set ($119.95)

Crafted from 100% cotton, Jam Berry sets include a top and bottom sheet, fleece blanket, a pillow and zip-off cover. We love that they come with a drawstring bag and name label to avoid lost property!

“Love this floor mat set and the toddler’s bed set. Bought one pink set for daycare and then I had to buy a second one for the toddler bed at home because my daughter loved it so much. The blanket is soft, and the bedsheet/oversheet is a smart design so her sheets stay on the bed and not the floor. Handy set with the bag for bringing on holidays for the cot as well.” said one happy customer.

Material: 100% cotton
Size: 130cm x 60cm
Washablity: Machine washable & warm tumble-dry

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Studio Play

Nap Mats | Mum's Grapevine

Studio Play Stretcher and Mat Blankets ($29.95)

Made using brushed coral fleece or pure waffle cotton, Studio Play Stretcher and Mat Blankets come in fun kid-approved colours and measure up to 124cm x 89cm. We love how soft, warm and durable these are. (Blanket only.)

Material: Content cotton/polyester woven & brushed polyester fleece
Size: Sheets – 133cm x 66cm (fitted) 121cm x 88cm (flat) | Blanket – 124cm x 86cm
Washablity: Gentle machine wash

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A young girl laying on a Disney Minnie Mouse Nap Mat

Disney Padded Nap Mat for Toddlers ($51.56)

For all the mini Disney lovers in your household who are about to start childcare, this Disney-themed nap mat is the perfect place for them to snuggle up into. Featuring an attached standard-sized pillow case, we found that it is super easy for little ones to fold and carry.

A satisfied customer wrote, “Super soft & plenty of room for my toddler!”

Material: 100% polyester
Size: 157.48cm x 66.04cm
Washablity: Cold & gentle machine wash & tumble dry

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Know a napy mat for daycare we could add to our list? Contact us and let us know, we’ve been curating Australia’s best baby products into helpful lists for over 15 years and we’re always happy to support new brands and businesses.

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