Q&A: How can I repurpose a baby bath once it’s no longer needed?

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So, your bub has outgrown their baby bath, but before you think about sending it off to the baby gear retirement home, hold up. It turns out there may be a way for you to save it.

Our last bubba has officially outgrown the baby bath we have been using. It wasn’t exactly cheap, so I was wondering if anyone has even repurposed their baby bath?
– Fiona Spring 2022 baby group

Repurposing your baby bath can be a great way to extend its usefulness once your little one no longer fits. While bath time has been a cherished ritual for you and your baby, finding a new purpose for the baby bath can keep it from gathering dust in storage.

Unsure of how to transform your baby bath into something practical or fun? Let’s dive into the world of baby bath upcycling.

Mini Garden Oasis

A baby bath that has been repurposed into a planter for the garden

Turn that bath into a charming little garden haven. Fill it with soil, add some plants, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a mini herb or flower garden. It’s like giving that old bath a green thumbs-up. (via Hobby Farms)

Comfy Reading Nook

Make storytime extra special by turning the baby bath into a comfy reading nook for your little ones. Fill it with cushions and their favourite books – it’s like creating a bookish oasis.

Bath Time for Fido

A dog being washing in a repurposed baby bath tub

Who says baby baths are only for human babies? Give your furry friend a spa day by transforming the bath into a doggie wash station. Your pup will be wagging its tail in gratitude!

Toy Treasure Chest

Baby outgrew the bath, but that doesn’t mean they’ve outgrown toys. Use the tub to corral their toys, and give their toys a cozy new home, complete with a built-in splash zone.

Sensory Play Station

An old baby bath repurposed as a sand pit

Convert your old baby bath into a sensory play station for your little ones. Fill it with materials like water beads, coloured rice or sand for tactile exploration and imaginative play. It’s a great way to engage your child’s senses and promote sensory development. (via Pinterest)

Crafty Corner

Unleash your DIY goddess by turning the bath into an arts and crafts station for your older kiddos. Fill it with supplies like markers, paints, and paper, and watch their creativity bloom.

Outdoor Party Cooler

An old mini bath repurposed into a drinks cooler

Planning a backyard bash? Transform that bath into an outdoor cooler, perfect for chilling drinks and snacks. It’s like giving your old baby bath a new party personality.

Pet Paradise

Got a pet that needs a cosy hideaway? Transform the bath into a snug sleeping spot for your feline or small furry friend. Giving them a five-star hotel experience.

Magical Fairy Garden

A fairy garden put together in a repurposed baby bath tub

Calling all fairy fans! Convert the bath into an enchanting fairy garden with tiny plants, mini decorations and a sprinkle of imagination. And create a whimsical world right in your backyard. (via Hello Wonderful)

Just Keep Swimming

Transform your baby bath into an enchanting outdoor aquarium by following these instructions by DIY Joy, who with some concrete, a pair of old gloves and paint transformed her little one’s tub into a magnificent fish wonderland.

Remember, upcycling is all about getting creative and giving old things a fresh lease on life. Your baby bath has been a faithful companion, and now it’s time to let its versatility shine in its new roles. So, as you repurpose that baby bath, you’re not just upcycling, you’re giving it a chance to continue its journey in style.

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