Birth Story: ‘It took us 7 years to fall pregnant with IVF’

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Melissa with her husband and newborn.

After tying the knot in 2014, Melissa and Chris were excited to expand their family.

But despite trying for a baby right away, it would take seven long years before they finally fell pregnant. A member of the Mum’s Grapevine Winter 2021 Due Date group, Melissa shares her incredible birth story of her much-loved son, Theodore.

“The initial years saw a dance between hope and disappointment, with our desire for a child growing stronger. In 2019, we decided to explore assisted fertility, diving headfirst into the world of IVF. Our IVF journey tested our resilience through injections, clinic visits, and emotional highs and lows,” Melissa says.

“We fell pregnant in November 2020 after almost seven years of trying. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of our son in July 2021.

A high-risk pregnancy

Melissa holds up a onesie for her pregnancy announcement

“Navigating the path of pregnancy with the added complexity of Type 1 diabetes brought forth a set of unique challenges during the pregnancy. Our journey through a high-risk pregnancy was not without its share of hurdles, requiring meticulous attention and specialised care.

“I had regular visits to the diabetes pregnancy clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (in Sydney). The importance of managing blood sugar levels gained paramount importance, and the healthcare professionals guided us through the intricacies of a high-risk pregnancy. Amidst the stress and anxiety, the goal of a healthy pregnancy was within reach.

Ultrasound image of baby Teddy

“As the weeks unfolded, each ultrasound, each heartbeat, and every positive sign were markers of triumph over adversity.

“However, on one anxious visit to the hospital at 33 weeks after having decreased movements, I was admitted to hospital due to high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and a concern that my placenta was failing to support our baby.”

Eight days into Melissa’s hospital stay, she was booked in for an emergency c-section after doctors advised that it was the safest option considering all of the risks.

An emergency caesarean is called

Melissa holds her baby on her chest

“This stripped away the chance of a natural birth that I had envisioned. However, the birthing experience became a silver lining.

“While the whole week had been very traumatising, with constant hourly monitoring and very little sleep, I had the most perfect birthing experience that made up for all of it. I had an epidural and local anaesthetic, a great anaesthesiologist who also was an amazing DJ, a really supportive nursing team, and of course my amazing husband by my side.

Baby in special care crib

“The NICU was Teddy’s home for the first three weeks of his life as he experienced low blood sugars and breathing difficulties. The separation at birth was heart-wrenching, but the eventual skin-to-skin contact, accompanied by tears of joy, marked an unforgettable moment.

“Over the subsequent three weeks, Teddy’s resilience shone as he progressed from the intensive care unit to the special care unit, each step a testament to his strength.

Baby smiling in blanket

“Once the tiny fighter born amidst the challenges of an emergency c-section and an NICU stay, Teddy has blossomed into a thriving toddler. His journey, beginning with a premature arrival that coincided with the onset of a four-month-long COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, posed unforeseen hurdles.

Teddy with his parents

“However, Teddy’s infectious laughter now fills our home, a reminder of the remarkable journey from a fragile beginning to the vibrant, energetic toddler who has brought immeasurable joy and completeness to our lives.”

We wish all the love in the world to Melissa, Chris and Teddy.

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