Soft Strokes: 17 Baby Hair Brushes Mums Recommend

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A baby having the Ali + Oli newborn hairbrush used on their head

Peek-a-boo! There it is – that adorable fuzz on your little one’s head. While it might seem unnecessary to brush a baby’s hair, a gentle brushing routine can actually offer some surprising benefits.

Unlike brushing your own hair, which might involve detangling and styling, brushing a baby’s hair is more about gentle stimulation. Most babies have very fine hair, so the focus is on promoting healthy growth and keeping the scalp happy. That’s why using a soft brush specifically designed for babies’ delicate scalps is crucial.

Baby hair brushes have ultra-soft bristles that won’t irritate your little one’s skin, and come in a variety of types to suit your needs.

Choosing the Perfect Brush

Now that you know the benefits of brushing your baby’s hair, let’s explore the different types of baby hair brushes available:

Natural Bristle Brushes • These brushes are made from soft, natural bristles like goat hair or boar bristle. They’re gentle on your baby’s scalp and great for everyday brushing, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp stimulation.

Ultra-Soft Brushes • Perfect for newborns or babies with very sensitive scalps, these brushes have even softer bristles, often made from synthetic materials. They provide the gentlest touch while still offering the benefits of brushing.

Massage Brushes • These brushes have rounded bristles designed to gently massage the scalp, promoting circulation and potentially reducing cradle cap. The massaging action can also be soothing for your baby.

There’s no one-size-fits-all brush, so we’ll explore some specific options to help you find the perfect fit for your little one’s delicate head!

MGV tip


To ‘test the water’ first, gently brush the bristles against the inner side of your arm. This area mimics the softness of a baby’s scalp, and you’ll instantly know if the bristles are too harsh.


17 Best Baby Hair Brushes Mums Recommend

With over 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect brush for your baby’s hair.

Below, you’ll find 18 of the best baby hair brushes recommended by the mums from the Mum’s Grapevine community, listed in no particular order.

Bubba Bump

Bubba Bump's baby brush set laid out

Bubba Bump Baby Brush Set ($34.95)

The Bubba Bump Baby Brush Set offers a complete solution for your baby’s hair care needs. This set includes a soft natural goat hair brush for everyday use, a wooden massage brush to stimulate the scalp, and a premium detangling brush (suitable for older babies with thicker hair).

Buy now from Bubba Bump

Kiin Baby

Kiin Wooden Baby Brush + Comb Set laying on a gingham bed spread

Kiin Baby Wooden Baby Brush + Comb Set ($29)

Crafted for the gentle grooming of your precious one’s soft locks this baby brush set is made with eco-friendly materials, stimulating scalp circulation, distributing natural oils and preventing cradle cap. Complete with a wooden comb, it’s a perfect baby shower gift for mindful parents.

“Adorable brush & comb set! Love that it is made of natural materials. It comes beautifully packaged in a keepsake pouch, which makes gifting easy too. Great props for making it through all the challenging hair growth milestones like cradle cap and later tangled hair. A baby must-have for sure!” said one customer online.

Buy now from Kiin Baby


Mininor brush and comb set

Mininor Baby Comb and Brush Set ($17.95)

The Mininor Baby Comb and Brush Set is a classic choice for new mums seeking a practical and gentle option. Made with soft, natural goat hair bristles, the brush is gentle on a baby’s delicate scalp and perfect for everyday brushing. The included comb features rounded teeth for comfortable detangling of fine hair.

One reviewer said, “The brush is very soft and gentle on my baby’s head”

Buy now from Danish by Design

Happy Hair Brush

Best Baby Hair Brush: Happy Hair Brush

Happy Hair Brush for Babies ($19.95)

Free of any animal products, these unique vegan brushes were purposely made with black bristles so that you can see it removing dead skin cells and cradle cap. Suitable for hair up to 8cm in length, it comes in a choice of four shades.

One customer was very happy with their purchase and posted the comment, “I didn’t think this would be any different to any other baby brush but it is not like all the other baby brushes. Super soft but actually brushes the hair. My 8-month-old daughter has super fine hair & you can see the bristles actually pick up the hair & brush it. She loves her hair getting brushed now!”

Buy now from Happy Hair Brush


Best Baby Hair Brushes: Chibello

Chibello Wooden Brush and Comb Set ($32.97)

Crafted from premium materials to gently nurture brand-new tufts, this giftable set includes a goat-bristle brush, massage brush, round-edged comb and a very handy silicone massager for tending to cradle cap.

One mum commented “Has everything you need. Great quality. The brush is super soft and lovely on baby’s skin.”

Buy now from Amazon


Best Baby Hair Brushes: Dreambaby

Dreambaby Deluxe Brush & Comb Sets ($9.96)

This uber-popular brush set comes with a good splash of colour and a welcome price tag. It has gentle non-scratch bristles for even the youngest of bubs and toddler-friendly handles for the later years.

“Nice and soft, it does the job,” said one happy customer.

Buy now from Amazon


Purebaby Goat Hair Brush ($24.95)

After a brush to use on a particularly sensitive head? This is the brush for the job. Made with goat hair bristles, this soft-built baby brush is fabulous at detangling hair softly and smoothing all those flyaways.

A reviewer wrote, “Absolutely love this little brush for our baby girl and her fine newborn hair. It’s so delicate and soft over her little head and now one of my go-to baby gifts!”

Buy now from Purebaby


Best Baby Hair Brushes: AHAHbaby

AHAHbaby Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set ($34.95)

With sweet round-headed brushes and a pear-shaped comb, this pint-sized set is all kinds of cute. It is made from eco-friendly beech wood and goat bristles, and it comes bundled up in a pure cotton pouch.

One customer commented, “We’ll be using this for a long while I think! My baby’s hair is so fine and the brush is soft and perfect for her. Great quality and nice packaging if to use as a gift.”

Buy now from Amazon

Green Sprouts

Best Baby Hair Brush: Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts Baby Hair Brush Set ($17.17)

An all-natural duo at a perfect price. The ultra-soft goat bristles are perfect for smoothing down unruly newborn locks while the renewable-wood comb takes care of sectioning and styling.

“This is a great quality product. Bristle’s on brush are super soft and the comb and brush are the perfect size for baby!” Said one happy customer.

Buy now from Amazon


New Baby Gifts: Haakaa Hair Brush & Comb Set

Haakaa Goat Wool Baby Hair Brush ($36.14)

From a New Zealand brand wholly dedicated to creating sustainable products, this brush has created quite a buzz in the baby world. All-natural, with no nasties in sight, it uses pure goat wool to be one of the softest brushes around.

One customer left the review “Love this brush, super soft but can get my son’s hair in the right spots and makes it smooth. We started using it when he was 5 months old and haven’t had any bristles fall off.”

Buy now from Amazon

CoCreative Design

CoCreativeDesign Personalised hair brush with a koala design and the name Zachary

CoCreative Design Personalised Baby Hair Brush (from $20.80)

Personalisation adds a special touch to baby products, and this popular Etsy seller gives you the option to add a name to the brush, or even a laser-cut image. Koala, rainbow…how to choose?!

One customer was very happy with their purchase and shared the comment, “This is a beautiful brush!”

Buy now from Etsy

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17 Best Baby Hairbrushes

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