The Handmaid’s Tale Star Elisabeth Moss Expecting First Baby

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Actress Elisabeth Moss in tv show The Handmaid's Tale and on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Elisabeth Moss, renowned for her captivating performance in the award-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale has announced that she is expecting her first baby.

With speculation flying around over the last few months, Elisabeth finally set the record straight on late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! As she strolled onto the set, there was no beating around the bush with Jimmy at the helm.

The talk show host asked “Are you pregnant or just an incredibly committed method actor?” to which Elisabeth, ever the good sport, replied with a giggle, “A little bit of both!”

Sharing a little more about her pregnancy, the 41-year-old shared that she’s been “really lucky” with her pregnancy journey so far and then switched the conversation to Jimmy, who is a father of four, to ask if he had any advice.

“You know actually I will tell you,” he started. “My wife got great advice from Bill Murray…he said to bring Christmas lights to hang or beads of some kind” referring to what to bring to the delivery room. He continued, “Because the lighting is terrible in the room. It’s Walmart-style lighting for this blessed event that’s going to happen and you don’t want that.”

Elisabeth who was married to famous comedic actor Fred Armisen up until 2011, has otherwise kept her love life very private meaning that the baby’s father is currently a mystery. But either way, we are so excited over the news and are sure that the Mad Men star will knock being a first-time Mum out of the park. Congratulations Elisabeth!

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