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Juggling a newborn is no easy feat, and finding the right tools to help make breastfeeding a smooth journey can feel like finding a unicorn. Enter the wearable Mumma Owl Breast Pump from The Night Owl: your secret weapon for pumping sanity.

Ditch the bulky contraptions and tangled tubes! This little wonder packs serious power in a compact, discreet design, perfect for the on-the-go mama. Whether you’re a pumping pro or just starting out, the Mumma Owl has your back.

Feeling like your supply needs a little boost? Crank up the power with one of the 15 adjustable suction levels. Need a gentler touch to get things flowing? There’s a mode for that too. With four unique settings (stimulation, express, massage, and automatic), you can customise your pumping experience with just a few taps of the easy-to-use buttons.

So say goodbye to frustration and hello to a happier, more efficient pumping routine!

Five reasons we love the Mumma Owl Breast Pump:

  1. Perfect Fit
    No more feeling like you’re being pinched! The Mumma Owl comes in two sizes (with 5 more sizes available), so you can find the perfect fit for your comfort. Plus, with 15 different suction levels and four modes, you can customise your pumping experience to be exactly what you need.
  2. Pause Button
    Pumping life isn’t always predictable. Need a quick break to soothe your little one or answer a call? No problem! The pause button lets you stop and start without losing your settings.
  3. Whisper Quiet
    It’s so quiet (less than 45 decibels), you can pump anywhere without disturbing anyone, even that napping newborn.
  4. Long-Lasting
    No more scrambling for an outlet! It has a 90-minute battery life, so you can pump on the go without worrying about finding a plug.
  5. Easy Cleaning
    Who needs another thing to add to the endless cleaning list? The Mumma Owl has a simple design with only four parts to clean, making it a breeze to keep things hygienic

With the Mumma Owl by your side, breastfeeding becomes not just a journey but a breeze.

illustration of garden and heart with 'tried it, loved it' on it

But don’t take our word for it. We asked Grapeviner mum Sophie and baby Bobby to try out the Mumma Owl Breast Pump and they’ve been taking it for a spin for the past few weeks.

Here are Sophie’s thoughts …

“I can’t recommend it enough!”

“With my stage 10 clinger of a baby, even the simplest tasks, like pumping, feel like climbing Mount Everest. I barely have a free hand to tackle the odd jobs around the house, and pumping always made me feel tied down.

“But then, along came the Mumma Owl Wearable Breast Pump from The Night Owl, and let me tell you, it’s been a lifesaver. I still have my little velcro babe attached, but now I can actually pump and check things off my to-do list while she peacefully snoozes in the carrier.

“It’s incredibly convenient, comfortable, and quiet. My baby doesn’t even flinch while it’s on, snuggled up next to her head. With its 15 different speeds and customizable settings, I can choose the perfect rhythm for me, and the best part? I can save those settings for next time, so I don’t have to reset everything.

“Honestly, the Mumma Owl has been a game-changer for busy mamas like me. It’s given me back a sense of freedom and sanity while still nurturing my precious little one.” said Sophie.

The Mumma Owl Breast Pump is more than just a pump; it’s an investment in your breastfeeding journey and your own well-being. With its versatility, comfort, and powerful performance, it empowers you to pump with freedom and confidence, knowing you’re providing the very best for your precious little one.

Available online at The Night Owl.


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