Suds Ahoy: 27 Baby Bath Toys That Won’t Go Mouldy

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Oli and Carol bath ducks

Rub a dub dub, babies and kids love spending time in the tub, and a bubbly bath with their favourite toy is the perfect way to end their day.

Bath toys are specifically designed for water play and entertainment. But not all toys for the bath are created equal. Some have holes in the bottom and trap water night after night, quickly filling with mould and bacteria. Yuk.

For squeaky-clean kids and squeaky-clean toys, put the toys with holes back on the shelf and opt for one of these sealed and safe alternatives instead.

27 Best Bath Toys For Babies & Kids

With over 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect tub-time toy for your baby.

Below, you’ll find 27 of our favourite picks presented in no particular order. Some are newcomers to the scene, while others are tried-and-true favourites. Rest assured, each recommendation has either crossed our path, found a place in our own experiences, or been enthusiastically vouched for by our Grapeviner Groups community.

Fishing for fun

The Boon Cast Fishing Pole Bath Toy

Boon Cast Fishing Pole Bath Toy ($16.95)

Make bath time a splash with this interactive fishing game. With a working pole and weighted hooks, kids reel in excitement while snagging floating sea creatures. A hook, line and sinker for endless aquatic adventures.

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Cook up a storm

A child playing with the Tomy Toomies Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen Toys

Tomy Toomies Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen Toys ($48)

Transform bath time into a culinary adventure with this kitchen playset! Watch as little ones cook up imaginary feasts on the hob, creating bubbles with a simple pump. After the ‘meal,’ they can wash dishes in the sink with flowing water from the tap. Realistic, tidy, and endlessly fun.

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All aboard!

A child playing with the Toomies Grandpa Pig’s Splash & Pour Boat

Toomies Grandpa Pig’s Splash & Pour Boat ($32.95)

Embark on watery adventures with Grandpa Pig and Peppa, this playful vessel offering four ways to make waves. Pour water from different sections, spin the ship’s wheel and capture water in the hull. With squishy figures, every voyage promises splashy fun and imaginative play.

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Penguin party

Fat Brain Toys Co. waddle bobbers toy being played with in the bath

Fat Brain Toys Co. Waddle Bobbers ($27.95)

Stack, spin and float these adorable penguins for endless bath-time fun. With weighted bases for wobbling action and a slide for racing, it’s a splashy adventure of exploration and imagination!

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Piece together

Two children playing with the Janod ocean bath puzzle

Janod Ocean Bath Puzzle ($34.95)

Stack, spin and float these adorable penguins for endless bath-time fun. With weighted bases for wobbling action and a slide for racing, it’s a splashy adventure of exploration and imagination!

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Bobbing buddies

PlanToys Floating Bath Toys

PlanToys Floating Boat Toys ($34.85)

Made from sustainable, recycled materials, these brightly coloured vessels ensure safe, imaginative play. Develop fine motor skills and inspire heroic adventures in and out of the tub sustainably for eco-conscious heroes.

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We all scream ice cream

A child playing with the Tomy Toomies Deluxe Foam Cone Factory in the bath

Tomy Toomies Deluxe Foam Cone Factory ($34.99)

Indulge in bubbly fun with Foamy Ice Cream Cones! Suitable for 18 months and up, this set includes a sprinkle shaker, sundae dish, and 3 cones. No batteries needed, just add bubble bath, water, and pull the lever for frothy delights.

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Go Peppa, go!

The Peppa Pig Pedalo Boat bath toy

Toomies Peppa Pig Pedalo Boat ($26.95)

This colourful set features Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig in their pedalo with a clever motor mechanism. Watch as the floating yellow hoop sets it in motion, propelled by spring-loaded paddles while your little one enjoys the water-squirting action for endless aquatic playtime delight.

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Rockin’ colour

A child in a bath with the Nourish by Nature Bath Colour Rocks

Nourish by Nature Bath Colour Rocks ($15.95)

Dive into a world of colour with these Bath Colour Rocks! Watch as ordinary bath water transforms into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope, delighting children of all ages. These vibrant rocks add a splash of enchantment to bath time, creating a fun and engaging experience every time.

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Ex-squeeze me

The baby squeezy in the colour flamingo

BabySqueezy 3-in-1 Newborn Bath Rinser ($34.95)

The ultimate companion for bath time, sensory development and teething relief. Its innovative design serves as a gentle bath rinser for newborns, evolves to support sensory and motor development and provides soothing relief during teething. A must-have for every parent’s toolkit.

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Whale to go

Boon whale bath toy

Boon Bath Chomp Hungry Whale ($13.99)

Please feed the animals. Toddlers will have oodles of fun gobbling up sea creatures by gripping the tail fin. With jaws safe for little fingers, this bath toy encourages hand-eye coordination and is made without BPA or PCV.

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Mix n’ match

Skip Hop Zoo Mix & Match Flippers sets in Unicorn/Fox and Monkey/Dog

Skip Hop Zoo Mix & Match Flippers ($24.95)

Switch up bath time with these cute as can be mix and match mermaids. Designed to twist apart, the mermaid tails are interchangeable for extra fun! Each two-piece bath toy is also easy to clean and floats in water

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Aussie animals

Tiger Tribe Bath Animals

Tiger Tribe Mix ‘n Match Bath Mates Aussie Animals ($29.99)

Float, squeeze, sprinkle, mix and match. Join these bobbing Aussie pals on a sensory bathtime adventure. When filled with water, clued-in kids will spot different draining patterns from each tyre. And Mummas, rejoice, they can also go in the dishwasher.

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Moluk Rainball Toy for Bath

Moluk Plui Rainball Bath Toy ($26.76)

Having a ball whilst learning about physical principles? Now, this is a smart bath toy. A finger seals the water in, and when removed water streams from the tentacles below. Arousing curiosity and imagination, it’s made from silicone and is easily cleaned.

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Bath art

Honeysticks Bath Crayons

Honeysticks Beeswax Bath Crayons ($22.95)

Creative creatures will get a kick out of bath time thanks to the clever bath crayons from Honeysticks. Made from natural beeswax and coloured with food-grade pigments the bright, chunky crayons wash off easily without staining the tub. Winning!

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Lift off

Tiger Tribe bath rocket

Tiger Tribe Bath Rocket ($29.99)

Three, two, one – bath time is ready to blast with this super cool BPA-free rocket. Packed with features, it creates a supersonic dome, has spinning jets and an astronaut they can watch bob in space. Create confidence with the feeling of water over their heads.

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Cheeky monkey

Skip Hop monkey bath toy

Skip Hop Pull & Go Monkey Submarine ($24.95)

Bring delight to their bath routine with this cheeky monkey. When the string is pulled, the propeller sets the submarine in motion, turning your bath into the coolest ocean around. Great for building motor skills and learning about floating and sinking.

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Pastel pals

Hevea Bath Toys

Hevea Bath Toy Sets ($59.95)

Keep bub’s bath free from mould and grime with the all-natural, biodegradable rubber toys from Hevea. These sweet darling duos are super soft and tactile to touch without the use of BPA, plastics or PVC (in order words, nasty toxins).

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Three little ducks went out one day…

A little girl playing with the Ambi Toys Duck Family

Ambi Toys – Duck Family ($38.95)

For the minimalist at heart, these simplistic friends make bath time fun without taking away from your simple bathroom aesthetic. Beautifully shaped and expert floaters, they were the winner of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Design Award in 1970, no less.

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Ocean animals

Hape Bath Cascade Toy

Hape Ocean Cascade ($30)

Turn your bathroom wall into the ocean surf. Attaching with strong suction cups, kids will see that running water makes the animals come to life, dance and spin. We can almost hear the tune of ‘Under the Sea’.

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Sail with me

Plan Toys Sailing Baby Bath Boats

Plan Toys Boats (from $31.83)

Made sustainably from natural rubberwood trees and safe water-based dyes, these companions are a simple yet sweet addition to their bathtime routine. It’s hard to choose between the penguin or the polar bear – so why not get both?

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Wave your wand

Boon Bubble Wands for the Bath

Boon Blobble Bubble Wands ($13.49)

Made from high-quality ABS plastic that doesn’t contain nasties, these will magically make bath time even more fun! Including three different wands in modern colours, they’ll be blowing bubbles and stirring up soap suds in style.
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Bathing bee

Skip Hop Bathtime Bee Bath Toy

Skip Hop Zoo Fill Up Fountain Bathtime Bee ($24.95)

Create a buzz at bath time with Skip Hop’s signature adorable bee, Brooklyn. Toddlers will delight in the flowing water whilst learning about cause and effect. With easy-grip handles, this PVC-free toy will be something they reach for time and time again.

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Boon Jellies bath toy

Boon Jellies ($21.95)

These seriously cute suction cups stack and stick to wet surfaces like walls and the bathtub, transforming bath time into building time. The hard part is getting bub out of the water afterwards!

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Quutopia Bath Puzzle Toy

Quutopia Bath Puzzle ($26.50)

To the rescue! Build the lighthouse scene, have them float or simply stick them to the side of the bathtub. Stimulating creativity and imagination, time in the tub will fly by as wee ones play with this colourful foam puzzle.

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Bobbing boats

Lion And The Lamb Kids' Bath Boats

Lion and the Lamb Wheat Straw Boat Set ($33.99)

Keep bathtime calm with the soothing colours of these six sweet wheat straw boats. Connecting together, they build hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Take them on your next beach trip where they also double as sand moulds.

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Glow Sticks

Glow stick bath for toddlers

And finally, why not turn Friday night bath time into a Friday night disco?! This genius idea from Crafty Morning sees glow sticks transform the water into a florescent pool of fun for little ones. Just be sure to supervise soaking sprouts at all times.

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