Talc-Free: 7 Baby Powders Mums Recommend

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Best Talc Free Baby Powder

Traditionally used to keep baby’s bottoms nice and dry after baths and nappy changes, talc has long been a changing table essential for many parents. With lots of chemical-free alternatives becoming more and more available, talc-free baby powder is making a big comeback and we’ve hunted down the best of them.

Whether it be for protecting little ones from nappy rash or simply for keeping moisture at bay, the aim of baby powder is to keep the skin comfortable and baby content.

8 Best Talc-Free Baby Powder Brands

As baby product experts with 16 years of experience and a community of over 100,000 Australian mums, we’re committed to helping you find a safe baby powder free from talc.

Below you’ll find 8 best talc-free baby power brands, all mum-approved and recommended by our Grapeviner crew, in no particular order.


Baby laying next to the GAIA Baby Powder

Gaia Natural Baby Powder ($7.20)

This budget-friendly option is perfect for everyday use. Its cornstarch base effectively absorbs moisture, keeping your little one’s skin fresh and dry. Completely safe for newborns thanks to its talc-free formula.

“I love that this is a talc free baby powder and all natural, free from any nasties! It smells amazing and is priced very well. I actually used this to clean sand off after a beach trip and it worked so well and left bubs skin feeling so soft afterwards.” said one happy customer.

Base: Corn starch powder
Size(s): 200g

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Little Bairn

Jar of Little Bairn talc-free natural baby powder

Little Bairn Natural Powder ($19)

Looking for a calming and gentle powder? This white clay-based formula is a great choice. It soothes and protects your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it silky-soft. Plus, a touch of lavender and mandarin adds a refreshing scent.

“Lovely and soft with no noticeable scent, it doesn’t get dusty in the air and the tub lasts a long time. He has sensitive skin and this powder has never given him a rash or made him sneeze.” said one reviewer.

Base: White clay
Size(s): 120g

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Bondi Wash

Canister of Bondi Wash dusting powder next to vase of flowers

Bondi Wash Baby Powder ($20)

Embrace the power of Australian botanicals with this talc-free powder. Enriched with Emu Apple, it helps prevent irritation caused by moisture while keeping your bub comfortable. Perfect for those who love natural ingredients!

A happy parent said online “Love this powder – it’s smooth, silky and so beautifully scented. Along with brushing their teeth, and dusting off this lovely powder completes the kids pre-sleep routine.”

Base: Corn starch powder
Size(s): 20g, 100g

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Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder ($21.30)

Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, this paraben and phthalate-free powder is gentle enough for even the tiniest of tots. The cornstarch base absorbs moisture, leaving your baby’s skin feeling soft and dry. Plus, it’s a pediatrician-tested choice you can trust.

“I love the Burt’s Bees products. They have a clean smell and are very mild on the skin. This baby powder is wonderful. Helps with rashes and keeps your baby fresh smelling all day.” one parent said.

Base: Corn starch powder
Size(s): 212g

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Redmond Trading Co

Redmond Trading Co Baby Powder ($18.96)

Redmond Clay Baby Powder is a trusted home remedy that has been passed down through generations, harnessing the power of Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder. Gentle and natural, it offers a soothing solution for various ailments without the use of talc.

One reviewer wrote “This stuff has no toxic ingredients and does wonders for helping reduce any developing nappy rash.”

Base: Redmond Bentonite clay powder
Size(s): 85g

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Love All Ways

Love All Ways Talc Free Soft As Powder ($14.95)

Free from talc and silicates, this “soft as” baby powder is formulated to safely control excess moisture, keeping baby’s skin soft and dry. Enriched with lavender and tea tree essential oils to soothe inflammation and calm the skin, it’s also perfect for post-beach sand removal.

Base: Organic ivory clay
Size(s): 100g

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Bottle of apple scented baby powder

Onea Natural Apple Baby Powder ($15.95)

This Australian-made powder is packed with soothing goodness! Perfect for babies with sensitive skin, it contains calming ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil, and Apple Peel powder to help prevent irritation and keep rashes at bay.

One happy customer left the review “I have used ONEA’s baby skin care range since the birth of my daughter and all of the products are beautiful, my daughter has never had any skin irritations or nappy rash and I believe it is because I’ve used these products and nothing else. Perfect for sensitive baby skin.”

Base: Corn starch powder
Size(s): 100g

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Nature’s Child

Best Talc Free Baby Powder: Nature's Child

Natures Child Talc Free Baby Powder ($23.90)

This 100% organic and talc-free formula is a great choice for little ones prone to irritation. It uses a unique blend of tapioca starch, Australian white clay, and calming organic lavender oil to keep moisture away and soothe delicate skin.

One parent made the comment, “Love this talc free powder, I’ve been using it on my sweaty little baby since he was born and have had no issues!”

Base: White clay and tapioca
Size(s): 100g

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FAQs Your Questions Answered

Why Talc is Not Recommended for Babies

Concerns over respiratory issues and skin sensitivity have led experts to advise against using talcum powder on babies. The Royal Children’s Hospital emphasises the potential risks associated with talc, recommending a focus on maintaining the infant’s skin barrier through safe practices. These include proper cleansing, moisturising, and ensuring adequate sun protection, aiming to nurture and protect delicate skin without the need for talcum powder.

How to use baby powder safely?

For those who opt to use baby powder, caution is key to prevent potential breathing difficulties. It’s important to apply the powder safely by shaking it onto your hand well away from the baby’s face before gently applying it to the skin. This method helps to minimise the risk of inhalation. Moreover, applying it in a well-ventilated area further reduces the risk, ensuring the baby’s safety and comfort.

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