Puddle Pals: 10 Kids’ Gumboots Mums Recommend

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Best kids gumboots

Gumboots for kids are more than just footwear; they are a vital part of a child’s outdoor wardrobe. As parents, we understand that children are drawn to puddles like magnets, and wet feet can lead to discomfort and colds.

Gumboots, also known as rain boots or wellies, are designed to keep feet dry, even when kids jump into the deepest puddles. They offer a shield against mud, rain, and even snow. The high-quality materials used in kids gumboots are crafted to protect their little feet from harsh weather, ensuring playtime is never cut short by wet or cold conditions.

Additionally, the ease of slipping on and off makes them perfect for kids’ growing independence. With gumboots, children can continue to explore and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather.

Key Features of Kids Gumboots

When shopping for kids wellies, it’s important to understand the key features that set the best pairs apart.

Durability is key; look for gumboots made from tough, high-quality rubber that can withstand the rigours of active play.

Comfort is another essential aspect, which is often provided by a soft lining, like cotton or fleece, keeping little feet cozy.

The fit is also important – boots should be snug enough to stay on, but not so tight as to restrict movement.

Look for features like handles or tabs that make the boots easier to pull on and off.

Traction on the sole is a must to prevent slipping in wet and muddy conditions.

Lastly, consider the boot height; taller boots provide better protection against deep puddles and rain, while shorter boots may be easier for toddlers to maneuver in.

10 Best Children’s Gumboots

With many options available, from vibrant colours to charming prints, selecting the ideal gumboots for your child might seem overwhelming.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a variety of top-rated kids’ gumboots recommended by Australian mums, each boasting unique features and designs to suit every preference and need.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the most popular picks for kids’ gumboots.

Penny Scallan

Penny Scallan Lilac Gumboots

Penny Scallan Gumboots ($39.95)

Penny Scallan gumboots combine style and practicality, making them a favourite among parents who want their kids to look fashionable while staying cozy and dry. Crafted from high-quality materials that resist the challenges of active play, Penny Scallan gumboots showcase their attention to detail in every pair.

Materials: Pure rubber with 100% cotton lining
Size Range: 1 to 7 years
Washability: Machine wash or handwash

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A child playing in a puddle wearing Grubbybub Kids Gumboots

Grubbybub Kid’s Gumboots ($44.95)

Made from 100% natural rubber, Grubbybub Gumboots are made special with a neoprene topper that tightens around the calf, stopping water from getting inside the boot. Available in two colourways, Clear Skies and Just Peachy, the cotton lining is cosy for year-round comfort.

Materials: 100% natural rubber, cotton lining & neoprene topper
Size Range: AUS 5-13, 1-3
Washability: Spot clean with a damp cloth

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Four children standing wearing Cry Wolf Kids Gumboots in various colours

Crywolf Rain Boots (from $59.95)

Designed in New Zealand, Crywolf Rain Boots have a cosy cotton lining for a snug fit and a high-grip tread that stands up to non-stop play. We love the soft muted tones that pair perfectly with every outfit and the contemporary matte finish.

Materials: Fully moulded Croslite material
Size Range: AUS 1-13, 1-6
Washability: Handwash or dab with a damp cloth, mild soap and cold water

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French Soda

Two young children wearing French Soda Kids Gumboots in purple and sea green

French Soda Kids’ Gumboots ($54)

Designed in Australia from 100% natural rubber, French Soda pull-on gumboots feature a waterproof exterior, toasty fleece lining and slip-resistant soles. We love that they’re available in a rainbow of candy colours and come with their own storage bag.

Materials: 100% natural rubber & fleece lining
Size Range: EU 20-36
Washability: Rubber conditioner product for the outer, warm soapy solution for the inner

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Hubble + Duke

A young girl wearing the the Hubble + Duke Natural Rubber Gumboots in Lilac

Hubble + Duke Natural Rubber Gumboots ($49.95)

Eco-friendly and waterproof tested for reliable protection, these handmade boots are crafted with care, featuring a tough high-grip sole and a cotton lining for comfort. Designed for independence, they’re easy for kids to put on and take off themselves.

Materials: 100% natural rubber & fleece lining
Size Range: AUS 4-13, 1
Washability: Rinse using a mild detergent

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A young child wearing Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boots on the side of a beach

Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boots ($59.95)

Jump into puddles of joy in a pair of trusty Crocs! Made of lightweight, cushioned Croslite material, these boots offer comfort and safety with oversized handles that make them easy for kids to put on and take off. Available in vibrant hues, they keep little feet dry and happy through any downpour.

Materials: Fully moulded Croslite material
Size Range: AUS 1-13, 1-6
Washability: Handwash with mild soap and cold water

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Two young kids wearing Huxbaby Rainboots in the designs Dino Band and Rainbow Bunny

Huxbaby Kids Rainboots ($59.95)

Step into a world of magic with these kids’ rainboots. Made from 100% rubber, they feature delightful prints kids will love. Designed for comfort and safety, with a rubber pull tab and high-grip sole, they’re as eco-friendly as they are enchanting.

Materials: 100% rubber
Size Range: AUS 5-12
Washability: Spot clean only with damp cloth

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A young child wearing Hatley Rain Boots with the boots in two other colourways also shown

Hatley Children’s Classic Rain Boots (from $37.79)

Prepare for the ultimate puddle-stomping adventure with these PVC-free, handmade Rain Boots. Crafted from durable, slip-resistant rubber, they keep little feet dry and comfortable. Perfect for rainy-day explorations, these boots are essential for every young adventurer.

Materials: Handmade vulcanized rubber 100% cotton lining
Size Range: EU 20-36
Washability: Handwash

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Country Road

Two young kids wearing the Country Road Classic Gumboots in Mushroom and Navy

Country Road Classic Gumboots (from $39.95)

With a tough rubber grip sole and useful pull tab, Country Road’s rubber rain boots are tough enough for daily wet-weather wear. We love the chunky soles and trending colours that really stand out in the crowd.

Materials: 100% rubber & cotton blend lining and sock
Size Range: EU 19-36
Washability: Spot clean

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Cotton On Kids

Two pairs of Cotton On Kids Rainboots in Petty Blue & Dusty Blue and Hot Choccy & Rainy Day

Cotton On Kids Rainboots ($29.95)

Stomp into rainy day fun with these fun rain boots from Cotton On Kids. Featuring a convenient pull-on design and crafted from 100% rubber, they come in a variety of playful colours and prints.

Materials: 100% rubber, 100% polyester lining
Size Range: AUS 2-13, 1
Washability: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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FAQs Your Questions Answered

Which material is best for gumboots?

The material of kids’ gumboots directly impacts their durability and comfort. Most gumboots are made from rubber or a rubber-like material, which provides excellent waterproofing. Natural rubber is preferable for its flexibility and eco-friendliness, while synthetic options can be more cost-effective.

How do you know you have the correct size?

Allow space for thick socks, which are often worn with gumboots for extra warmth. A thumb’s width of space in the toe area is a good rule to ensure there’s room for movement and growth. Ankle support is important, particularly for active kids who run and jump.

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