Mums Review Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants by Brolly Sheets

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Diving into potty training is an emotional rollercoaster for any parent. Daytime slip-ups are one thing, but nighttime brings its own unique set of challenges. That’s where the Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants from Brolly Sheets step in to save the night.

Glowing reviews have come in from parents in the Mum’s Grapevine trial, with many keen to share how Snazzi Pants impacted their children’s nighttime routine.

Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Confidence Booster: Parents are telling us that the Snazzi Pants night trainers have empowered their children with a newfound sense of security, trading fear of nighttime accidents for an anxious free night.
  • Comfort is Key: The softness of the material is a hit with the kids, contributing to all-night wear with zero fuss.
  • Adjustable Absorption: The additional pocket for extra pads is widely applauded, allowing parents to up the absorbency for those just-in-case scenarios.

Difference between night and day training pants

The choice between day and night training pants is all about your child’s individual needs and the phase they’re in on their potty training adventure.

Daytime pants are less absorbent by design, ideal for when your child is first making the association between the urge to go and using the potty.

Nighttime pants, on the other hand, are perfect for providing overnight assurance, ensuring your child can have peace of mind whilst mastering nighttime bladder control.

While each serves a distinct purpose, Snazzi Pants Night Trainers stand out as the comforting ally that promises an easy way for your little one to get on the road to nappy freedom.

Why Snazzi Pants Are the Perfect Nighttime Solution

Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants boast superb absorbency to catch those overnight surprises, allowing children to feel the wetness and their brains to start making the connection to staying dry.

Not only do they feature built-in padding, but their thoughtful design incorporates a pocket for extra inserts, so you can easily adapt the pants as your child grows.

The gender-specific design also ensures the absorbency is exactly where it’s needed.

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Mums recommend Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants

We sent 30 pairs of Snazzi Pants Night Trainers to mums in the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Baby Groups to try for themselves and here’s what some had to say:

A little girl wearing the Brolly Sheets Snazzi Pants Night Trainers


“The Snazzi Pants Night trainers have been a great transition from pull-ups to undies!

“My little one can recognise now that she’s wearing something that looks & feels like undies, but has the absorbency that if there is an accident, she isn’t going to be soaked in it!

“I wish we had had these for my older son!”

boy wearing the Brolly Sheets Snazzi Pants Night Trainers


“We were selected to trial the Snazzi Pants Night Time Training Pants and we absolutely love that they look and feel like regular undies. It made my little one feel like such a big boy!

“I also love that it has a pocket to add extra boosters if they need more support (we will definitely do this!)”

A little girl wearing the Brolly Sheets Snazzi Pants Night Trainers


“We have loved using the Snazzi Pants Night Trainers! My daughter particularly loved the design and said they felt just like knickers.

“I would definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking about training for peace of mind at night. I’ll be investing in a couple more pairs for sure!”


A little boy wearing the Brolly Sheets Snazzi Pants Night Trainers


“Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants by Brolly Sheets are a game changer.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly! Master 4 has been complaining about wearing pull-ups to bed but I wasn’t quite ready to transition him yet as twice a week he is still waking wet.

“I can confirm he went great with them overnight! No accidents yet and I have no anxiety about what if and the mess I might have to clean in the morning.”


A little girl wearing the Brolly Sheets Snazzi Pants Night Trainers



“I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the Snazzi Pants Training Pants! Eloise has been day toilet trained for about a year and has been desperately wanting to wear knickers to bed at night. She has started to have the occasional dry night but is nowhere near ready for full-time underwear.

“She was so excited to get her new training pants and refused to wear pyjamas the first night so she could keep looking at them.

“I was apprehensive about if they would hold but they fit her well and she woke up in the morning happy. She has done a little wee but the training pants had held it all with no leaks.

“She has continued to wear them every few nights and is always excited when she gets to use them. I will need to look at getting her more pairs so she can wear them every night!”

Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants go beyond simply preventing leaks. By reducing nighttime anxieties, they help build confidence in children as they progress towards full toilet training. The pants look and feel like underwear, promoting the same independence used during daytime training.

As Diane from Brolly Sheets explains, Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants aren’t designed to hold as much wetness as a disposable, they are designed for those kids who are almost dry and just need some extra help.

Available online at Brolly Sheets ($29.95).

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Brolly Sheets has provided these Snazzi Pants Night Training Pants for trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Group members (Grapeviner community) and have been published with permission.


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