Free Samples: 50 Mums To Try BIBS Dummies

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Hi Mummas,

Welcome to Mum’s Grapevine product sampling program. We have loads of products for you to try and the best bit is you get to have your say and keep all the fantastic things we send you.

This week we’re looking for 50 mums to receive a free Try-it pack of Canstar Blue award-winning BIBS dummies and go in the draw to win a year’s supply of dummies.

Discover the BIBS Try-It Pack

Designed to give new mums a comprehensive sampling experience, the BIBS Try-It Pack includes three dummies, each featuring a different teat shape: Round, Anatomical, and Symmetrical. This variety allows you to test your baby’s preferred shape before investing in larger qualities.

  • Round: mimics a mother’s breast, making it ideal for breastfed babies, promoting a natural sucking technique
  • Anatomical: has a curved shape to fit the natural shape of the baby’s palate, ensuring proper tongue placement
  • Symmetrical: resembles the shape of a bottle teat, suitable for babies who switch between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding

Each shape addresses specific needs and preferences, giving you the flexibility to find the best fit for your baby’s unique sucking technique and mouth anatomy.

Available online at Australia’s official BIBS distributor Kollektive ($29.99).

How to Get Your Hands on a Free Sample

To receive your free sample simply fill out the form below. The first 50 mums to apply will receive their free pack in the mail. Applications are open to Australian residents only.

Bonus lightening

PLUS, if you’re one of the lucky mums to receive a sample and you post a photo of your little one with their favourite BIBS dummy into our Grapeviner Groups, you go in the draw to win a 6-months supply of BIBS Dummies. It’s that easy!


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