Well covered

Do you avoid painting because your kids tend to turn their clothes into the art work? Protect those cute little outfits with Arty Animals art […]

What’s new pussycat?

Unlike the kids when the cats play hide and seek it’s usually impossible to find them. Give you family’s much-loved pet a special little hiding […]

Tick tock, LEGO clock

When you have every LEGO set available, count yourself (or your child) ‘obsessed’! Now what about a LEGO Minifigure alarm clock? Just a bigger version […]

Pretty as a daisy

If hubby doesn’t buy you as many flowers as you like, get the kids to make them! Djeco flower making kits use pre-cut tissue paper […]

More than just the time

Make lunches, pack bags, is it library or sports day? It’s a race against the clock for most Mums every morning. Inevitably you get 5 […]

Life’s a charm

We know kids can’t tell the difference between a 1 carat diamond and a plastic ring from the $2 shop. But we think these beautiful […]

Owl test their memory

Hoot hoot … Mr Owl, are you under there? This beautifully designed wooden memory game is perfect for kids who love their woodland creatures. They […]

Giving toys a home

Kids aren’t neat and tidy. Even when you convince them to clean up they usually stuff, pile and shove until a shelf is full. We […]

Born to be wild

Get your rocker runnin’… Head out to the playroom… Lookin’ for adventure and whatever comes our way! If your child is born to be wild, […]

I can see a rainbow

Kids love to stare up at the sky watching the clouds float by or trying to catch a glimpse of a rainbow after a storm. […]

Cuddly little reindeer

One of the best things about Christmas is that kids look super-cute in festive clothes. All the other reindeers will be jealous of your little […]

Call the fireman!

When I grow up I want to be … a fireman! Let the kids play out their fantasy of being a real fiery, without any […]