News: Giggle and Hoot get a new friend | Mum's Grapevine

Meet Giggle Fangs and Giggle Bug

NANANANANANANANA…’s not Batman….it’s Giggle Fangs! If you live with some Giggle and Hoot fans it’s time to get excited because they have a new friend. […]

Personalise LEGO with Brit Stix

Pimp your LEGO: BrickStix

LEGO really is awesome. It’s so easy to use and can entertain pretty much any kid for hours. You can stick to the instructions or […]

Designer t-shirt creations

Are you raising a budding artist who prefers using mixed media like your walls, the lounge or their clothes to create their masterpiece? Grab them […]

Dinosaur hang-ups

If you are designing a bedroom with a Jurassic theme you can’t go past Mr Rex and Mr Spikey. Not only do they look ultra […]