Precious dolly

It’s amazing how little people just love looking after little versions of themselves. They never get bored of carrying, pushing, feeding, rocking and play-acting … […]

Ding dong fun

Even the most seemingly mundane tasks can be exciting for the kids: pressing the buttons in an elevator, turning the keys in the front door […]

Vintage wallpaper love!

When decorating your kids’ room what you like isn’t necessarily what the kids like. Problem solved! Studio Ditte has a range of gorgeous vintage-style wallpapers […]

Pencil pets

Pens, like socks, have a way of disappearing. Big Mouth pencil cases will ‘eat’ the kids crayons and pencils and make sure they don’t get […]

Teddy art

Do you have “lovely” artistic scribbles on your wall, couch or dining table? Don’t ban the kids from ever touching a texta again – just […]

Doin’ it for themselves

Doing every single little thing for every single little person in the house can wear you out. So if there is a gadget out there […]

Flat pack designer

Attach piece B to piece A while holding piece C at a 90 degree angle. Flat pack furniture … it can drive you crazy. Grab […]

Pom-pom princess

If your little girl loves jewellery, she’ll love these soft and pretty pom-pom bracelet. Like a mini corsage with a cute bohemian vibe, they slip […]

Something to cuddle

When you bring your beautiful little baby home from hospital you want them to be surrounded by beautiful things. Happy Horse baby toys are soft, […]

One word: divine!

Whether you are 2 or 52, there is not a woman alive who doesn’t love getting dressed up. If your little princess is accompanying you […]

The Dark Knight swims

Who wants ordinary goggles when you can be Batman? Patrol the pool for baddies and fight crime amongst the waves. Encourage your swimming superhero to […]

Cock-a-doodle art!

Does life with your kids feel like you live on a farm? Are they up at the crack of dawn like a rooster? Or do […]

Rattle dazzle

Once you become a mother you realise not all rattles are created equal. They need to be light and fun enough for bubs to handle […]

Home Sweet Home

You can never have enough toy storage. basket, bins or tubs … but what about their own little house? A woven home, the Nordic Fusion […]